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22 Best Countdown App for iPhone and Android

    Looking forward to things in life is a great way to remain hopeful and optimistic. We look forward to many things in life like two years till I graduate or one year for your trip at a destination or six days till your next cheat day or fifteen days to your next paycheck.

    These things give us inspiration, passion, and excitement. You always want to know exactly how far you are from that moment. That’s when we use countdown apps.

    How do Countdown Apps Benefit?

    Using a countdown timer eases you prioritize the important and essential tasks to get done before its deadline. Since this app allows you to see the remaining time, hence, letting you handle tasks with a sense of urgency. Moreover, it encourages you in a way that it enhances your willingness to get something done. A countdown app guide you to manage the time and priorities.

    There are abundant countdown apps available for Android and iOS users. A good countdown app has to be minimal, not too designed, satisfying. Most of all, an ideal app should be overwhelming to use. Many of the apps out are not satisfactory or lack some of the other requirements. But we bring you a few good apps that will fulfil all the requirements.

    First, let us have a look at the list of Countdown apps for iPhone users:


    Best Countdown apps for iPhone


    1. Countdown+ Widgets Calendar Lite

    countdown plus calendar lite iphone

    You can add events manually or simply import them from calendar or Facebook. It has a custom countdown event option which is customizable. You can alter with how the countdown will be highlighted, the fonts, colours, sounds or background image.

    Countdown+ Lite allows keeping a check on a countdown on the home screen by displaying the remaining days as the app’s badge icon. There are a lot of sharing options available in it. The app controls to countdowns till 1000 days and shows ads.


    2. Dreamdays Countdown V

    dreamdays countdown V

    This app is absolutely free to download, user-friendly and apt. it is coupled with high-quality cover images which makes it even better experiment. Every other event is listed below the cover image in a list with associated icon, title, and date.

    Dreamdays is an ideal choice for long-term goals. It allows daily review of the goals by simply swiping on your screen. With this app, you would never come across excessive advertising, or confusing upgrade paths for premium apps or unnecessary updates.


    3. Countdown‼

    countdown!! for iphone

    Countdown!! is another countdown app for iPhone users. With the Countdown!! you can create a number of countdowns, select a date and time, add a goal of your choice, link photos or even a slideshow with a linked song, choose the units highlighted for the countdown such as years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds.

    You can personalize the fonts and colours used in your goal details, and these customizations go to the built-in notification centre widget. Additionally, it also has a feature like to receive a day count as a badge notification so you have a frequent reminder on your home screen also.


    4. Countdown by

    countdown by

    Countdown helps you keep track of every upcoming event you’re looking forward. This app, from, allows you to add a large picture, save the date when the event is, and also decide its location. You can also add a widget to your home screen to display the current countdown.

    Well, it’s not as full featured as a calendar app would be. Your events are auto-synced to all your devices. You can also regulate your event visibility so that you can only view private events. It also does the backup your events in order to prevent data loss.


    5. Countdown- Count Down Holiday

    countdown count down holidays iphone app

    This is the best app especially if you are planning holidays this vacation. You can add events manually or simply import them from calendar or Facebook. It has a custom countdown event option which is highly customizable.

    Also, it helps you keep track of important events in your life such as birthdays, weddings or meetings. Moreover, it enables you to remember how many days or hours are left for every event you have added.


    6. Countdown! Counter To Big Days

    countdown counter to big days app

    With Countdown! Counter To Big Days, you will be able to keep a check on the progress through the events such as birthdays, weddings or important meetings. The app allows you to design a custom website for your countdowns and you can simply share it with everyone, even if their device differs from yours.

    Moreover, you will be able to see all your countdowns in the notification centre of your phone. You can also create an advanced website with a live countdown in no time and share it with your family and friends.


    7. Days

    days app for iphone

    Days helps your countdown and revive those special moments. All of your events will be saved, whether you’re counting down to your birthday or looking back to your anniversary. There are various subtle animations which enhances your experience with this app.

    You can simply swipe across to easily switch between your events so you can browse whichever events you want to see, easily. You can download this app for free and experience the magic.


    8. Final Countdown Timer

    final countdown timer app

    Final Countdown Timer is an app that has features including a calendar and a timer. It syncs countdown from your other devices. You can backup in case the information is lost. Also, it has 3D touch.

    It is developed with 12 widget skins to choose from. You can also prefer alert ringtones for your reminders and tasks. This application is very helpful in a way that it increases your productivity and it helps you remember certain events that you have added.


    9. Countdown Days Since & Until

    countdown days since & until

    You can add an indefinite number of events and set reminders, import from your calendar & modify your background. Your countdowns can be automatically synced between devices. Also, you can include a Notification Centre Widget which gives easy access to a countdown.

    You can choose seven different icons for each event. Moreover, you can import event to your calendar. Also, you can share these events on various social media sites like Facebook, Instagram.


    10. Event Ticker – Countdown to special days of life

    event ticker app for iphone

    Event Ticker helps you to follow of all of your important events and special occasions. In this app you can customise the background of your choice. It enables you to remember how many days are remaining for every special event.

    You can keep up to date on your event with reminders and keep track of tasks to complete before your big event with a to-do list. The events will be repeated annually. This application is very beneficial in such a way that it increases your productivity. You can alter with how the countdown will be highlighted.  


