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10 Best Dreamcast Emulators for Windows and Android

    So what do we mean by Dreamcast? It is actually a video game console released on 27 November 1998 in Japan by Sega Fanatics. Later on, It was also launched in the US. The system ushered in 128 Bit age with excellent graphics and extravagant features via 56K modem.

    It was a smash hit among dedicated gamers and Sega fanatics. Sega were truly spearheaded within the video game industry, and they had done the things which other companies were afraid to do.

    Due to the release of PlayStation and other video games, the Dreamcast console was unfortunately discontinued which led to the release of the emulators in the android and windows. Though not as efficient, still the emulators well try to mimic as Dreamcast.

    Why there was a need for Emulators?

    An emulator is simply a software that behaves like another software. Another software is considered as obviously a greater software. Therefore, other software is made to mimic them.

    Dreamcast had gained popularity in its earlier days. Even after its discontinuation, the name and fame were still found in the hearts of the gamers. Dreamcast had 688 official games as in the year 2007. While many unofficial games were too released after its occlusion for hardcore fans, they were really ahead of its time in terms of development. The unofficial launches and buyers of them also made other companies to make emulators for Dreamcast. Dreamcast emulators are generally easier to get running than a PC version.

    Now, let us have a look at the list of the best Dreamcast emulators on windows and on android also :


    1. DEmul

    demul emulator

    The foremost and the best Dreamcast emulator for Windows is our DEmul. It has got the capability to run all games of Dreamcast with proper accuracy. Though you cannot customize audio in it, still the other customization options will drag you to install and play it. It has also got multiplayer and plugin support.

    The major pro available is the virtual memory cards. The windows require a dual-core processor, 512MB RAM, and DirectX to install DEmul.

    Moving towards the second app which is NullDC.

    2. NullDC

    nullDC emulator

    NullDC is considered as one of the best Dreamcast emulators in the huge market available on windows.

    It has got the ability to run any Dreamcast game irrespective of its commerciality level. Many other emulators are not capable of running commercial games, NullDC has got this authentic feature. The graphics and sound are imitated on an extraordinary level. The gaming experience is no doubt excellent. It also has got plugin architecture for various functions, and memory cards are too provided in the game. The drawback observed is that it is no more under active development.

    3. Redream

    redream dreamcast emulator

    Development is a key feature of any emulator and redream is under continuous development. Redream is the new emulator and thus is lacking in many features. Even though considered as new emulator still it was able to collect many active users which makes it fall under best emulators available.

    The UI of Redream is easy to use. Audio graphics are working at its top level. It doesn’t have many games, but the games which are inculcated in the software runs decently. Lots of bugs and less documentation are the flaws which make Redream bow their head. But sooner or later, it will occupy the top position with upcoming features.

    4. Chankast

    chankast emulator

    For windows, One can even opt for Chankast. It was designed and built for Windows XP or 2003. But it even works in Windows 7 and 10. The Emulator does not work at all under Windows 9x or ME. The feature which made it fall under best Dreamcast emulators is that it can run even commercial games just like as NullDC. Chankast was the first to do so.

    It doesn’t need high storage and all. A RAM of 256 GB is enough to run it. It also needs Pentium 4 with at least 1.6 GHz, Latest DirectX, Windows XP or higher, and DC Bios. So thus, Chankast is considered as simple and fun Dreamcast Emulator. The Chankast current version is Alpha 0.25.

    5. Reicast

    Reicast is the next great Emulator present in our list of the best Dreamcast emulators. We have seen four emulators till now, and all of them were for Windows. But Reicast is the only emulator available on play store for android. Yes, it is the only Dreamcast Emulator for Android, and it has over 1Million download with four stars. It is also available on Windows 10.

    A wonderful interface and amazing experience are provided by Recast. The major pro is its regular updates and good stability. The updates make it an amazing experience in windows. No bugs or lags are observed. You have just to download Reicast, start your favorite game and yes you are on the go to your old golden days.

    6. Sega Genesis

    The Sega Genesis is the sixth emulator in our list but is not the last and is a worthy contestant. It is available for Windows only and is capable of saving the games to VMU (Visual Memory Card) and also supports a VGA (Video Graphics Array) output.

    The biggest feature of Sega Genesis is that you can use the Action Replay cheat codes for Genesis Game. If anyone wishes to relive the olden and golden days, Sega Genesis gives a chance for it. GENS4ALL is the leading one. This emulator is in the beta stage with complete official rights and is stuck in the Beta stage from many years which is the drawback observed.

    7. Makaron

    Makaron is a Sega Dreamcast and Sega Naomi arcade emulator developed by dknute. The platform on which it works is no doubt Windows. It is developed in the year 2010. The compatibility rate is higher as compared to other emulators and is able to run any Dreamcast classic game.

    As it has got least user interface, New users don’t face issues. Similar to NullDC and Chankast, Makaron is also capable of running the commercial games. It has not received any updates since many years which is the biggest flaw noticed by the users. Makaron is not as famous and consistent. Still, the accuracy makes it count for best Dreamcast emulator.

    8. Dreamer

    Dreamer was the first released and the working Dreamcast emulator on the PC. Though as it was first released, it had fewer features.  It was developed by Elsemi from late 2000 until mid-2001. It only runs only demos and progress isn’t observed for many years. But we thank to the dreamer who made the release of many better emulators. Accuracy and stability are good and games included in Dreamer are less as compared to other emulators. And as the name suggests we can feel that it has been derived from Dreamcast itself.

    Moving forward to the last window Dreamcast emulator,

    9. Nester DC

    Nester DC is an active and employed Nintendo entertainment system emulator which is adopted by Dreamcast. It has got the interactive and better selective screen and have the classic background chiptunes, and also NES box art is included. Audiographic qualities are thus considered as the best one.  It has the ability to save up to 10 states that are ten levels. Nester DC is mentioned as one of the greatest Dreamcast NES Emulators since the beginning. Moreover, It is highly compatible emulator but only on the windows. It has got amazing graphics and a good collection of games.

    10. DreamEMU

    DreamEMU is not as comparable to other best Dreamcast emulator available in the market. It is not able to run all the games properly made for the original console. As similar to Dreamer, it is also able to run only some demos and not the full version. It shows Sega opening screen when started. It supports only the Windows version, and as it has got extinct, the data available for the same is also less. As DreamEMU with efficiency carries all the tasks it is needed to perform, it thus holds a unique spot in the category of best emulators of 2019.


    Final Words!

    Coming to the conclusion, there are many other emulators available in the market but yes their drawbacks, when compared to features, are more. Thus, They aren’t mentioned over here. Demul is the most efficient and feature-rich emulators that are available online for free on windows. Chankast and Reicast are also a great choice for the purpose of windows and Android respectively.  

    The Dreamcast software will always stay in our heart, and even the emulators will do. Just we have to give a try on it, and yes amazing experience will be provided in our plates with excellent nostalgia. Each emulator has its own significance. So one can’t merely distinguish them. So now, Let us have an end over here and let us switch back to the golden and olden days with this emulators.