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8 Best Sega Genesis Emulator for PC and Android

    The Sega Genesis also called as the Mega Drive in various regions outside of North America. It is actually a 16-bit home video game console which actually makes the game more thrilling. It is manufactured and sold by Sega. The Genesis was actually the Sega’s third console and the console which made the company success to the Master System. Sega released the console as the Mega Drive in the country called as Japan in 1988, followed by North America as the Genesis in the year 1989. It was a proper definition and little history about Sega Genesis. Everyone loved to play the games of Sega Genesis in the childhood, but as the time flew away, the little craziness also flewed. But this all things doesn’t mean we can ever forget the popular games of Genesis. The emulators are designed to function as Sega Genesis video console.


    Pros of Sega Genesis Video Console

    Everything in the world has certain advantages. So, why not Sega Genesis Video console will have it?

    Let us have a look at some advantages of the video console.

    1. Sega saved arcade games – We have to talk about the greatness of the awesome Sega Genesis. So, Because of arcade games like Pinball, other arcade games began to go out of style.
    2. Sega owns the later consoles- Sega Genesis also have various famous applications and games like Dreamcast and Saturn
    3. Great RPG’s-  The wonderful video console will provide you with various strategy RPG’s, regular RPG’s, tunnel exploring games, and many other great games that did show up on the SNES.
    4. Dumb but fun. – Lastly, the Sega Genesis games look little dumb but yes it is really fun to play them.

    What comes next after the advantages? Yes! You guessed it correct. The main topic Best Sega Genesis Emulators:

    1. ClassicBoy Emulator

    ClassicBoy (Emulator) android

    The first name which clicks in every mind is ClassicBoy Emulator for making the list of best sega genesis emulator. Yes! It has some exclusive features. ClassicBoy is actually a very powerful All-in-One emulator. In today’s time it runs popular games like: PlayStation 1 (PS1), Nintendo 64 (N64), GameBoy Advance (GBA), GameBoy Color (GBC), GameBoy Classic (GB), NES/Famicom, Sega Genesis, SNK NeoGeo. The gestures/sensor controller and loaded functions are only compatible in the FULL version of the application. There is also the presence of 1 Quick slot + 9 normal save slots for every emulator. Fortunately, every game present in the Emulator has the presence of various cheat codes option except the NeoGeo Emulator. It lacks the feature of Fast Forward in GBA game I.e GameBoy Advance. Except this, every quality of this application is the best.

    Platforms: Android.

    2. Gens

    gens emulator

    Coming to the next application which is Gens. So gens is basically a Sega Megadrive Emulator which ultimately permits you to relive and replay some of the best and lovely games from your childhood. Gens have the features like Window and Fullscreen mode with scanline and several graphics engines. Plus it also supports things like Joysticks, Netplay, and Save / Load State feature. Mainly it also has SRAM support (recorded as SRM format) and BRAM support (recorded as format BRM). The application also has a support section for different configuration files. And not only this, but there is support for ZIP files also. There are different graphics filters too for a better interface. Coming to the drawback, the user might face certain performance problems like lags and connection errors while playing Sega games with your friends via Gens and Kaillera Client.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux.

    3. My Boy! Free

    My Boy

    The third application in the list is My Boy! Free. So yes as the name included the word ‘Free’ so it totally means that it would not cause you a single penny.  The application will also provide the fastest emulation. The best thing about this application is that it has the option to adjust the screen size in a very smooth manner as per the user wish. If you are confused about the path for it then the path is not so long. You will just have to adjust the screen size simply by just selecting it and stretching the window. The exclusive feature is the GLSL option. So what does it mean?  In other words, GLSL stands for game filters. HQ4X is the best filter. The application also has the best feature in all emulators like the ability to link over wifi and Bluetooth makes it one of the best sega genesis emulator for android. You will surely enjoy this application because of the well-designed user interface and the external controller support.

