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12 Best Battery Saver App for Android

    From browsing the web, listening music, watching movies online, playing games to studying, Android smartphones today have become part and parcel in our lives which keep us hooked throughout for the plethora of features they offer. But with these amazing features, our batteries go for a toss, Thus to get rid of these worries we have some best battery saver apps for your convenience.  


    What are Battery savers?

    Over the last few years, our smartphones have thoroughly evolved, now we see our devices offer multi-core processors with several gigs of RAM, QHD, and even higher resolution displays, new security methods like fingerprint scanners, and plenty of them but Alas, the battery technology hasn’t evolved at the same rate as the rest.

    There are apps notorious for launching themselves, ceaselessly downloading updates and rampant notifications, or even basically lurking in the background of your phone while you perform other tasks. In the process, they consume CPU time and battery life. Other apps bear design issues or outright flaws (called bugs) that cause them to draw unnecessary power thereby draining all the battery of your phone, and here these battery saving apps come to rescue.

    These programs purport to save battery life by clamping down on unnecessary tasks, ensuring that your phone is running only the apps you really need at any given moment.

    1. Greenify

    greenify app

    With a rating of 4.4, this smart app hibernates altogether the inactive and odd behaving background apps. Doing so, this battery saver app discontinues these background apps from consuming battery and prevents the lagging of your smartphone. 

    It can be downloaded for free for both Android and iOS, and this battery saver app has installs beyond 50 million. It claims that it never saves your personal information and is light on phone resources like CPU or RAM. It is one of the best android battery saver.

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    2. DU battery saver

    du battery saver

    This app is a product of DU Group; Also the world’s top battery saver app which has eased its worldwide clients to protect battery nearly around 59280 Kwh. This app has an authentic skill to detect the elements in a smartphone that are draining phone’s battery or even demanding extreme battery consumption.

    The app additionally cleans these elements, henceforth improving the battery performance. An approximate of 15 million people have already downloaded this app from Google PlayStore.

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    3. 360 battery saver plus

    360 battery saver app

    With a user rating of 4.2, it is a trendy, free battery saver app which can potentially lead to battery savings of 50 percent and can prompt up your charging time. The major features are the ability to shut down background battery life draining apps and improving battery time with one tap, terminating apps that activate other processes after being shut down and monitoring and completing healthy battery charge to ensure battery remains in its best condition thereby making it the best battery applications for Android.

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    4. Battery Saver 2018

    battery saver 2018

    This Android battery saver app by Cheetah Mobile has a user rating of 4.2, is a free download and has features such as a battery monitoring, energy saving, and power-saving profiles that can be scheduled automatically. It lets you check your battery level status rapidly while tracking down the apps and developments that drain the power out of it.

    You can also toggle app settings that leech on your battery like brightness, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, mobile data, and GPS, and still monitor your battery status centered around the type of app. It is a multilingual app with support for around 28 languages, plus it optimizes your battery power at the tap of your finger.

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    5. Avast battery saver

    avast battery saver

    An exclusive software which contrary to its competitors does not obey the same old model of touching to optimize; this app operates smartly and independently. It monitors power usage patterns and regulates settings, closes background apps to save power and increase battery life.

    Smart Profiles which adjusts automatically based on GPS locations or Wi-Fi networks are another highlight of this program. It also aids in prolonging battery life and in between does not hamper performances like the quality of the call, internet connectivity, screen brightness, loading of apps or ringer volume.

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    6. Battery doctor

    battery doctor

    Battery doctor, one of the best android battery saver, can extend the standby time of your phone. Over 100 million Android users have discovered the actual benefits of its intelligent power saving feature, accurate power remaining forecasting and professional charging proficiencies.

    This app does much more than just monitoring your battery. Battery Doctor has an exceptional 3 stage charging system, i.e. fast charge, continuous charge and trickle charge that keeps regulating the electric flow thereby making sure that your phone charges quickly and completely. Moreover, it keeps your battery healthy by informing you when you should turn on and off charging. 

