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5 Best Neo Geo Emulator

    Basically, the journey of Neo Geo emulators started with the Neo Geo multi video system and that which was released by SNK Corporation in the year of 1990s. this family of hardware had its past which became and grounded very powerfully owing to its specifications and high-quality titles. This became strong as well with foundation. If you are actually here to get knowledge and learn about the same then you are definitely on the right page and right article. We have actually described each and every option of it taking the ratings, reviews, and workings separately. The best part or we can say the best feature of this is that it is capable enough to hold as well as operate at the same time six different kinds of arcade games. This is not only the best but a competitive feature as well that has helped to save a lot of space, time and money almost equally.

    Here we have listed some of the best Neo Geo emulators as per the needs and requirements and also as per the working of it. Nowadays as well it is a lot in trend and has an amazing past too due to its awesome working. In this also there are two categories being almost similar to each other names, Neo Geo Advanced Entertainment System(AES) and Neo Geo MVS. They both are technically the same but still, they are not compatible with each other. The reason for not being compatible is that both have different layouts. Not only these two but there are many more as well. Also, due to demand from the public, it was released for the commercial use and later on it was used as a home console as well. It has unique features which will amaze you when you will learn about it. Firstly, it is advantageous due to its unique storing games in cartridges and not setting each and every game in an individual arcade board. It is definitely a notable feature that hasn’t been replicated ever since after that. It sometimes requires ROM as well and for some require RAM.

    It is not that home console was introduced first or easily; rather we would like to say that it took everyone’s efforts to take this step and go forward with it. It has helped so many people around the world and also in unexpected ways. We will require BIOS files while emulating the Neo Geo games along with RetroArch. This basically helps you to run the game smoothly without any interruption or complications. Complexities are rather less expected as it has been already designed in such manner to make its use simple and easy. It is one of the best and easy way to start with. Even novice users will also not have any problem using it.


    Need and Importance?

    It comes under the section of top rated and best-reviewed emulators. It has so many unique features and also it adds to your needs and requirements. It has such powerful hardware and also it has so much importance other than the home console that is in the industry. It owes to its raw power. The Neo Geo is almost or can say nearly unparalleled in terms of memory and this also allows users to transfer the games via a portable memory card. You get the CD consoles at very cheap rates and that very easily. Low price for games and consoles also helps them to attract more customers. Even high-quality titles are also available and it is unmatchable.


    1. MAME

    mame emulator

    MAME actually stands for the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. Also, it is an open-source and multi-platform as well. It supports Mac, Linux, and Windows. Also, it is a multi-system emulator which is actually written in C++ and that it helps to recreate the project for the workings of the machines through the use of emulation. This enables you to play games and has a very nice visual effect of the graphics and a very nice side effect. it is very large and supports hundreds and thousands of machines and ROM sets. Mileage is also very important and has a very easy and simple interface. Also, many alternatives frontends are available. MAME has a similar kind of emulator called as MESS. It does really essential things. It is very simple and easy to use and run. Easy to set up controls and that you can play your favorite classic games and enjoy to the fullest. It is one of the best Neo Geo emulators.

    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

    2. FinalBurn Alpha

    FinalBurn Alpha emulator

    This is basically an open-source project which was created by Dave in the year 2000 and based on FinalBurn. It can be considered under the list of best Neo Geo emulator and this was the very first Capcom CPS2 emulators. But soon this came to a stoppage in the year 2001 due to some technical and other issues as well. Basically, there was a development of a large number of unofficial versions were allowed and most of them were actually successful. FinalBurn Alpha is one of the emulators having a clear interface with no issues and complications. Not only the good interface but excellent performances as well. It is definitely not kind of resource intensive and there are no complex settings which you got to handle and work towards that. It has step by step process and menus are well included and language natively English. It supports Windows platform and Android platform as well. The Android version is at times called as aFBA.

    Platform: Windows, Android

    3. RAINE

    RAINE emulator

    This kind of emulator which is called as RAINE Neo Geo emulator is one of a kind. it is multiplatform system emulator it supports Linux and Mac with Windows platform as well. It can be counted under the list of best Neo Geo emulator. Basically, it emulates M68000 and M68020 arcade games and that very easily. It focuses on the games hardware as well. It had its first experience with an experiment and that with Rainbow Islands romset and addition to that there are many more companies out there who will be greatly profited. RAINE Neo Geo emulator basically uses the emulation engines already available when possible than using sound chips and emulating CPU’s.

    Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux

    4. Xe

    xe emulator

    Xe is basically that kind of Neo Geo emulator which has an easy interface and simple to interact. There is an interface key mapping change. There are some of the unique and amazing features which are there in this Xe emulator. Due to all these things, this can be considered under the list of best Neo Geo emulator. It has an Auto Fill, Zoom In, Zoom Out, Horizontal Overscan options and there are much more things for you inside the box as you use it, you will get to know that. Also, it is a multiplatform emulator. It supports Linux with Windows platform. There were some bugs in the past but the developers made it right very soon for less interruption for the users and audience using it. It gets updated either on regular basis or on weekly basis mostly. There are manual settings as well available. This emulator usually does all the work. It is one of the highest rated Neo Geo emulator. Platform: Windows, Linux

    5. Kawaks

    Kawaks is that type of Neo Geo emulator which does almost all kinds of choices for the newer games such as Metal Slug 3. It is a closed source emulator and supports both Capcom as well as Neo Geo. There are some of the configurations which must definitely get done prior to actual games. It supports the Windows platform. It has a primary feature is netplay, and this makes everything so interesting about the Kawaks. Something makes very attractive about this emulator. It is good game support and has a good soundtrack. Even it has a great outlook too.

    Platform: Windows



    As we have come to the conclusion, hope that you may have gone through a lot many things and learned a lot as well from this same article as well. Hope you enjoyed reading this article and you go back with lots of learning. You need to understand to use these Neo Geo emulators only in good ways and not use in bad ways.

    Hope that you are satisfied with this article. Hope that you get the best and most amazing experience with these emulators. Just for reminding, you must choose the emulators as per your needs and requirements and for that, you need to go through the description very well. Also, that the emulator you choose must have the BIOS ROM file must be there already before you use it. Hope you get the best experience of your childhood memories and that of the gaming experience as well. The classic games can be well played on such old consoles easily without creating any complications and complexities. So what are waiting and thinking for? Go right now and start downloading and have a great time using these emulators. Have a great time using these. All this will help you in your future nearly.