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10 Best NES Emulator for PC and Android

    There was a time when people used to be addicted to games of the older consoles and which is now not available. So emulators were introduced. They are the software which actually allows you to open a file made for a certain platform on some other different platform. It allows you to play games of the older consoles which you won’t be able to access it easily. The journey from older consoles to PlayStation has been very interesting and has introduced many games as well. But you also want games of your times which remained on the same older console so here we have NES emulator for making your life easy and stress-free. Nintendo Entertainment System or simply NES is everyone’s favorite and very famous kind of gaming. Though we consider that NES is old enough but still it resides in the hearts of people all around the globe.

    Of course, there is more than NES; we have SNES as well for your PC and Android. Actually, Nintendo Entertainment System was the first most gaming spot which made everyone so excited about their old games which they would be able to use and play again. And then after NES, there came the SNES which was also a huge success. We have this great article basically for you guys and it has NES emulator not only for your PC but also your Android smartphones too. As your Android too has full capabilities as well to play your classic games of the older consoles and which is listed from the Google Play Store. Don’t worry at all we have listed the best NES emulator. NES actually provides you with huge choices for both paid as well as ad-supported free emulators which definitely allows you to manage your budget easily.

    NES is definitely now old school kind of but till date, it runs efficiently and people do love it and give amazing reviews about how they go back and visit their childhood through these emulators. And also you can play many games on Nintendo Entertainment System easily and smoothly without any complications. The best part is that you can play the original games through the use of these emulators.  


    Need and Importance?

    This introduction to emulators was taken as we saw the need that millions of people around the world do love present games but also they love games more from their childhood which made some great memories. And hence it forced us to help you bring your memories and love for your games back. And the time which you dedicate into classic gaming is totally different than the ones of today. After the destruction in the gaming platforms, NES was introduced and everything was back to normal. With emulators you can play your favorite games anytime and anywhere you want as per your choice and comfort. So here we have listed the best NES emulators for you below.


    1. Nostalgia.NES

    Nostalgia.NES Pro (NES Emulator)

    Nostalgia.NES is a kind of Nintendo Entertainment System emulator which provides you both free as well as paid services so you can choose which one you want as per your needs and requirements. You can definitely count it under the list of best NES emulator for Android. There it will search for ROM packages o your device for the storage purpose and that automatically and hence you will have no role as a person in that. It actually gives you an experience that you won’t be able to ignore so easily. You have huge content loaded on your home screen and choose among from that. Also, a large library is available from which you can also go through. There are millions of downloads on Play Store with so amazing rating and reviews. It is definitely easy to download. Not only easy to download but also easy and simple to use as well without any kind of complications and complexities. It has unique and amazing features which you cannot resist to use. it has awesome graphics quality. It is a very interesting platform for you guys which has a free version as well. Not only an interesting platform but appearance as well.

    Platform: Android

    2. Retro8

    Retro8 (NES Emulator)

    This kind of emulator is the new kind. It has joined the list of emulators bit recently and has an excellent way of working. Its reviews have also been too good. It is the best NES emulator. It works so smoothly. It is a paid emulator and that has a better-looking emulator. It actually goes through your ROM files or in simple words scans your ROM files and after that imports the game list into your device. The best part is that there is no manual working. It works automatically. It is a great alternative Nostalgia.NES and John NES. Both the audio and the visuals are very well emulated. The game is listed in alphabetical order. Also, it has more options like turbo mode or the multiplayer and much more for you in the box. The controls of the games are in your control and it is touch-based. There are some shortcuts keys which are available for your easy use and hence it is an overall very good emulator and you will definitely love it.

    Platform: Android

    3. ClassicBoy

    ClassicBoy (Emulator) android

    This emulator called as ClassicBoy for the Android-based smartphones has a lite feature which still has some features missing but there is also a pro version available which will not disappoint you as an audience. It is the most robust kind of emulator that you may have never seen for the Android devices. It has features which are definitely very unique and interesting like some are load states, gesture support, and much more. Not only much features but also it supports many different kinds of multiple consoles basically. Some of the consoles like Game Boy Advance, PlayStation, Game Boy Classic and more to it are also available and when you will use it you will get to know that.    

