12 Best Motivational Apps for Android and iPhone

Striving for success and outcomes are delayed, It will surely make you demotivated. We face demotivation in our day-to-day life. And then we try to search for happiness which makes us more depressed. Life is not easy. No one stays happy always. There comes a moment when we just search for strength. The negativity around us doesn’t let this thing happen. And we stay depressed.

Keeping your spirits high and staying motivated can be an uphill battle, especially when there are negativity and pressure. Understand that there’s an answer to each downside. Whether you’re looking for motivational quotes, inspirational videos, or everyday reminders, there are plenty of apps to help you become a better version of yourself.


Why Is Motivation Important?

Everyone wishes to have their cup filled with motivation. But why? Can’t any depressed person achieve success? The answer is NO. Every depressed person will first have to get motivated and then success will be with you. Motivation is very important each to a private and business.

First of all, Motivation helps to improve the level of efficiency. It also builds a friendly relationship. Motivation always helps in self-development of the individual. Motivation also helps in maintaining professional rapport. As much as employees stay motivated, the more empowered team it makes. And a good team contributes to the growth of a company. Everything is inter-related, we just need to find the path to stay motivated.

Now let us have a look at some best Motivational apps available on the App Store.

Best motivational apps for iPhone


1. Inspirational Quotes

inspirational quotes

The first and foremost app in our list is Inspiration Quotes app. This app has a quite straightforward approach. The majority of the app is quoted that you can flip through like pages of a book. The background of the quotes is quite dull like an old book. The app has also got a section for community people. In the community sections, the users share their own quotes and can also interact with the users. There are over 600 quotes to inspire you. There are famous quotes from authors such as Albert Einstein, Confucius, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, George Bernard Shaw, Henry David Thoreau, Mark Twain, and Dr. Seuss.

2. Motivate: Daily Motivation

motivate daily motivation app for iphone

This app is one of the best motivational apps. This app was featured as the best Motivation app by Healthline.com. The best thing about this app is that it has customized categories. There are total nine categories available in this app starting from relationships motivational quotes till success motivational quotes. Everything is just separated. Amazing isn’t it? The app requires iOS 11.0 or more upgraded version. Not only this but this app also curates videos from the best mentors, and then delivers these videos to you on a daily basis. Even the videos are divided into categories. There is also a feature of saving those videos so as you can watch it later.

3. ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

ThinkUp Positive Affirmations

The third in the list ThinkUp have the motto to build the self-improvement program to develop the motivation and the positive mindset you need to succeed, using positive affirmations in the most effective way. There are above 300 affirmations available in this app categorized into 10+ life goals. The user can connect ThinkUp to the Apple Health app and track the duration of their daily practice through the Mindful Minutes metric. The user can also track the number of positive thoughts/affirmations you’ve listened to during your daily practices. The free version allows to record up to 4 affirmations while the pro version allows unlimited recording.

4. Strides: Habit Tracker

strides habit tracker

The name says it all. It is included in the list of the best motivation apps due to the caliber of the app. You can keep a record of your Goals & Habits in one versatile free app. it’s additionally a sensible goal hunter with reminders to carry you responsible and charts to stay you impelled, all on iPhone, iPad & Web. It also has a friendly user interface. This wonderful app also has a Dashboard for viewing everything in one place. Not only this it also has Green/red pace line system to stay on track. What else you need? Reminders? So yes reminders are also there to set yourself for success. The user will get unlimited Trackers, Sync, Backup, Web app, Tags & Filters, Today List, Export Data and more when he/she goes for upgrading the app.

5. Success Coach – Goal Tracker

success coach goal tracker

The Success Coach is a management system which will assist you to arrange, focus and come through real and lasting results. It includes a singular set of effective tools which will boost your productivity and assist you to accomplish your most important goals and dreams. There is a feature of Personal Journal in this app to record your thoughts, insights, experiences, and observations of life. Not only this but notepad feature is also available. The elegant style and easy interface of the app are straightforward to be effective, create progress and find results. The reviews and ratings are also good to include this app in best motivational apps.  

