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10 Best Android Emulator for PC

    Android is one of the leading platforms for smartphones and comes with a cartload or rather a basket of apps that allow you to perform various activities and it also allows the user to download the app and use it on their smartphones or any other devices working which is driven by Android. There are tons of apps to be found for the Android users and are the perfect value addition to your experience of an Android user and it allows you as a user to work and experiment with ease.

    Well, many of us might be actually really bored as we try the games or the apps which are available for Android users on a rather small screen and have an experience which is quite limited and doesn’t really gives one the experience which we as users might actually desire. Anyone would actually love to experience their favourite apps and games on the big screen and enjoy a full-fledged experience by lying on the couch and get immersed in the experience and actually enjoy it to fullest.

    Well, for the users who love to have a large screen experience and actually enjoy a time which would translate into an experience leaving one in awe and also allows the users to actually immersive themselves in the depths of an experience unlike no other and also gives the ease to the users to enjoy various apps on the big screen, which is indeed quite convenient for many of the users who wouldn’t really want to stress their eyes out while playing a game or while going through any of the apps.


    What are Android emulators for Pc and why do we exactly need them?

    Android emulators as the name suggests allows one to emulate the experience of an Android on the smartphones or any of the Android-driven devices which you would be using in the due course of time. Many of us don’t really like to strain our eyes out while watching on the small screen. Well, we have now Android emulators which are specifically designed for giving you an experience of Android on your Pc’s and gives one quite a larger than life experience.

    Emulators are a result of development in technology over the passage of time and it allows one to experience apps and games which one can use and download on Android and have a taste of real experience on your Pc’s and have an experience like no other. It allows the users just to rock back and allows the users to have an exciting experience while just lying on their couch.

    There is a myriad of Android emulators for Pc which is available to the users which one would come across. Here, we are looking at some of the best Android emulators which are available for Pc users:


    1. Nox App Player

    Nox App Player

    It is easily one of the best Android emulator for Pc you would come across which comes with a simple interface and is quite easy and convenient to use. It is a boon for those who love the experience of gaming, it comes with an efficient game rendering engine while making effective use of the available system resources & allows the users to multitask as well.

    The full-fledged operating system perhaps the best android emulator for Windows 10 as it expands your possibilities even further, it allows you to install apps directly from the Google Play Store. If you are a developer, it serves as the perfect platform to actually test out your apps and games you might have created while keeping a particular audience in mind.

    Platform: Windows | Mac

    2. Remix Player

    Remix Player emulator for android

    One of the best android emulator you would come across which is available for use to those who would love to emulate the experience of their Android devices on the Pc’s and actually have a great experience while relaxing back and enjoying a taste of a larger than life experience.

    The user interface is easy and really convenient to work with and is actually quite stable to work with and have a convenient and more effective experience, might not be the best option to work in case of some of the demanding games, it does its work quite well to offer one seamless experience.

    Platform: Windows

    3. Bluestacks

    BlueStacks App Player for PC & Mac

    Easily one of the best android emulator you would come across, Bluestacks is one of the of the most commonly used Pc emulator you would come across and is actually quite popular amongst an array of other Android emulators around that are available for use as it is free to use and gives the users quite a convenient experience.

    Rated as one of the best android emulator for Mac that is available for use to the users. It works with a one-click installation and has a simple and quite a clean interface for the users making the experience of using Bluestack top notch and a memorable one indeed.

    Platform: Windows |Mac

    4. GenyMotion

    GenyMotion android emulator

    GenyMotion is another name that has made its name among the best android emulator that you would come across and lets you enjoy the best of an experience of the Android device on your Pc’s which clearly tells us about the convenience and the flexibility that the emulator has to offer.

    It is available for both Windows and Mac user, which makes the users quite worthwhile and one can have quite an experience while working with the same. It is a perfect solution to many of the problems of developers which they come across while testing the app.

    Platform: Windows |Mac

    5. MEmu

    MEmuplay emulator

    One of the best Android emulators which are available to the users. MEmu is a light-weight Android emulator which can be used across many of the Android versions. Being a free emulator for use which can be used it is quite convenient to work with.

    It supports both Intel & AMD Systems and also comes with integrated graphics which allows the users great flexibility to work with and can be used for many of the popular games which might require quite some high-end graphics. It is a flexible emulator and comes with an array of options to work with and have a great experience.

    Platform: Windows

    6. Andy

    andy emulator for android

    Andy is one of the leading names among the Android emulators which are available for use and work in quite an efficient and an effective manner giving you the best results and has actually emerged to be one of the best android emulator that you can lay your hands on.

    Being a leading name and one of the pioneers in the industry of Android emulators it does offers you quite an experience and is associated with flexibility and ease of access is written all over it making it one the sought after android emulators available for Pcs.

    Platform: Windows |Mac

    7. KOPlayer

    koplayer for pc

    Might not be one of the leading names in the industry and might not be really popular among its counterparts but the emulator does pack a punch and it comes armed with an array of features and multiple options to work with.

    The emulator works with some of the best graphics and virtualization technology, with which can easily toggle around in the BIOS settings. It is compatible with both AMD & Intel processors platforms which made it really accessible and convenient to work with. The emulator is only available for Windows user though.

    Platform: Windows

    8. YouWave

    youwave emulator

    YouWave is another of those emulators that one would come across as you search for Android emulators on the web. It is available as an open-source software which you can easily access for free and it is easily one of the best android emulator which is slowly making its way up the charts.

    One of the pioneers in this field, the emulator does packs a punch and is one of the most stable and powerful Android emulators which are available for download to the users and is quite convenient too allowing the users to play a number of high-end games.

    Platform: Windows

    9. VirtualBox

    Not really one of the most specific Android emulators you would come across, but it is quite the perfect solution to many if your woes you might come across while you are playing your Android content on the Pc’s which gives you a larger than life experience with comfort at your disposal.

    Easily one of the best Android emulator you would come across, it does come packed with multiple features which makes it quite a force. Currently only available for Windows users, the software with its simple and easy approach is sure to stay for quite some time.

    Platform: Windows

    10. Android Studio’s Emulator

    The software has gone through a number of changes since its launch and has grown from strength to strength in recent times making it one of the most stable and powerful emulators that you would come across as you embark on the web to start searching for an Android emulator.

    The stability and the convenience with which the software comes with, making it one of the best Android emulators that we have at our disposal. The software packs quite a punch with the multiple features it has to offer and its efficiency at multi-tasking.

    Platform: Windows


    Wrapping it up!!

    Android is the largest operating system which is being used by an array of users on their smartphones, tablets and other devices. It comes packed with an array of apps and games which belong to different categories which leave you spoilt for choice.

    Now, with the coming of technology, we don’t really need to stress our eyes while tweaking on the little screens of our smartphones. We now have Android emulators which we can use to enjoy the experience of Android on your Pc’s. There is an array of Android emulators which are available and here, we have looked into some of the best Android emulators which can enhance our experience.