    Platform: Android

    4. Dolphin

    dolphin emulator

    Dolphin emulator is very interesting to use. though before it has lost but now it is back again and is on fire. It is a very active emulator. Though, the developers are still working on this emulators to make it more active and more interesting every day. It is not so stable but stable enough to keep your attention. Developers are working to remove some of the bugs which are still there inside this emulator and trying to take it towards the best. You need your own ROM definitely for this emulator. It has features which are very common enough like the load states and the save mode. After all this emulator is a very decent kind of emulator.

    Platform: Android, Windows

    5. EmuBox

    EmuBox - Fast Retro Emulator

    It is bit similar to that of ClassicBoy emulator. This emulator called an EmuBox is one of the best NES emulators and is also called an all-in-one kind of emulator. It has different approach. It has different sets of supports also. Like other emulators, it also has some of the common features that of load states and saves mode. it supports Nintendo DS, SNES, PSX and much more to that. It also supports the material design which is very easy to use. it works well with the lower end devices. The best part is that it is free of all cost and also there are no in-app purchases as well. It also has features like fast forward and the external controller support. It also has a feature to improve and increase the performance by chance if you are not satisfied with that. But it also supports ads but overall it is a very good emulator.   

    Platform: Android

    6. FPse

    fpse emulator for android

    It is a very popular kind of emulator and that it supports deep customization. This emulator called as FPse is the Nintendo Entertainment System which has usual stuff which includes the hardware controller support. There is a lot of improvement to this emulator and has become the best today. It has amazing graphics visuals and adjusts the framerates. There are also many options available for much stuff. Settings are also available like plug-ins and much more. It can be considered as the best NES emulator. It is a very powerful, strong and complex emulator but has got so much love from the audience. It is no free version available but an in-app purchase is available for the testing purpose and that if you don’t like it you will get the refund also. It is so flexible NES emulator.

    Platform: Android

    7. Nesbox


    This emulator basically doesn’t have any hassle with the downloading part. You just have to visit it and load your ROM and then simply start playing. And hence this is the reason it is considered to be on the top of the list of best NES emulator for Windows 10. You will definitely have an amazing experience with this emulator. It is very modern and works on your terms over everything. It provides you with two cases either you play directly in the browser or you can use the app offered. You can choose anything which is suitable for you. You will also have a great experience with the gaming spot. You will enjoy the smoothness this emulator provides for the PC. But for the smooth experience, you should keep in mind that you should have no performance related problem. This emulator supports many different formats and hence it is very useful and helpful at the same time.

    Platform: Windows

    8. RetroArch

    retroarch emulator

    It is a very famous and advanced level kind of emulator for the Windows. Also, it provides with a huge variety of features and customization. It also offers many settings as per your comfort zone. It is bit complicated due to its versatility. It will give you an experience which you will never be able to forget and that’s why we count this under the list of best NES emulator. It has very good visuals for the graphics and also provides very large range of features for your needs and requirements. For the set up it will be a bit confusing but also it will be worth it.

    Platform: Windows, Android

    9. FCEUX


    It is very famous and popular kind of emulator offering many and different features and settings. It also supports joysticks and full-screen. You can also customize your settings as you want as per your requirements. You will have an amazing gaming experience with this emulator. It supports many different formats and all this makes it even more worth to use it and give it a try. It is very simple and easy to use. It also has a drawback but it can be fixed manually. It provides with debugging, ROM-hacking and much more for the increase in speed.  

    Platform: Windows

    10. VirtualNES


    This emulator of Windows works perfectly with almost all the versions of Windows. It is one of the best NES emulators to be listed especially for the Windows. It supports high customization and has some really good features. It can edit the memory hex locations and supports gamepad and joysticks which makes it even more amazing. It includes full-screen mode but it has a drawback that today no developer supports this emulator.

    Platform: Windows



    So coming to conclusion, we have tried to satisfy you with the list of best NES emulators both for the Android and Windows as well. Hope that you choose them as per your needs and requirements and that you have an amazing experience.

    So now stop waiting and thinking, go and go download your favorite emulator and then you can have your child back with those games. Enjoy it!