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10 Best SNES Emulator for PC and Android

    If you are searching for the best SNES emulator then you are actually going through the right article. Basically, emulators you may be thinking is just limited for the game purpose; but it has more for you in the box. They are really great at the way of expanding the level of your gameplay. Also, if you’ve ever wished for the old SNES games you wanted to play and to reach across more platforms and hence you can play them on your mobile phones as well. It is so compatible and hence you may have got that till now. Some of them are readily free while others are not. There are free versions also available for the same for a limited time period. According to our research, we have found that till now the best emulator is the SuperRetro16 and hence it won’t disappoint any fans of SNES at all. It has a long list of amazing features and supports the most simple and easy interface to use without any kind of complications. Here, we have listed some of the emulators as per the ratings, reviews, and ease of use for you guys.

    We are using the SNES emulators because of the fact that the SNES style consoles out the fashion in a very extreme way these days and that you get your hands on a working model easily. What else would users and audience like to have access to such emulators with such an easy and simple? Emulators are totally legal and that it falls into the category of privacy. And rather to put yourselves in legal issues it is suggested that you play games that you already either own or ones that you’ve ripped from the CD yourself.

    Actually, the matter of fact is that you can play your favorite SNES games, but it requires emulators with it to work and hence we try to deliver you the best SNES emulators so that you can have the best experience of it without any complexity and complications. Most of the times, companies remove emulators continuously that are basically added to the Stores or the official sites as well can be considered.


    Need and importance?

    Definitely, the fact that gaming has improved to a great level and that now there is a fix for the same and hence made it easy for the SNES fan’s out there. Emulators can be considered to be a very important part of Android, Windows/PC, and PSP as well. We have listed some of the most stable emulators till now. And hence stability just adds to their goodness. Emulators basically allow the gamers to play their favorite kind of games with retro titles on mobile. You can have the best entertainment without paying many pence to them and hence you have access to your favorite games like those of Super Mario World, Chrono Trigger, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and much more for you always. So below we have listed some of the best SNES emulators.


    1. Emulator for SNES

    emulator for snes android

    It can be counted under the list of best SNES emulator for Android. It is basically a free kind of emulator app for the Android users. It has almost all the features and also has unique as well as amazing features which are supported by this app. Some of the features are quick to save mode and load, fast forward, cheat code support, Bluetooth controller support, and definitely more for you when you go through this app. We have also tested before recommending this app to you and we found the occasional stutter. Though it works good enough even after this drawback. It works well for most of the games and hence it is entirely free of cost and there is no in-app purchase for it. Though it supports ads as well there is no plus or pro version for it to remove these ads. Overall it is really good to work with.

    Platform: Android

    2. PSPVice

    vice psp

    PSPVice comes under the category of best SNES emulator for PSP. It is very stable than the other PSP emulators. It runs almost all games and that at full speed without any kind of complications and problems. It is updated and that is very compatible. It was released initially in the year 2009. It runs the other programs besides the video games with ease and it also it saves your game too. Though, the virtual keyboard is very difficult to use on a small screen. Also, some games are there which runs on slow speed on PSPVice emulator when the sound id made to be ON.

    Platform: PSP

    3. Retroarch

    RetroArch android app

    It is a very amazing kind of an emulator. Or in simple words very unique kind of all-in-one emulator, it is. Retroarch supports both the Android and Windows for PC as well. It is one of the best SNES emulators for Windows 10. It supports a wide range of systems. It is still on the verge of learning and improving and developers are working every day to improve it and make it the best one. It is an open source software and also has no advertisements. You will be really happy to hear that it is totally free of cost and it is also very highly compatible. It has support for tons of systems. Also, it boasts on-screen controls as well and handles in the best way possible.


