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10 Best GBA emulator for Windows and Android

    If you wanting to know about the Game Boy Advance or simple GBA then you are definitely reading the right article and hence we have also listed some of the best GBA emulators. Basically, in the starting before GBA, it was Game Boy and Game Boy Color consoles and after that GBA came into the story. These both before were introduced to show that you can have well-made games fit in your pocket easily without any kind of complications.

    This Game Boy Advance is one of the most famous game consoles which is portable as well. It has made such a great name in the market and favorite of all the people around the world as it has made their lives easier. Even the Android owners have taken full interest in the Game Boy Advance. Nowadays you will get really good emulators for the Android as well with the PC and which are worth using. Android phones have actually seen a great increase in their power in terms of sheer power and which has proven to be of great help to the Android owners.

    Game Boy Advance gain it’s popularity as it is the most handheld kind of video game console which helps you to play your favorite GBA games easily without any complexity and interruption. Basically, GBA had great success and the same was so important for the Nintendo and helped them in so many ways. Many of you may not be knowing that GBA is an upgrade to Game Boy Color and hence you were able to play advanced level games on it. Also, GBA had much better overall quality and was powerful hardware. And this is the reason GBA is preferred over the Game Boy Color. In this article, we have listed GBA emulator for PC, Android and one for Mac as well. Hope this article helps you in all way possible.  


    Need and Importance?

    Basically, after Game Boy Color was not able to support advanced level games then GBA or Game Boy Advance was introduced which was all way better than the previous version. And hence people were back to playing their favorite GBA games. Here, we have listed the best GBA emulators for you guys for your stability and easiness below.  


    1. VisualBoy Advance

    Visual Boy Advance emulator for gba

    This GBA emulator called as VisualBoy Advance is for the Windows-based PCs. It is one of the oldest emulators which is into use to date. It can be counted under the list of best GBA emulator for PC. You will definitely have an amazing experience with this emulator. It supports many advanced features which you will adore without fail. And you will be shocked to hear that this older emulator actually supports both the older as well as newer operating systems and hence there is no complications and complexities while using it. This will truly change your gaming experience in all way. It has full advanced level features which you will generally never get the same in the standard consoles. It is totally free of cost and you will get the updates recently ones as well on a constant basis. You may have got the reasons that why it is called the best Game Boy Advance emulator? With really old hardware you may face some difficulty using it. And there is no need to worry about saving the game, you can do it anytime and anywhere. It also allows you to take screenshots and use the cheat codes to make your time using this emulator even more fun-loving. You can also do button remapping easily. It is very easy to use GBA emulator.  

    Platform: Windows

    2. GBA.emu

    GBA.emu android gba emulator

    The GBA.emu emulator, this part is for the Game Boy Advance. This is one of the emulators that you will love to work with. It has so awesome feature which will fulfill your wish and you will be satisfied with this in no time. This is considered under the best GBA emulator for Android. Features like cheat code support, quick saves, hardware controller support and much more for you in the box and will get to know when you will start to use this emulator. It works so smoothly and efficiently and is very compatible. Though there is no free version available and hence you need to pay and check it. But they will provide a refund if you will not be satisfied with this emulator. Even cross-platform is also available and hence you can use it virtually anywhere and anytime.    

    Platform: Android

    3. mGBA

    mgba emulator

    And her is the mGBA emulator which is considered more best GBA emulator for Mac. Though, it also supports Windows as well. Its compatibility with the Mac operating system is very good. It supports all the latest versions of Mac. This emulator called as mGBA supports joysticks and GamePad as well. Also, there is an option of multiplayer as well so that you can have a good time with your friends and family members. It is a very capable emulator. It supports cheat codes and sound emulation as well. It allows to easily load the custom BIOS, and which allows you as an audience to have a great experience. It has a very simple and easy set up so there is no need to worry about the complexity related to this emulator and it’s set up. It enables you to allow the ROM patches. Though it doesn’t have many advanced features which add to its drawback. It allows you to reload and save the game states. It is very easy to an emulator.

