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12 Best Crossword Apps for Android and iPhone

    Well, going around playing different kinds of games like racing to the simulation games which has seen an increasing trend of downloads in recent times. While games might be the perfect past time to simply spend our time doing nothing else than controlling your phone to win a race on your phones. Indeed, playing games have rather become a boring option.

    What if I say that you can be productive too and enhance your logical comprehension skills while you play some games. Crossword games are one of these, which fits the bill perfectly of being one of the most productive past times which enables you to gain better control over your analytical skills and abilities.

    It’s not just about spending some good time on your phone, as you work around your way through different puzzles and understand them slowly and steadily to solve these puzzles with ease and conviction. Crossword puzzles are not now, it has been a go-to game and that perfect past time for the intellectuals who love to spend their time on a productive basis than simply wasting it on games which are not really productive in nature.

    Crossword games are now available on digital form, one can easily play it on their desktops and have a great time solving these puzzles as one goes around spending time while solving the puzzle which corresponds to varying levels of difficulties as per the intelligence levels of the users. Once, a group activity but with the dawn of technology, we can now solve these puzzles with ease at an individual level and actually have a great time with ourselves.


    What are Crossword Apps & what is the use of such apps?

    As digital technology has seen steady growth and a rapid proliferation in recent times with people getting more and more familiar with the use of smartphones and technology. Now, with time it has even become more simplified.

    We have special apps which are specifically designed for Crossword enthusiasts and offers one the best experience and that perfect productive past time as one gets tired after a long working day which wears a person mentally and you require some respite from some time. Well, Crossword is that perfect getaway which allows you to have fun and productive time at the same time.

    We might have got bored with our regular kind of games which we play on our smartphones. With Crossword puzzle apps at our disposal, we have something different and allows one to have a great time with friends and family. It also allows the users to showcase the kind of logical comprehension abilities that they carry with themselves.

    There might be a myriad of crossword apps to pick and choose from. We are now looking at some of the best crossword app for Android, which gives the users a perfect value of their time:


    1. Words and Riddles: Crosswords

    Words and Riddles Crosswords app android

    The app gives one an immersive experience as you go around the app searching for the puzzles that you want to work with. It offers the users one of the largest collection of puzzles that you can choose from and have a productive time.

    It has crosswords for every taste and corresponds to every age-group and gives the users quite a fluid experience as you go around making your way through the app to find the perfect puzzle to solve. It also allows you to study foreign languages too, with such an array of features it has to offer it is one of the best Android Crossword apps.


    2. Crossword Puzzle Free

    Crossword Puzzle Free

    Crossword Puzzle Free is a leading app for Android which offers you an array of puzzles to look at and solve for free. It takes quite a different approach and makes the experience of solving a Crossword more interesting than ever before.

    The main task is to fill the black and white grids on the crossword with words that are the answer to the various questions. It comes with a sleek interface and is the perfect app to enhance your intellectual abilities, making it one of the best crossword apps that is available for the users to download.


    3. Crossword Puzzle Free- ITSG

    Crossword Puzzle Free android

    The app developed by ITSG has become really popular in recent times with the users as the user’s base has risen to two million plus and still counting which clearly implies the stability and the trust that this app comes with and might soon emerge to be a go-to app for most of the users who love to work their way through the crossword puzzles.

    It allows you to choose from the different array of font styles and allows the users to customize their experience as per one’s needs and choices. It comes with a simple interface but gives the users an experience which is quite unique, making it one of the best free Crossword app which is available to the users.

    4. AlphaBetty Saga

    AlphaBetty Saga

    The app comes from the creators of the Candy Crush which clearly tells us that it comes with almost a never-ending series of levels of varying complexities which would test our abilities to the fullest.

    It offers you one of the best experience as you can make your way through the app while exploring different worlds and having an immersive time. AlphaBetty Saga is actually the first app to have integrated a more social experience into the app, making it one of the best Crossword apps.


    5. 5-minute Crossword Puzzles

    5-Minute Crossword Puzzles

    This Crossword Puzzle app has actually redefined the process of solving Crosswords. It comes with a collection of puzzles which one can explore through and then solve while the users are on the go.

