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12 Best Bill Reminder Apps for Android and iPhone

    We tend to use technology to make things easier for ourselves. We like to get things done by the aid of some technology rather than some other person. There many positives and negatives to that. But that doesn’t matter a lot. What matters is, that we can let our personal computer do stuff for us, and that too simultaneously. It could be uploading one video and rendering another one while downloading the software you need for your upcoming task. Such is the power of technology.

    The Really Useful Stuff

    But there are things that that technology provides to us, which purely useless and time wasting. We need to be sure to stay away from them. And then there are applications that can do wonders to the way your daily schedule spans out. If we really use technology for our benefit or that of the society’s then we can say we are getting the best out of it.

    Personal Use

    Technology has made a lot of gadgets and electronics obsolete. The regular calculator is no longer a hot product in the market. We don’t use the traditional alarm clock anymore because our phones wake us up with whichever kind of sound we want. There wasn’t any instrument that reminded you of the bills you had left unpaid. For that, you had your wife. Well, with the latest applications developed for iPhone and Android, you don’t need her either.

    One of the best utility apps one can have is the app that tell us to pay our bills before the due date, and helps us save the trouble of having to pay the fine. Both Play Store and the Apple app store have some of the best apps to help you pay your bills. Here is our list of apps that will help you pick out the best bill reminder app. These apps will spare you from pinning lists on your fridge every month.

    Best Bill Reminder apps for iPhone


    1. BillTracker for iPhone

    billtracker for iphone

    This app comes with a simple and elegant interface. The display lets you switch between tabs like “All”, “Paid” and “Unpaid”.  They also provide a calendar display with different colour marks on different dates, which give you an overall picture of the dues pending on certain days. The app sends you alerts to pay a bill before it is due. They have also lately released an updated version for the iOS 9. With the rank of 55 on the App Store, it is a great buy at $5 (approx.)

    2. DebtTracker Pro

    debttracker pro

    Genuinely one of the best bill reminder app for iPhone. You can see reminders before a payment is due, as long as the app is running in the background. You can use the currency format of your choice. You can have different credit lines, each of which will be tracked separately. It allows you to study your expenditure in depth with indicators like percentage or debt paid off for every account, ratio of account balance to credit limit. Plus you get to protect all of this data with a passcode.

    3. Bills Monitor Pro

    bills monitor pro

    It has a nice black screen interface with soothing light blue and white icons for different functions. It contains 20 categories itself, most of which we use regularly, and you can add a few of your own if you like. The app reminds you to pay your bills and due and alerts you when the bills are overdue. It comes with a calendar view. You can view your bills paid in a category wise pie chart depiction. You can backup or export your data to Dropbox, iCloud as well and review it later.

    4. Mint:Personal Finance & Money

    mint personal finance & money

    This app has a great interface that shows you your credit score, expenditure, monthly summary, a pie chart describing your transactions in short all at once. The app can recommend you saving strategies based on your financial data. You can also monitor your credit score on this app. Their notifications will help you to monitor your spending, balances from various accounts, debts, pending bills, etc. Rated as highly as 4.7 right now, this app is definitely going to prove of much use to you, should you choose to install it.


    5. Prism Pay Bills, Bill Reminder

    Prism Pay Bills, Bill Reminder

    With an average rating of 4.8 from over 16 thousand reviewers, this has to be one of the best bill management app for iPhone. You can keep track of multiple accounts together in just this one app. Graphical displays of your finances give a nice picture. They send a due date reminder to you so that you never have to pay a late fee again. Your data on this app is secure with a 256-bit AES encryption and the additional security of biometric or PIN authentication.

    6. Bill Watch

    bill watch bills reminder and tracker

    The ideal app to keep a watch on your bills. The developers claim it to be the best bill reminder app for iPhone. This app will help you to consolidate all your bills, expenses and income in one place. The app gives you a calendar or list view of the bills you need to pay. You can create a record of a repeating bill with or without an end date for the subscription of that particular category. And all of them can be set to auto pay if you like. All of this is protected by Touch ID or passcode. The data accumulated can be exported as an HTML, PDF or CSV file.

    Best Bill Reminder apps For Android

    7. MyBills – Bill Reminder

    mybills bill reminder

    With this app, you can easily manage all your bill payments. Just register your bills in the frequency you want – weekly, monthly, annually – and the app will remind you of them well before the due date. Also, it lists down all of your paid bills. The interface shows you the transactions in different categories. This free app on the Play Store is going to help you to keep your finances in check.

    8. Bill Organizer Free

    bills organizer free

    This is a simple tool that will help you control how much you want to spend every month. It will meet your needs to list down the monthly payments, the dues, and the overdue. It has a calendar like a view that will show you the expense you might have to incur in the future. Color codes help you to quickly identify which ones you have paid and which ones you’ve yet to pay. Also, you can search for a particular bill or category by name or date. The app also supports different currencies.

    9. Bills Reminder, Payments & Expense Manager

    Bills Reminder, Payments & Expense Manager App

    This app has a Gmail like interface with a menu cascaded to the left. With this app, you can get rid of late fees once and for all. You will receive alert notifications on your spending as you customize the app too. You can get consolidated reports on your monthly or annual expenses. The app supports worldwide currencies. All of this data can be backed up to your Google Drive account, and hence you will never use it. The hunt for the best bill reminder app on Android has probably ended with this app.

    10. Bills Reminder

    bills reminder app

    The app has a clutter-free, nicely color-coded interface which gives a soothing effect. The analytics offered by the app helps you to track what is costing you more money and what is saving you money. It has a built-in calculator so no need to have another app simultaneously running and occupying your RAM. If you change your device, it won’t be a problem. The app syncs the data across multiple devices. And what’s more is that the app is totally free and even still, ad-free.

    11. Bill Remind

    bill remind app

    This app will keep you prepared as it notifies of a due date for a bill a month in advance. The color code – Red for a bill due on the day you are viewing it, Yellow when it is due in the next five days and Green otherwise – gives you an idea of how prepared you need to be. You can choose the currency in which you deal. Any bill you pay gets marked as paid. They are about to add the feature which will let you visualize graphs about your monthly expenditure. And also bills which you set to auto-pay will automatically get marked as paid.

    12. Easy Bills Reminder

    easy bills reminder

    With a user-friendly UI, this app notifies you about payments – due and overdue. It also allows for partial payment. You can sort the bills by Name, Due Date, Category. You can store all of this data locally on your device or save all the trouble and just export it to Dropbox. English, French, Spanish are just three of the many languages supported by the app. The feature that allows you to lock this app behind a secure pass code comes only with the premium version though.

    Get Installing

    The best bill reminder app is present in the above list. So if you are lazy or good at forgetting things, then you too need one of these apps to help you save some money and a scolding from your relatives.

    Once your app knows which bills need to be paid when then you can relax, you can go on with your job and let the app worry about reminding you to pay the bill. Some of the apps also allow you to schedule a recurring bill payment cycle. This relieves you of all the trouble and responsibility.

    Some of them also allow you to set up the auto payment of your bills which is even bigger relief. Such a level of comfort can be provided by a few apps on the market.

    So what are you waiting for? Install one of these super cool apps, thank the developers, and save some money.