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10 Best Workout Apps for Men and Women

    In today’s world, you hardly get time to keep an eye on your health and body. You get busing with your work and family. And also, in this busy world, you people don’t have time to go to the gym for the workout and exercise. Not only that but you know how expensive are the expenses and which is not so cheap. So we usually get good excuses for not taking good care of our health. It’s actually never too late to start a new beginning; we just need determination and motivation. Why is that you be behind the world even when things have been so simpler now? Always have in mind that you need to care for your body and stay fit no matter what. The best prevention to almost all diseases is that you start with workout and exercise and caring for your own body. Though you might think that it’s difficult to plan diet and fitness routine. But that’s not tough for you anymore now. Even not only that but it may be difficult at first, but when it becomes your habit then there is no especially taking out time for workouts and becomes easy. Also, sometimes the gym becomes too hectic for you due to work and all.

    Now, what we say that we have a solution for all these excuses you are giving yourself. Shocked? Though don’t be. Here we actually bring to you some online workout apps for both men and women in the Android and iOS. Don’t worry; we have listed the best free workout apps. And also, the best part is that it is for both men and women. These apps can be called as a comprehensive training app for yourself, and you will be your own teacher. There are also nutrition tracking apps which actually plan your diet and everything according to the time. All-around workout apps are also available. They provide tracking facility to record your progress.

    Though we call humans smart, they are not actually. We don’t know how to use our smartphones in a smarter way. And these mobile devices make our life easier. By downloading these workout apps on your smartphone devices, you can practice and become professional. In today’s fast-moving world, you need to keep an eye and be smart enough. These are some of the small things which can help you to work accordingly. Our buddy who is the smartphone can make you do things which not even the gym trainer would be able to do it. We have listed some of the best workout apps for men like the 8fit workout app, Fitness Buddy, and much more. Not only for men but we have for women as well some of the best workout apps for women like C25K, Runkeeper, etc.  


    Need and importance?

    We don’t notice but these workout apps have such great importance in our lives itself. You will definitely need these apps for maintaining yourself and your body with specific diet provided. It helps you to be in shape, be healthy and fit. There is no need to use your brain for planning your diet or which exercise you should begin with. We at times are not able to match the frequency of the world and hence these some of the best workout apps helps in the same. You need your family and vice-versa so it is really important to stay fit and strong. It also keeps you away from bad things like high blood pressure, heart problems, spine problems, obesity, cholesterol problems and helps you to maintain it in the best way possible. We have listed the best and free apps below. They are free and paid as well according to the needs and features.


    Best workout apps for Android


    1. Sworkit

    Sworkit Workouts & Fitness Plans

    This is a kind of fitness and workout app which actually takes care of your overall health. This stand for the Simply Work It. In this app specifically, there are in total 170 bodyweight exercise to actually strengthen your body. Custom workouts are also included in this app. But they are basically for the bodybuilders and the professionals. It helps to make you fit and strong and maintain your body shape. This app has different kinds of workouts for different levels like for the beginners, intermediate and the advanced level one. And this app can be used by both men as well as women.


    2. JEFIT

    JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App

    This comes under the category of best workout apps. It helps to track as well as analyze your daily routines and workouts. It can be used as a personal gym. Then it records weight, height, reps, etc. it is totally personalized and works according to the individual as well. Its database is very vast. It includes different kinds of workouts and exercise. Almost more than 1300 exercises are included in this workout app. And it especially contains videos for how-to-do the exercises and workouts, especially for the beginners. It has many different kinds of workout styles like weightlifting, bodyweight workouts, etc. it doesn’t only stop here, but it includes workout styles for the Olympics. It has the videos of some basic workouts as well as leg press, squat, etc.

    3. Fitstar Personal Trainer (Now Fitbit Coach)

    Fitbit Coach app android

    It can be considered another best workout app. Also, it is totally free of cost. It trains you as a gym trainer through your smartphone devices. It focuses on a workout routine. You get the gym like feel without paying any penny. Its routine for the workout is divided into the four basic plans for a workout, which includes Get Lean, Get Strong, Daily Dose and Free Style.  Customization is done according to the user’s day and work plan. This is one of the best workout apps for Android.


