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10 Best Android Launcher for Amazing Features and Interface

    Android is known for its easy to use and a feature-rich interface. Android is the largest operating system being used by the populace on their smartphones. The operating system offers you a great degree of control over various functions and features and allows the person to actually make changes and make unlimited customizations to the various features on the Android device.

    Why there is a need to use Android Launchers?

    Android Launchers can be defined as the power that you have in your hands that allows you to bring in unlimited customization to your phones in hands. Starting from the app icons to the fonts, launchers give you that liberty to design your phones the way you want it to look and feel in a mere second or two.

    There are a number of launcher apps on the Play Store which goes by the tag of being the best android launcher and offer you many features to change the look of your phone and allow you to customize the phone in your hand the way you want it to be. Some of these apps might seem really tempting, but often launcher apps are found to slow down the system and consume a lot of space on your phones.

    While many of these apps are in the running to become the best android launcher app. There are certain aspects too which determines how true the apps remain to the claims that they make. There are some launchers which bring a simple approach to the table and allow one to keep the interface unique, simple and an easy to use feel is attached to the same.

    There are other types of launchers too available on the Play store that focuses more on bringing in complicated design patterns which though makes your phones look beautiful than ever, but it might become really complicated to even perform the simplest of tasks on your phone. Well, the choice is yours; some might prefer an extensively aesthetic feel associated with the phone, but on the other side there might be others who prefer a simple outlook on the phones.

    Now, here we would be looking into some of these Android Launcher apps which are available on the Play store and call themselves as the best android launcher on the Play store. Well now, let us look at those apps which have made it to our list for being amongst the “best launcher apps for android” in recent times:

    1. Action Launcher

    action launcher for android

    Action Launcher is surely a force to reckon with and can be called as one of the best android launcher that is available at our disposal. The launcher perfectly combines the best of the pixel interface with the old-school Android interface; giving you a modern and aesthetic feel to your phone.

    The best part of the Launcher is that it is really simple to use and offers you a range of customizable features and also allows one access to an array of features that are already present in the app. Action launcher being the best android launcher of 2016 which bolsters the credibility and the trust that the app comes with it.

    2. ADW Launcher 2

    adw launcher 2

    ADW Launcher used to be one of the best android launchers that was available in the market and had already made its name in the market. The updated version is all the better, with stability improvements that have been brought to the app with this version; the app has been given a solid feel and can be called as one of the most stable launcher apps to be launched in recent times.

    The app offers you endless features and allows one to customize the phone as per your needs while keeping simplicity at the core. The app allows the users to delve into its unlimited features and carve out the best they want for themselves.

    3. Nova Launcher

    nova launcher

    Nova Launcher offers you an experience like no other and has been trying to lead the race as it calls itself as the best android launcher available on the Play store. Nova has been for long calling itself the top android launcher app.

    The launcher gives you a seamless experience and is the best experience that you can have on your modern Android phones. The app offers you certain premium features on the payment of a nominal amount which clearly is nothing for an experience that would leave you spellbound and make your phones look better than ever before.

    4. O Launcher

    oreo launcher for android

    O launcher or the launcher that has been exclusively designed to give you the feel of Android Oreo 8.0 on your phones.  The O launcher is a classy and a modern app which offers you a smooth experience with the various customizable features that are available in its kitty.

    The app also offers you tons of theme options and allows one even to construct the icons based on your choice. The modern and efficient design ensures that O launcher would still remain in the race of being the amazing android launcher for time to come.

    5. Google Now Launcher

    google now launcher

    Well, a fan of Google; then Google Now is that perfect launcher app that is available at your disposal that perfectly encapsulates the essence of Google in the launcher and is one of the most stable launchers that one would come across in recent times.

    The simplistic launcher is associated with a modern, sleek and a clean interface which gives it a beautiful touch. Not the most customizable if compared with other launcher apps; but surely the app makes it to the list of “best launcher apps for Android” on the basis of the stability and the lightness of the app.

    6. Microsoft Launcher

    microsoft launcher

    Microsoft Launcher gives you that perfect feel of using a Microsoft device on your phones. The app which is compatible with most of the Android versions; gives one incredible control over the various features associated with it.

    The best part of the launcher is that it allows you to use Cortana; which is already present in the app. The launcher allows one to personalize the interface based on one’s needs and choices. Customizations have been easier than ever before with the use of the Microsoft Launcher.

    7. Mi Launcher

    Mi launcher android playstore

    Mi launcher allows you to bring in the Mi user interface to your mobile phones. The launcher comes with highly customizable options with a modern approach that is associated with the app. The clean user interface looks smart and has a classical modern feel attached to the same.

    The launcher offers you many icon theme packs to choose and play with. The launcher also gives you access to certain features which otherwise would remain just Mi exclusive. The app makes it to our list based on the sleek and clean interface it has to offer to its users.

    8. iLauncher


    iLauncher OS 12 - Phone X

    Can’t buy an iPhone? Well, don’t worry we have got you covered, with the I Launcher at our disposal, which adds the feel and allows you to use your phone just like if an I phone would was present in your hands.

    The launcher is easy to use and gives you a modern feel but with a premium touch attached to it.  The launcher offers you a highly optimized performance and comes with a polished interface which for years has remained a trademark of Apple devices.

    9. N launcher

    N launcher

    N launcher gives you a feel of Android Nougat on your devices. Well, don’t worry if you are not able to upgrade to Android Nougat. The N launcher is the perfect app that gives you an enhanced experience with a feature-rich interface.

    The N launcher like most of the stock Android interfaces on your phones; doesn’t really offer you much liberty in terms of creating that perfect interface which you would want on your devices.  The sleek interface comes with stability improvements, which has made the app the perfect destination for those who would love to bring in a mix of power and stability on their devices.

    10. Hola launcher

    hola launcher

    Hola launcher comes with a load of features that is already a part of the launcher app. Hola launcher has been one of the most downloaded launcher apps from the Play store in recent times. Hola is surely in the race to become the best android launcher app that is available for the android users.

    The launcher is found to enhance your phone by adding a touch of uniqueness that comes with its simple but modern style. The launcher offers you a lot of customization apps to choose from; which will make you spoilt for choice. Hola promises to give you the best experience as you embark on a journey of customization with Hola.


    Wrapping it up!!

    Android offers you a feature rich experience with a simple interface attached to the same. Often, you might not be really impressed with the stock android version that comes with it as it seems really flat and dull to look at. Well, Android allows you unlimited customizable options through the use of Android launchers.

    Android Launchers have carved out their own niche on the Play store as they allow the users to customize almost every aspect of your phone and give an all-new look to your phone that matches your personality and has an aesthetic touch and feel written all over it. Launchers allow you to play around and toggle with various aspects starting from the icons to the contents on the home screen.

    Launcher allows one to modify almost every aspect in the true sense and is like that power in your hands that allows you to weave magic on your phones. Here, we looked into some of the launchers that are available on the Play store that can be called as the “best launcher apps for Android.”