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    7. AccuBattery


    This app has a user rating of 4.7 and is devised to offer its users all the information regarding their batteries, whether or not that’s the authentic capacity of charge inside of the battery or which all apps have used most of your battery. Precision and accuracy is the aim of the game here, and this app will notify you on how much electricity, in mA, each certain app has used, as well provide the users with many different tips and tricks to increase the life of their battery.

    AccuBattery works better over time, and it’s the kind of app that will help users to get maximum advantage from their batteries as well give them little insights into the perplexing world of Android battery life.

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    8. 2 battery

    2 battery

    This app practices the way of extension many hours to the battery life by handling Internet connection judiciously and also in the background. One of the key characteristics is the automatic switching of the additional battery. This app increases battery life by operating a smart algorithm to turn on/off the Internet connection, reduce battery consumption and data usage, but still keep the essential background data synchronized.  

    It also provides specified information concerning battery draining and telephone usage. All these indicators are displayed in the bar chart. Every time your battery level is low or full, the app will notify you. All these features and a lot more are offered for free, but there also is a paid version that, in addition, supports night-mode and blocks any ads.

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    9. Power clean

    power clean

    It is considered the specialized power cleaner with over 100 million users who use this battery saver app all over the globe. The power clean app is a multi-tasker that not only improves the battery life but also boosts the overall performance of your device.

    It automatically detects battery draining apps and helps you deactivate them with just a 1-tap. Its additional highlights include CPU cooler to cool down processor temperature, memory boost to instantly free up RAM, duplicate file remover, and hardware health monitor. It is verily one of the best battery saver app.

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    10. dfndr battery

    dfndr battery

    It is a battery monitor and energy saving app that provides valuable information regarding the status of your device’s battery, as well as a number of methods to safeguard energy throughout a full day of mobile usage. The battery monitor feature provides data on your charge status, battery temperature, and battery capacity, and also estimates of how long your charge will stay.

    And when it comes to the energy-saving side of things, dfndr battery has a background task killer, customizable performance profiles that can activate based on time and location, and a screen-saving feature that cuts brightness to save power. 

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    11. GSam battery monitor

    gsam battery

    This free Android battery saver app provides crunchier details concerned with your battery use while providing the tools you require to classify the battery draining apps in a snap. Its App Sucker tool displays app-based battery usage, while finding CPU usage stats, and wake locks.

    The app also allows you to specify the time intervals, observe your usage stats, and look up time estimates for your battery status based on present, and past usage.

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    12. Battery optimizer and cleaner

    Battery Optimizer & Cleaner

    This is a product from Intel Security. The app enhances the device’s performance by stopping the background apps and also freeing the storage and memory. The real-time stats produced by this App aids you to disable the battery draining apps and configure the essential settings.

    Like internal storage, this battery saving app scans the external storage and immediately detects the blurred pics and duplicate photos for further space improvement. The app also offers internet data pack manager and provides us with on-screen data usage, the data that is left and helps to take necessary action to clear it.

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    Some Golden Tips

    Other than these apps we will provide you a few DIY tips to save your battery and enhance overall device performance.

    1. Delete unnecessary apps or those apps which are unused for a long time.
    2. Always Lower your screen brightness in your settings
    3. Use Wi-Fi connectivity over cellular data as it drains out battery life hastily.
    4. Always Turn off Bluetooth, GPS or Wi-Fi when not in use.
    5. Prefer ring over vibration, and your few batteries are saved.
    6. Use still wallpapers as live wallpapers consume much of your battery.
    7. Update your apps time to time as they eat fewer battery power vis-a-vis older versions, and do it manually – not automatically.
    8. Use batteries only from brands which are well recommended.
    9. Play games only if you’re next to a charger.


    Final Words

    Thus these were our top picks from the multitude of battery saving app flooding the play store. Do comment your favorite and also if there are some cons in the comment section below.