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Best Heart Rate Monitor Apps for Android and iPhone

    The heart is a vital organ found in our body. We never care for that little organ but that organ always takes care for you like heaven and hell. Why is it so important? Because the heart is responsible for maintenance of blood volume and the pH of the same. It pumps the blood and maintains the regulation of the blood. There are various things available in the world to keep a record of the heart beats. But one cannot go every time for ECG i.e electrocardiogram. You use mobile every time, isn’t it? So, Mobile can be simply used for calculating the heart beats. Which two mechanisms are responsible for it? Only with the help of camera and flash alone, it can measure your heart rate.  And various applications are available in the mobile for major functions. The aim of every facility available is improving your health conditions and diagnosing any condition before actual disease show its symptoms.


    How do these apps work?

    So this simple and basic process has a very complicated name which is Photoplethysmography. Every time the vital organ heart sends a pulse of blood through the body, the capillary vessels located in the skin expand. When a smartphone’s flash illuminates the skin, the camera can locate a picture and the miniscule color changes that happen each time the heart beats. Some pulse screen applications available expect clients to take their own heartbeat, tapping their fingers on the screen with every heartbeat. A couple is basically clocks that do minimal more than reveal to you to what extent totally your very own pulses.

    Best Heart Rate App For Android


    1. Instant Heart Rate

    Instant Heart Rate HR Monitor & Pulse Checker

    The first an and the foremost app in the list is Instant Heart Rate. The name suggests its functionality. Actually, we had tested this amazing app by comparing the results of the app with the manual pulse rating report. What we found was quite astonishing! Both of the results were approximately the same. With every report, you can also add an additional tag. The tag can include anything about the activity you were carrying out like you can input Just woke up, exercise etc. There is a feature of adding notes also in the app. The Instant Heart Rate by Azumio has a very easy to use and user-friendly interface. A pulse target zone adding machine is incorporated. The advertisements in the free form are inconspicuous. You can also add reminders to measure your heart beats if you forget to carry this activity on a daily basis. The free version provides you with the feature of saving heartbeats. Though, it was quite disappointing because it saved only recent pulse rate.

    2. Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor

    Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor & Pulse Checker

    Runtastic, the name seems quite interesting and the even the interface is the same. In this app, your heartbeat can be measured by using your device camera. There is the generation of graphs in the application which will let you assume that you’re in actually carrying out an ECG. It works almost the same as the Instant Heart Rate app and is too accurate. The disadvantage is that you cannot add extra tags. But yes the app will let you insert the other tags like resting, before or after exercise, or at your max heart rate. It saves your last 10 reports in the database in the form of lists and handy graphs. A pro version lets you save more graphs. This app can be easily synchronized with social media apps like Twitter, Facebook and many more. The application is quite irritating because after every report it asks you to post that report. Even when you upgrade to pro version, it still pushes pop-up ads begging for 5-star reviews.

    3. Cardiograph – Heart Rate Meter

    Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter

    The icon of the app was the thing which attracted me a lot. You can measure your heart beats in a convenient manner and thereby you can know how fast your little heart is beating. Every record is saved properly and it can be used for the purpose of tracking. Cardiograph is flawlessly custom fitted to enable numerous individuals to utilize the application on a common gadget. You can make profiles for every one of your relatives or companions, and every one of them has their very own individual estimation history. The application has a very clean and intuitive design with the friendly user interface. You can also measure your heart beats via smartwatch with a heart rate sensor and view in this application. There must be the presence of proper illumination in the room or at least a flash in the device for recording accurate heartbeats. Thus, even this heartbeat rate app works in an appropriate manner.

