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10 Best Android Themes for an Amazing Interface

    There were times when you never gave a thought about the theme of your smartphone device and now you get bored of the same and need new themes instantly. As a human, you have a tendency that you can get bored with the same things and need a change. At times you feel like you nothing left in your mobile phones and that is the time when you consider this and some amazing themes are introduced in your life. Basically, themes help you make your smartphone look incredible. The rate at which these smartphones are evolving we can’t even imagine. And double is the rate of the themes for these smartphones which are evolving. And definitely, Android smartphone devices need to keep up with this pace to meet the needs of the technology. Through this article, we will be sharing the best Android themes for some really amazing and fun interface to interact. You can totally change the look of your device with just one click. Best themes apps for Android is available in this article.

    Android themes keep on changing and hence it requires for you to pace up your speed as per the technology and be aware of what is happening in the world and around you. There was also a time of encompassing themes. There were themes in the past that would change the home screen settings or the keyboard settings. But nowadays everything is very modular. You have the facility of easy downloading and hence you can create and build the theme out of it. We keep this work on till we get the system-wide theming for Android. There are some of the best free themes for Android which you will definitely love after using them.

    Through providing a theme to your Android smartphone device it actually not only changes the outlook but also features as well. It makes you feel awesome and good about your phone whenever you modify any theme of your smartphone. You can even design your own theme and use it as per your need and requirement. Or you also have an option to download the best themes for Android mobile. As Android gives you very few and allows to make less customization for the home screen. But you may get bored soon due to the fact of using the same theme for long so there are new versions or updating in the same. While downloading these themes there are no complex steps for it. It is easy to use and apply it to your Android-based smartphone devices.


    Need and importance?

    Themes play a very vital role though we never notice it and are unaware of the same. Actually, these best Android themes are useful for fulfilling the needs and requirements of the user. Users can never fulfill their thirst for new and different amazing themes. These themes when are updates regularly or new versions are available it attracts more and more users every time and makes it very interesting to use these themes.

    You as an individual cannot live with one single theme and therefore you need more new interesting themes for the Android smartphones.


    1. Action Launcher

    Action Launcher Pixel Edition android theme

    It can be counted in the list of best Android themes as it has some really amazing and definitely unique features. It also helps in changing the screen tools. It is actually a great app and best for the novice users. It has basic theming elements and also auto-customization. You can also change the color of the launcher or color of the wallpaper and it can be performed automatically. What if we say that you even have a variety of customization options? Yes, this is true and with that, you can decide things about the tools. It allows creating style app shortcuts, a smart-sized icons, and a quick bar. It is a very powerful and strong app, totally a rock solid app. There is much fun in this Android theme.

    2. Facer

    Facer Watch Faces

    The theming system of this app is totally extensive. This is also called as Watchmaker as well at times due to some common features to a great extent. It allows you to do customization and make watch faces for your own Android smartphone device. Also, you will be able to find thousands of watch faces from other individuals. Definitely, you can design your own and upload it and increase that number. This app also supports the S3 and S2 devices without being complex. You can make your phone device look really cool and transform it totally at 360 degrees and make it worth looking at.  


    3. Gboard

    Gboard as android theme app

    The Gboard can blindly come in the category of best android themes. It is also very popular and famous Android keyboards. It is very excellent to work with without any complex structure or steps. It has unique features and themes. Not only that but it has seasonal themes too. It’s theme actually is more of basic. It has custom theming available on the top of the pre-set. Also, there are other different keyboards with this functionality as this feature is very useful and helpful. It is the best in theming as well best in usability. Also, it is totally free of cots without any in-app purchase or any kind of ads. You should definitely thank Google for providing such an amazing thing to you.

    4. KWGT and KLWP

    KWGT Kustom Widget Maker

    KLWP Live Wallpaper MakerThese two KWGT AND KLWP are the most famous and popular theming apps for Android-based smartphones. Actually, KWGT is a kind which helps to custom the widget maker. It has tons of various features to make and work with widgets as per your choice, needs, and requirement.  It has sensor data as well. It supports Google Fit and tells the weather and stuffs like that custom made. It has countdown timers too. You can get more features as well through the use of Tasker. On the other hand, KLWP supports live wallpaper feature and maker to a great extent.  You can also share much of the features with the KWGT and hence providing many excellent forms of Android themes.

    5. Navbar Apps

    Navbar Apps

    This app actually themes your softkey buttons and has some really basic functions. It functions more like Chroma Keyboard. It allows you to change the color of the app you are using and also you can choose any color. It includes battery gauge and various images and there is much more in the box. Not only that but it has so much flexibility that the developer accepts the requests for different custom images for any future updates. Above all the advantages there are some disadvantages as well. Like this app doesn’t actually work with phones like Huawei. Most of the features you can use it for free. And there is a paid version as well which actually unlocks all the other features.

    6. Nova Launcher

    Nova Launcher as android theme app

    It can be counted in the listed of one of the best android themes. It has some real jaw-dropping and excellent features and themes. It has so many options available for the customizations. You make it look really pretty and beautiful as you want and as per your use and requirement. It supports scrollable dock, icon packs, color controls and much more is available for you inside this app. It can help you with more features by paying. This app is really good to start with and or novice users.  



    7. Tapet

    tapet android theme

    This Tapet Android theme app doesn’t actually provide a large variety of wallpapers with some really fancy and cool stuff. It generates random wallpapers with many different patterns. There are almost 100 patterns available to choose from and work on. Also, colors are 100% customizable. If something is generated on your device then it can be work in offline mode as well. You can find some really cool and amazing stuff. Definitely, some patterns are accessible with the free version as well and if you want all the features and patterns then you need to subscribe to the paid version.


    8. UCCW

    uccw theme android

    It is one of the most famous and popular theme apps. This can be counted in the best Android theme app. It also as an editor. You can make your own widget. Not only it stops here but you can also add all different kinds of functionality as per your choice. This includes weather, missed calls, calendar events, notification and much more. Though it has some minor bugs in this and also developers are studying and learning to apply it. Though, removing all the drawbacks it is a good app.


    9. Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

    Wallpapers HD, 4K Backgrounds

    This is a very decent app for the backgrounds and wallpapers. It includes some of the best HD wallpapers. It is as good as you get it. Also, this app has a feature of auto-detection which is helpful for detecting your screen size. So from this size, you will get the same size of wallpapers and hence there is no issue of fitting and all and also no guessing will be required after that. It almost boasts 80,000 wallpapers which are added daily. It allows searching and categorizing for the browsing. It is totally free of cost and no in-app purchases are there. This app has ads.  


    10. HTC Sense Home

    sense home launcher

    This app actually doesn’t have any native theme. This makes the Android themes complex and difficult. You can change the color and also the icons. Themes of the icons can also be changed. Not only the theme of icons but also quick settings, background, other elements, etc. they are actually not overly diverse and some are not free. It costs some amount. It is a good app for novice users.  




    We have listed some of the best Android theme apps for the smartphones having Android. It will make your phone look very attractive and you will never get bored of that. Change is always the necessity, always. You can download it either from the link given or from the Google Play Store.