    Platform: Mac, Windows

    4. Higan GBA Emulator

    Higan GBA Emulator

    It can be considered as one of the best Game Boy Advance emulators which allows you to play your favorite GBA games without any kind of interruption. It is very easy and simple to use an emulator and doesn’t give any kind of complications. You will be shocked to hear that its set up can be installed in some few seconds and it supports multiple consoles. There is enhanced color reproduction available which all over makes it very interesting to use. a user can control this emulator the way you want. It offers a majority of ROMS and that for the emulation. There is one drawback in all this that there is some sound problem while the running of the game. It supports a very large number of  GBA games.

    Platform: Windows

    5. John GBA

    john gba emulator for android

    It is the most easily accessible emulator for the Android-based devices. It works on offline mode and the best part that it doesn’t support any kind of ad. Also, it is not so expensive and hence any common person can use it. Backups are also taken through the support of a tool. It has some common features that all other emulators also have it. Features like game search, fast forward, cheat codes, on-screen controls and much more for you always inside the emulator. Also, this emulator is easy and simple to use. It supports almost all games and hence it is a very useful emulator.

    Platform: Android

    6. EmuBox

    EmuBox - Fast Retro Emulator

    This is newly introduced emulator for the Android-based devices. It is basically all-in-one console kind of emulator. It has the same features as the other emulators like fast forward, cheat code support, save and load states and much more. It works free of cost and that there are no in-app purchases as well. It supports some ads also. It works a lot similar to ClassicBoy but has a different list of consoles which it supports. It also includes PlayStation, Nintendo DS and more to it.  

    Platform: Android

    7. No$GBA

    NO$GBA emulator 3ds

    This emulator has an unconventional name and the same has helped it gained the popularity at the same time. No$GBA emulator or simply No Cash GBA is very famous emulator which also allows you to run Nintendo DS games as well with the GBA games. Therein this emulator you can use the controller and allows the user, which is you, to configure the game as per your needs and requirements, the way you want it. It is very strong as well as a powerful emulator. Though it has a drawback that developers are still trying to fix the DS part of this emulator otherwise it is fine. This emulator actually has a very good level of optimization. Though it is very simple to use and hence you should definitely try this on your PC.  

    Platform: Windows

    8. ClassicBoy

    ClassicBoy (Emulator) android

    This emulator which is called as ClassicBoy is a very decent emulator and also that it is all-in-one kind of emulator, supporting a bunch of consoles which are NES, Game Boy Advance, PlayStation and much more. It will satisfy you in all type of your needs and requirements. There are two versions available free and premium. Free has basic features but for the advanced features you need to go for the premium version and it runs very smoothly. It has the same common and usual features like the cheat codes, save and load states, fast forward and advanced features are available in the premium version. This emulator supports almost all the games.  You as a user will be fully satisfied with this emulator as I will provide you features which you won’t be able to ignore. And these are some of the reasons which make it add in the list of best GBA emulator.

    Platform: Android

    9. BatGBA

    batgba emulator

    It is a very lightweight emulator and doesn’t put much pressure on your system. It is the simplest and the easiest emulator that you will ever see for the PC. And hence it is the best GBA emulator for Windows. It has many advanced options and features available which you will definitely adore and love. With a lightweight, it takes very less space of your memory and is very compatible with all kinds of hardware. It is very user-friendly and works as per the needs of the user. There is no need for any specific installation for the BatGBA emulator and supports almost all the games. Due to its simplicity, it has gained more popularity and also doesn’t require much knowledge for this emulator.


    Platform: Windows

    10. My Boy

    my boy gba emulator

    This emulator is a very popular and famous emulator as it is very much compatible and has such amazing features. This My Boy emulator will give you experience that you will not be able to forget and will be highly impressed. It is a complete package in itself. There is also cable support available. Fast forward, highly compatible with games are some of its great features which makes it even more attractive. Advanced features like BIOS emulation Open GL and much more is available for you inside the box. So it is worth trying emulator.

    Platform: Android



    As we have come to the conclusion, we would remind you guys that you should pick these emulators as per your requirements only and read the description before installing it directly. Hope that you have a great experience using these best GBA emulator. Don’t wait and think to go and download it right now through the given links.