6. Habit-Bull

habit-bull daily goal tracker

Last but not the least, Habit Bull is one of the cool. The user can easily keep track of their activities. The app will lead to less bad habits and more good habits in your life. Good habits eventually lead to Success. Whether the user needs to stop smoking or study in a well-defined manner, this app will help you to do so. It is fully customizable. The app also has a friendly user interface.

Best Motivational Apps for Android


7. Fabulous: Motivate Me!

fabulous motivate me meditate relax sleep

The first app in our list of motivational apps for Android is Fabulous. It is also available on iOS. Being nominated for Google Play’s Best App award is not easy. But yes this app could make it. This app is based on science which will urge you to improve your fitness, Change your sleep cycle and discover mindset to reduce tension. This app will help you to improve starting from A up to Z. There is 5 Million+ download observed, and approximately 2 lakh of users have rated it as five stars. The app provides you with a reminder of everything starting from drinking water up to sleeping time. Not only this there are various training too organized by behavior change experts.

8. Coach.Me

coach.me instant coaching

The app has three types of coaching available. The first type of coaching is self-coaching which is free in which you can track yourself, and you get rewards for the same. The second type of coaching is also free, and in that, you can ask questions to the community and also answer the questions of other users. The last type of coaching is private coaching for which you need to pay remuneration. Every outlook of the app and community is focused on helping you gain mastery. The best thing is that the application can motivate you: with all sorts of appreciations, beautiful graphics and, most of all, advice from other users who can also follow you to keep a track on you.

9. Thirty – Get inspired

thirty get inspired

The third in the list but first in many hearts is the app Thirty. A habit takes 30 days to become a routine and this is the phenomena applied by this app. In a different and social way, this app will keep on challenging the user. The challenges will be like capturing the pic or making a video on what you’ve done. Thirty will reward you with a short and shareable video containing all your short video clips clubbed together so you get the whole experience when the Thirty challenge is completed. Interesting, Isn’t it? The drawback is that the app often asks to follow others which can be annoying sometimes.

10. Nozbe

nozbe to do tasks projects & team

Nozbe is one of the best apps available on playstore. The user must not remember everything. The user just needs to add the tasks and make an entry in the app. The user can Add tasks from anywhere, organize them in projects, mark priority tasks with a star. There is a feature of scheduling things to do later. The user can add categories/contexts to batch tasks and get everything done faster. There are reports too available which will help you to track your performance. It can be used in Corporates also as the user can share projects and experience effective communication through tasks with the colleagues. There are four plans available in Nozbe app. According to your need, you can purchase any one of them. They aren’t too demanding as per their roles.

11. Motivation 365

motivation 365 daily motivation & inspiration

Motivation 365 brings you the simplest assortment of wallpapers, quotes, and stories. The app is completely Ad Free for the motivation addicts. About 400,000 folks have taken action to boost their life and keep impelled with Motivation 365 and acquire Daily psychological feature Quotes. Not only this there is a different section for favorite quotes. The quotes and the stories are related to Introspection, Self Motivation, Communication Skills, Habit building, and Family Relationships. The app has a clean and clear Minimal design which is compatible with Android 9 Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow, and other updates too.

12. Youper

youper app android

Lastly, we have got an amazing app with us which helps the user to fight with anxiety and depression. The Youper builds a conversation around you with the goal of helping you get to know your mind, improve your mood, and help you overcome stress, and symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is not as much popular, but it will surely calm — your brain. The drawback is that it occupies more space. Youper also helps the user detect and monitor their emotional health symptoms, including anxiety, depression, panic, PTSD, and BPD.


Wrapping up!

So let us wrap this discussion. Close your eyes and blindly trust this app. They are the awesome app anyone can download. Whenever you will feel sad and dull, Just download any one of this app and see the change within you. Live a fantastic life. Never go a day without feeling happy and ready to take over the world. The best app cannot be decided by us; It will be you who will decide it.

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