    As the name suggests, each puzzle comes with a five-minute clock time attached to the same. It does become a necessity to actually be fast enough and exercise your intellectual abilities to the fullest for solving the puzzle. The app has redefined the process of solving crosswords on the go, making it one of the best crossword apps.


    6. CrossMe Color Nonograms

    CrossMe Color Nonograms

    Nonograms are not just your simple run-of-the-mill puzzles. It might be simple to understand, but requires quite a bit of brain to be actually able to come out with a logical solution which solves the puzzle.

    The app allows the users to choose from an array of topics with which you can work with as per one’s choice and choose from an array of puzzles that is available at the disposal of the users and allows one to have a great experience. The breath of fresh air and the new concept that the app being to the table makes it one of the best crossword apps to work on.


    Now, we would turn our attention and have a look at some of the best Crossword app for iPhone:

    7. Crossword-World’s Biggest

    Crossword – Worlds Biggest for iphone

    The app as the name suggests offers you one of the largest collection of Crossword puzzles that a user can access to and have quite a great time solving the tons of puzzle that comes with the app dispersed across an array of topics.

    It offers you an array of clues which kind of makes the Crossword puzzle easier to solve, but it still requires one to exercise their intellectual abilities to come up with that perfect logical solution. The app comes with different challenges every day and is one of the most reliable and powerful apps available to the user.



    8. Penny Dell Crosswords Daily

    Penny Dell Crossword Daily

    If you are bored with your regular experience associated with the Crossword puzzles on the apps. Well, then head to Penny Dell Crosswords which promises the users to give a curated experience and give them an array of features to work with.

    The app comes with a simple navigation system and allows the users to work around the app as you explore the app to find the perfect puzzle to work on. The app with a simple and easy-to-use interface is easily one of the best Crossword apps at our disposal.


    9. Astraware Crosswords

    Astraware Crosswords

    Astraware Crosswords is one of the leading apps that offer the users an immersive experience and also allows the users to work around with puzzles as per one’s choice and preferences as you can choose from an array of topics.

    With new puzzles coming in every day and the clean interface it has to offer couples with an array of puzzles at the disposal of the users. It also gives the users access to a global leaderboard making it one of the best Crossword apps available.



    10. Cryptic Crossword

    Cryptic Crossword

    Some of us might not have the best of vocabulary, which might have a bad effect on our spoken English and our written skills. Well, Cryptic Crossword is that perfect destination which through the various word puzzles it has to offer allows the users to test and enhance their vocabulary.

    Coming from the house of Teazel, it allows the users to improve their word power and also allows one to have a fun experience as you go around solving various puzzles which tests one’s logical ability.


    11. Crossword Puzzles!

    Crossword Puzzles! app for iphone

    The app might not be at the top of your list to download and actually use it. It has a lot to offer to the users, starting from the 100’s of puzzles which get updated each day to the array of customization features which comes with the same.

    The app is known for the modern interface it has to offers to its users and it also allows one to add their own themes to the puzzles and make it an experience of their own. With an array of puzzles and customization features it has to offer, it is one of the best Crossword apps that a user would come across.


    12. New York Times Crossword

    New York Times Crossword

    One of the best Crossword apps that have been doing the rounds for quite some time now, which clearly explains the kind of puzzles it has to offer. It offers the users a number of puzzles to work with and also carve out puzzles on our favourite areas.

    Coming from the house of New York Times, the app comes with a stamp of trust and reliability on it which makes it one of the highest rated apps on the store. The app is quite easy to navigate through and allows one to explore puzzles from an array of topics.



    Wrapping it up!!

    We might love our racing and simulation games on our smartphones. Indeed, with the proliferation of such games over time it has tunes d into a rather bland experience for the users. As the user’s want something which is fun and is productive too at the same time.

    We looked at the Crossword apps, which allows the users to exercise their logical abilities and have a productive and fun time. The users can explore from an array of puzzles available at their disposal and have an immersive experience.