    Now we will discuss the list of Countdown apps for Android users:


    Best Countdown Apps for Android


    11. Countdown Days – App & Widget

    countdown days app & widget

    ‘Countdown Days – App & Widget’ is another highly customizable 1×1 widget that will help you to remember about every important date in your life. The widget will show the number of days left to your event and highlight progress of ongoing countdown by drawing a coloured circle.

    Also, in case you started calculating down in a middle of an event you can indicate the number of days full circle stands for. The widget lets you to create events manually or import them from your calendar. This app is absolutely free.


    12. Countdown Widget

    countdown widget app android

    Countdown Days is another best countdown app for Android users. It helps you to be reminded of their scheduled events. It supports as many events added. The app has a feature of an auto reminder for your plans. Also, Countdown Days helps you to know the remaining days left for your event.

    This app automatically organizes your to-do list in your calendar, helping you manage to focus, prioritize tasks, and go on to complete your most important goals every day. It displays a countdown to every event added to ensure to notify you when you have any important event.


    13. Countdown by

    countdown by for android

    Countdown helps you keep track of every upcoming event you’re looking forward. This app, from, allows you to add a large picture, save the date when the event is, and also decide its location. You can also add a widget to your home screen to display the current countdown.

    Your events are auto-synced to all your devices. You can also regulate your event visibility so that you can only view private events. It also does the backup your events in order to prevent data loss.


    14. Days Until – countdown

    days until app android

    ‘Days Until’ is a well-designed countdown timer with an excellent Holo-themed user interface. Using this application, you can create events, manage them with tags, attach an image to any event, setup a reminder and event relapse settings.

    This app counts down multiple events to days, hours, minutes and seconds. Days Until saves all events history and can display a list of historical events that have took place on this day. You can also use the app widget to highlight information for upcoming events right on your home screen. This app is a free ad-supported.


    15. Holo Countdown

    holo countdown free android

    Holo Countdown utilizes elements of Google’s Holo interface. It counts years, months, days, hours, and even seconds to your event. You can also attach an image for any event; create repetitive events; share events.

    Holo Countdown was designed to support both phones as well as tablets. While the free version is available only up to 2 countdowns at a time. Paid version also contains a widget and provides an option to sync events online.


    16. My Day – Countdown Calendar

    my days countdown calendar android

    ‘My Day – Event Countdown’ is very simple countdown app for important events. You can set up dates for your events, birthdays or holidays which will display exact number of remaining days. The app is available with numerous wallpaper to decorate each and every of your events.

    My Day – Countdown Calendar was originally developed for Apple devices thus, its user interface looks like an iOS application. But this has only drawback that it lacks widget. The app is totally free with no ads.


    17. Final Countdown – Widget

    final countdown

    Final Countdown is developed by Thangbomb. This app shows years, months, weeks, days, minutes and seconds left until your event. The countdown will then be combined to the list on your app’s home screen.

    From here just need to swipe a card left or right to delete it. The app also helps widgets so you can highlight countdowns simply on your home screen as well as the lock screen. There are a lot of sharing options available in it.


    18. Talking Timer

    talking timer

    Using Talking Timer, you can have talking reminders now and then you need not be worried of forgetting your important events. You can also set intervals for getting alerted within the pre-defined time.

    It also uses little resources so it doesn’t affect the battery life. the free version n is widely available. While the paid version has additional features such as no ads, custom alert messages and intervals, faster updates and much more to explore.


    19. Multi Timer StopWatch

    multi timer stopwatch

    Multi Timer StopWatch allows to set multiple timers so as to help its use for cooking, study, sports, and many more activities. You also get notification to set an interval timer within a timer. Once a timer alarm buzzes off, the timer even speaks up to you.

    To distinguish between the various alarm timers, you can place a unique sound for each one. It also has with customizable colour and size. The free version of this app is available and meanwhile purchasing the premium version, will give you additional features.


    20. DAY DAY Countdown Widget

    day day countdown widget android

    DAY DAY Countdown Widget allows to keep a check on a countdown on the home screen by showing the remaining days as the app’s badge icon. It provided the icons and background colours of various designs.

    This app manages your countdown and events including the date not passing, date that passed, and repeated date. It also has various setting functions and backup & restoration functions.


    21. Countdown in Status Bar

    countdown in status bar app for android

    As the name says ‘Countdown in Status Bar’ displays the number of days to your event you have saved in your Android’s status bar. Not like other apps or widgets, this app will always be noticeable even when your Android is locked.

    Countdown in Status Bar is absolutely free and controls your events up to 500 days. You have colour options where you can choose the countdown icon to be displayed in either white or green colour. Also, there is a paid version which removes advertising, can run up to 5 countdowns at the same time and adds various colours like grey, blue, red, and yellow.


    22. Large Countdown Timer

    large countdown timer

    ‘Large Countdown Timer’ differs from other applications in such a way that it is a single instance timer that is developed for short time intervals. This app is not targeted to count down days to a specific date.

    This app is user-friendly that can keep the track of time intervals up to 99 hours 59 minutes and 59 seconds. All you need to do is just swipe the screen to set the time and press Start button. The ‘Countdown Timer is a free to download.



    Final Words

    Keeping a track of important events be it wedding or birthdays or important meetings can be an overwhelming task, and sometimes a calendar alarm doesn’t fulfil all our requirements.

    So, whether you’re keeping track of holidays or looking forward to an important event, any of these above-recommended apps are the perfect choice for any Android or iOS user. If you have good experience with any other countdown app, let us know in the comment section below.