    4. Polar Beat

    Polar Beat - Multisport Fitness AppPolar Beat - Multisport Fitness App

    Polar Beat is considered as one of the best heart rate monitor app. The exclusive features like tracking live heart rate and using Geo-location to map your route and distance estimation for your training makes it popular among the users. You can conveniently choose your activity from 100+ sports profiles. There is the presence of various indoor and outdoor sports included, like cycling & indoor cycling to make your heart healthy and stable. You can also get real-time voice guidance based on your goals which will keep you awake. Though the drawback observed was that user’s data and records on a daily basis go to developers because of Geo-location which can be threatening. There is an option of sharing your daily records with your friends and family. One can close the eyes choose a training target too as distance, time or calories burned.

    Best Heart Rate App For iPhone


    5. Sleeptracker 24/7

    Sleeptracker 24 7

    Not every app functions according to its name. So starting with it, Sleeptracker is the app which not only tracks sleep but also monitors heart rate and records pedometer carried out by the user. With very low cost, the amazing app provides nice functionality on all three fronts. The pulse screen highlight is easy to utilize and offers pleasant details, including week by week and month to month midpoints, lows and highs. The application records the time and date of every estimation. The exception is that, Sleeptracker doesn’t offer choices for labeling sections with client exercises at the time. Thus, this application is presumably best for individuals to keen on following an explicit pulse estimation, for example, their resting pulse, or pulse amid exercise. The application also includes an Alarm Clock which will help you in waking up gently. Lastly, it will keep your health data records organized in one place without any worry.

    6. Heart Rate

    The second app in our list is Heart Rate known by the recognition of best heart rate monitor app. It is not available in free of cost but it demands only $0.99 for carrying out vital function. It is developed by This app has some interesting change in it. It will not only let you measure your heartbeat from your finger over the camera but you can also utilize your iPhone’s front camera to measure your heart rate by your face. The method is quite easy and the app will surely help you with the tutorials. Our trial of the front camera work demonstrated that this pulse estimation was precise, though harder to get than if you were utilizing the back camera and a finger. But yes! The application front camera feature won’t work properly unless you’re in bright light and hold your device very still, without talking and moving your lips. It also has the feature to provide you with excellent graphs and history logs. Pop-up ads with an elusive “X” button was the drawback observed.

    7. Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor

    Cardiio Heart Rate Monitor

    The Cardiio: Heart Rate Monitor is the third app providing you with various features and is considered as best heart rate monitor app. Even this application works as Heart Rate like it will allow you to measure the heartbeat by using the suitable camera of the device. This app will make you learn the numbers which relate to your general wellness, perform effective workouts to get in shape and track your progress. The best feature I liked about the app was having a personal dashboard with history (daily, weekly and monthly) which can be easily saved, edited, annotated, and you can also export your data (CSV). The fun aspect which will make you fall in love with Cardiio is that it will provide you comparisons for where your heart rate falls compared to, say, Olympic winner Michael Phelps’ heart rate while resting, or the average resting heart rate of citizens living on the island known as Mauritius. So, you can surely opt for without any tension.

    8. Pplkpr


    So coming to the last app available in our list for iPhone which is none other than Pplkpr. So first of all, the app needs a smartwatch to work properly. Pplkpr stands for people keeper. And the idea behind the formation of an amazing app was that the variability in your heart rate offers a unique glimpse into your emotions. So it will show what your amazing heart has to say about your friends. Though it can’t be too accurate always. It was made especially for Mio Alpha or Mio Link wristband. So the app majorly functions in this perspective. It also uses GPS and keeps a record of when you’re coming and going, and when you’re feeling emotional which will keep you attracted towards this application. It is available on iTunes without any charge. So one can surely opt for this app and include this in their list of best heart rate monitor app.


    Wrapping up

    Wrapping the interesting discussion! In today’s world, Technology has sprouted its roots in almost every department and has made what was once impossible now possible and achievable. Measuring heartbeats on a device was completely unimaginable. Still, it is now possible. We have seen various best applications available in the playstore and iTunes to keep your heart lively and healthy. Now what? Now, it is your turn to choose the best app and download it without any concern. You must not only download but also maintain your records of heartbeats which will ultimately lead you to a happy life.