    Platform: Android, Windows

    4. Snes9xEX+

    Snes9x EX+ on android

    The Snes9xEX+ emulator has been for so long and that it is considered to be the best among the best SNES emulators and that pretty since it was being released. It has basic features supported that almost all SNES emulators have. Also, it is an open source and includes features like on-screen controls, saves and load the states, supports .smf, .sfc and zip files all. Also, it supports gamepads. This emulator actually works well with most of the devices and that it is completely free of cost. Also, there are no in-app purchases as well. It not only has unique features but best among all. It has great reviews too.


    Platform: Android

    5. SuperRetro16

    SuperRetro16 ( SNES Emulator ) android

    SuperRetro16 actually has many names but know by this name mostly. It is the best SNES emulator. Definitely, it is one of the most popular and famous SNES emulators which supports the cloud storage and boasts it. Not only that but also it has features like support for multiple types of controllers, fast forward, save and load states and much more is there for you. It actually includes the visual enhancements with much variety that tries to make the games look a little bit smoother and easy to use. it has so many features which are unique and awesome at the same time and that there is no other emulator with so many features supported with it and hence considered best. It gives you less bloated experience. Also, it is relatively cheap too and you will want to try this one definitely.

    Platform: Android

    6. Higan

    higan snes emulator

    This emulator called as Higan is a multi-system emulator that supports systems like Nintendo Famicom, Nintendo Game Boy, Nintendo Super Famicom and more. This is a very great emulator with fewer bugs and works on many devices. And this can be considered a fix finally for the games. There are a great rating and reviews for the Higan emulator for the Windows platform. You will definitely enjoy working through this software for gaming. It is very neat to be able to play games with this. You don’t want to definitely miss this kind of opportunity.


    Platform: Windows

    7. Snes9x

    mariocart on Snes9X emultor

    It is an emulator for Windows is portable definitely and there is no doubt in that. It is a freeware Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. It allows you to play games mostly designed by SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo game systems on your PC or your Workstation. It is one of the best SNES emulators and you don’t want to regret using this. I give you a real-time feeling. You can play Final Fantasy VI, Super Mario World, Megman X, Contra 3, Super Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Chrono Trigger and much more for you in the box with this emulator.

    Platform: Windows

    8. ZSNES

    ZSNES emulator

    This is free of cost Super Nintendo Entertainment System emulator. It supports Windows for your PC. It is written in x86 assembly and that with official ports for Linux, OS X, DOS, Windows and an unofficial port for the Xbox. It is definitely a worth it kind of emulator. This is the ultimate and best SNES emulator for your Windows 10 or even the Linux machine. It allows you to play a huge library of different titles for the older kind of systems. It is a really great kind of SNES emulator. You will definitely have a good time using this emulator and games are played using this emulator in a very smooth and easy way. It will satisfy you in all way possible.  

    Platform: Windows

    9. NeocdPSP


    It is a very good emulator for all the PSP users. It also supports some of the ultra-rare titles. Not only this but it has graphics which looks better than they did on the original system. It has a lot of options and that few bugs also. Many of the NeoGeo system games are playable enough. You can find some issues with sound and music which is not regular rather occasional. Though it has some of the drawbacks like it can give you a feeling of the incomplete project and that there is only a limited number of games supported on this emulator.  

    Platform: PSP

    10. BizHawk

    bizhawk emulator for snes

    If you like speed to some another level then this is the best emulator called as BizHawk and that will help you to complete your game in the fastest time possible. In terms of speed, this emulator will definitely satisfy your needs and requirements at the very same time. It works really good for all the casual games and that it has been specifically designed around the production of the TAS(Tool Assistant Speedruns). It supports games which are released on multiple platforms which includes SNES, NES, Game Boy, Sega Genesis, Game Boy Color, Sega Saturn, Atari 2600, PlayStation, Nintendo 64, and much more. You will definitely enjoy this emulator and that there are a lot of games which will support.  


    Platforms: Windows



    Here we have listed the best SNES emulators according to the needs of the generation and that you will definitely enjoy it. For downloading them we have provided the links with them which makes easy for you to access it. You can also use them according to your needs by reading the description.

    So what are you thinking now? Go an download it and enjoy your favorite games without any kind of interruption.