    4. Home Workouts Personal Trainer

    Home Workouts Personal Trainer

    This works like your own personalized gym and as a personalized gym trainer. Though, it makes you work according to your needs and makes you, your own personal trainer. This helps to get your body into figure and maintain the shape. This app includes photos of the specific workout. But photos are not the full stop rather it also has HD videos of the same workouts and exercise. This way you get to know your body and get professional enough. You can definitely learn many different kinds of exercise and different variations of doing it. It adds your own personal routine to the app. Has the feature of saving your favorite videos of workouts and exercise. Audio is also available for a better understanding. It is totally Ad free, and anyone can use this app.  

    5. 30Day Fitness Challenge

    30 Day Fitness Challenge - Workout at Home

    This kind of app is actually a 30-day challenge only. It has a plan for the fir workout challenge. It has the home workout routines as well. It improves your body to a large extent and brings it to the previous figure and maintains the same shape. It is one of the best workout apps for fitness. It has a step-by-step procedure for the workout rather than giving the final step. It increases your capacity day-by-day and at a constant level rather than rushing and increasing it. All the exercises in this app include the body weight so there is no rushing to the gym in the early morning. It also keeps the record of how many calories you burnt every single day. And it uses the Google Fit for doing the same.


    Best workout apps for iPhone


    6. Stronglifts 5×5 Workout

    Stronglifts 5x5 Weight Lifting

    This Stronglifts 5×5 Workout is for all the iPhone users who want to actually lose their weight and burn their fat at an increasing rate. Not only that but it is also used to build muscles and work on them every day. This app is basically for those who are actually looking for the strong kind of training for their workout. It has a specific exercise for the specific workout. It allows you to lose your weight and also how much you should rest in a single day. It plans and works according to working three times a week. There is video available. Not only that but it tracks your progress through the timer, calendar, and graphs. It also has a free ad interface.


    7. Runkeeper

    Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

    Runkeeper is that kind of workout app which tracks your training from the beginning to the end. It has different kinds of the category under the workout and exercise. It keeps track for all your run, jog, exercise, walk, etc. it also supports the GPS and hence can be very advantageous for the iPhone users. It also supports Android as well. It measures everything and generates a kind of report which includes all your positive points as well as negative points too. It has an audio recording which can be connected via Bluetooth for the wireless headphone and heart rate count. It monitors your body to a great extent. It has the feature of challenging your friends and comparing the reports. It can also create fitness plans and custom running routes. It can easily sync with the watches as well which are able to measure your heart count.

    8. C25K- 5K Running Trainer

    C25K® 5K Trainer

    This can be said as one of the best workout apps. This is a great kind of app for the people who are wanting to start this. It basically means Couch potato to become a 5K runner in only eight weeks, and hence that’s why the name as C25K. this comes under the list of highest rated workout apps by the audience. It is designed by considering and keeping in mind inexperienced runners. This app is for all those who are novice users and planning to build their career as a gym professional. This app has an order of three days a week and only 30 minutes a day workout. This workout schedule is used to build the strength and muscles. It has a plan in accordance with the beginners and new runners which doesn’t allow them to give up in any way. It starts for the beginners by running as well as walking. It helps to build your stamina and strength as well. It is compatible with some of the pedometers.  

    9. Fitness Buddy

    Fitness Buddy Gym Workout Log

    This Fitness Buddy workout app actually works in the form of your own buddy, as in your friend. It is widely popular and rated high among the audience. This app includes more than 300 exercises with the description, audio, photo, video, and animations as well. This is one of the best workout apps for the iOS. This app contains a lot of content related to workouts. It has paid features as well. It provides users with many comprehensive kinds of exercises like resistance bands, stability balls, etc. This app has the paid version as well, which contains more than 1700 exercises. It is a very famous workout app.


    10. 8fit

    8fit Workout & Meal Planner

    8fit comes under the list of best workout app. It is your personalized kind of trainer which actually helps you in managing your diet, exercise, the routine of workout, quick plans, and healthy meals. This app may not be applicable for the gym lovers as it is for the beginners or for those wanting to shape their body and maintain it. Basically, this is for losing the fat kind of app. This app also has more than 350 exercises and large databases associated with it. It includes workouts for strengthening your muscles, increase endurance, lose weight, or become fit. This 8fit app can be called as your own mobile personal trainer. This app also provides with the diet and the healthy recipes. It features a customized kind of diet to eat or food to be avoided.




    In conclusion, we want to say that sleep is also a good part of an exercise to maintain your fitness and shape of the body. For the Android apps download it from the Google Play Store and for the iPhone, download the workout apps from the iTunes store.

    What are you waiting for? Go and download the apps now and get your own personalized trainer by just sitting at home, without paying any fee. Make your body worth watching! Go fast and download it now.