    Platforms: Android

    4. Kega Fusion

    Kega Fusion is one of the Best Sega Genesis Emulator for PC. The main focus of this application is accuracy. So, Kega Fusion puts an extremely high value on the finishing part as opposed to speed or other features like movie recording, netplay. It runs on the speed of 60 frames per second. Kega Fusion is having a more hardcore audience because of the reason that Kega Fusion is not as well known as other emulators across the web. The features which anyone wishes in the emulators are well present and managed in the Kega Fusion application by the developers. There are various features like save games, cheat support, full-screen gameplay, online play, and various gamepad support. Simple interface attracts some of the hardcore fans. The process to begin the game is very simple like you will have to just load a ROM, and start playing. Thus, it is a perfect mixture of simplicity and best features.

    Platforms: Windows, Linux, and Mac.

    5. MasterEmu


    MasterEmu is the next application of the best list. The high-class features include the ability to optionally disable touch overlay if you are using the controller and it also has DPI i.e Independent button size. SRAM saves can be automatically handled via the use of an amazing application. You can also have the ZIP files supported in the application. The one of the attractive things of the emulator is that it has the presence of adjustable touchscreen button size, as well as dynamic button labeling depending on the type of console. There is the presence of File browser which can easily load ROMs in any internal or external storage in the formats like ‘.sms’ or ‘.gg’ format. The Best Sega Genesis Emulator also has the feature of Auto-rotation. You can also save and load the game data at any time and there is default ROM support also.

    Platforms: Android.

    6. Genesis Plus

    genesis plus

    Coming to the sixth application of the list which is none other than Genesis Plus. It beautifully emulates every feature like sound channels and also has support for six button gamepads. Not only this but it also has support for both BIN and SMD format ROM images. It can ZIP archives as well. Genesis Plus spotlights on an abnormal state of exactness in its emulation over the expansion of highlights, acquiring MAME’s CPUs and sound chips imitating code. Thus, Genesis Plus is also considered as a standout amongst the most exact Mega Drive emulators accessible, as it keeps up a dimension of precision even to a point where issues displayed on the first hardware will be shown in the emulator also. It was the first application to emulate the sound and maintain a high speed over the Emulator. Unfortunately, no official links are present. Thus, the amazing features make it one of the Best Sega Genesis Emulator.

    Platforms: DOS, Windows, Mac OS X, Pocket PC.

    7. MD.emu


    MD.emu is probably considered as one of the best answers for SEGA Genesis emulators. It is actually an open source project that many other SEGA Genesis emulators are based on. The MD.emu runs with popular SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive games as well as SEGA CD and Mark III games. This feature makes it the most important emulator of the group. The MD.emu also has the biggest list of extra and superb features like hardware controller support, various support for cheat codes, auto-saving, and also the support for various controller setups. It is the one application anyone would suggest you start with because it seems to be the most complete and the most famous. Though it is not free of cost. But yes it will be worthy of every dollar you spend on it.

    Platforms: Android

    8. Megasis

    Megasis emulator

    The eighth and the last application in the list is Megasis. The application widely supports most high-class options like saving the previous status and loading them again. The emulator also has gamepad support which also has a slight form of graphical speeding by permitting Surface Memory to be placed and then again drawn from the Video card. Yes! The emulation is as such not bad. Rather I should say it is the best. The sound support is very amazing when compared to other available emulators. It is also one of Sega Genesis Emulator to support the feature like overlooking the Mega Drive, efficiently getting rid of lag in certain games. Not only this but you can also underclock and slow down various games according to your requirement. Thus, this few but interesting features makes it included in the list of Best Sega Genesis Emulators.


    Wrapping up!

    As we have seen now some of the best Sega Genesis Emulators, it is the time where we should end this amazing discussion. Classicboy is considered as the best emulator for Android while Gens is considered as the best emulator for Windows. Kega Fusion and My Boy! Free is also a sophisticated choice for this purpose. Though your requirements may differ, it will also lead to different choices. There are many other Sega Genesis emulators available in the vast market but yes their drawbacks, when compared to features, are more. Now, it is our turn to give a try on this emulators and yes amazing experience will be provided in our plates with excellent nostalgia.

    Each Sega Genesis Emulator has its own significance. So one cannot merely distinguish them. So now, Let us have an end over here and make yourself switch back into the golden and olden days with the help of this emulators.