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13 Best Jigsaw Puzzle App for iPhone and Android

    A Jigsaw puzzle is a tiling puzzle that requires proper assembling of blocks or interlocking cut off pieces. The puzzle is often considered as high society entertainment game. Early it was a very simple interlocking game, but its technological advances brought down the prices. It was created by painting or pictures on a flat, rectangular piece of blocks.

    During recent years, a range of jigsaw puzzle accessories including boards, cases, blocks, the application is made available. It is basically children based toy.

    A jigsaw puzzle is a great game for puzzlers from ages. It is the currently the most searched app on the App Store. It is also available on the most popular app like Google app and Amazon Kindle. It includes many fun features like it allows the player to choose to have up to 400 puzzle pieces at one or make a puzzle from personal pictures as well.


    Why it’s an important part of our life?

    Puzzles is an important learning tool for young children as they provide skills and improve learning skills. It challenges our thinking and exercises our mind. Benefits of playing with puzzle are as follows:

    • It improves problem-solving skills, reasonable skills and developing solutions which can be later used in their personal life.
    • Develop and refine their fine motor skills
    • Improves hand and eye coordination
    • Boost their self –confidence and self-esteem.
    • Improves cognitive skills. It increases their special visual awareness and develops a deeper understanding of the themes and topics.

    First, let us have a look at the list if the best jigsaw puzzle app for iPhone users:

    Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for iPhone


    1. Jigsaw Puzzle Real

    jigsaw puzzles real jigsaw iphone


    Jigsaw puzzles Real is free jigsaw puzzle game available for iOs and Android device. It has a collection of almost 2k of puzzles. If a person gets bored of using this app, then he or she can use the photos from his or her album. It has the option of solving the puzzle of one’s own choice.


    2. Jigsaw Puzzle Plus

    jigsaw puzzle plus app iphone

    Jigsaw Puzzle+ is a puzzle app developed by Doralogic Ltd for iOS devices. This app offers colorful pictures from many categories to be completed by users. Players of Jigsaw Puzzle Plus can choose the size and difficult level of the puzzle.

    It is available for everyone and requires the size of 48.2 Mb. This app is published by  Rottz Games. The expert level of the puzzle is nice for the normal for the puzzle solver, but for the veteran its small fries. One can go to the harder level that has 1024 pieces involved.


    3. Jigsaw Puzzle WOW

    jigsaw puzzle wow game iphone

    It is a puzzle app for iOS devises developed and distributed by HEX LLC APPS. They have over 260 free puzzles to play with every month. This app provides lots of features like pieces rotation and a lot more options for the player.


    4. Jigsaw puzzle for Adults

    jigsaw puzzle app iphone

    Jigsaw puzzle for Adult HD is a puzzle created by UNIQUE LP. It is distributed by Dmitry in iOS devices. It allows the user to see the full image of the final image. It provides a feature like zooming in to the image, rotates pieces and a lot more.



    5. Jigsaw Box Puzzles

    jigsaw box puzzles

    It is a puzzle gaming app made by sparkle App Limited for iOS devices. It allows the user to choose from existing puzzle in the game or to create their own photos of their choice.

    It is surely an enjoyable gaming app. The best part of this game is that one can customize his game, can decide photo from his gallery to solve and increase its difficulty level. It’s the highest rating from the user is 4.



    6. Titan Jigsaw Puzzles

    titan jigsaw puzzles

    It is a free game from iOS and Android devices which provides 5k pictures to solve. Its features up to 4 puzzle types and you are allowed to upload your own pics. It can be as easy as nine pieces, and it can be as hard as 1600. For many people, it is like a lifesaver as it brings back the memories of childhood puzzles.



    7. Magic Jigsaw puzzlea

    magic jigsaw puzzles itunes

    IT is a free jigsaw puzzle for iOS and Android devices. It features more than 20k images and growing. We can play with your own uploaded pictures too.

    It allows us to customize our puzzle to be very easy to challenging. Landscape jigsaw is the gorgeous jigsaw without any mess and lots of space and has stunning graphics. The selection of pictures is endless, and we can even use our own photos to create more.


    8. Jigsaw Puzzle Epic

    jigsaw puzzles epic game ios

    IT is an app that features a large collection of the puzzle to solve. We can play a new puzzle every day and even create photos of your phone gallery. It is published by Critical Hit Software and require the size of 116 MB.




    Now we will discuss the list of the best jigsaw puzzle app for Android user:

    Jigsaw Puzzle Apps for Android


    9. Animal Jigsaw Puzzles

    animals jigsaw puzzles

    An animal jigsaw puzzle is a game available for all age group. It is made by TITAN INC and has a size of 2.4 MB. IT has four different ways to solve the puzzle. This app is actually very neat.

    We can determine the difficulty level of the puzzle, the size, and shapes of the pieces.   We can basically move the app around to look and feel just like we are doing an actual jigsaw puzzle on a table. It really has cute pictures of animals in the puzzle which attract toddlers.


    10. Architecture Jigsaw Puzzles

    architecture jigsaw puzzles

    IT is a free gaming app made by Yojigsaw with 23.1 MB. It is a free android architecture puzzle game suitable for all audience. This game offers us many features, modes, game type, and jigsaw puzzle themes.


    11. Nature Jigsaw Puzzles

    nature jigsaw puzzles

    IT is a large collection of puzzle suitable for the whole family. The app is published by and has a size of 24.1 MB. The highest rating of the among all the user is 4.

    The app has three game modes, and the puzzle has more than 200 shapes. We can search for pictures from the internet and from our gallery as well. This game is available for everyone.


    12. Magic jigsaw puzzles

    magic jigsaw puzzles android

    It is a free jigsaw puzzle available for both iOS and Android devices. ZiMAD publishes IT and has the size of 65 MB. It features around 20k pictures and still growing. We can play with our own uploaded pictures too. Till date, the download of this app is 10 million.



    13. Jigsaw Puzzle Pop

    jigsaw puzzle pop app android

    This app is developed by F-T studios. IT is a free puzzle gaming app which is available for everyone. IT is a free app available for only online users consisting of a huge collection of puzzles. With up to 100 pieces and updates, .we can enjoy a new brand free puzzle every day.

    It is perfect for any age and any level of gaming experience. This game is super addictive and boasts easy game and lovely graphics.



    Wrapping UP!!

    A jigsaw puzzle is a tiling of blocks that require special skills to assemble oddly shaped interlocking pieces.  Each picture has a small part of a picture. We get a complete image of the picture by assembling all blocks in a proper manner. It requires high-level concentration. With the time, it has increased in variety. Smaller puzzles are often considered to be those of 300, 550 and even 700 pieces.

    It is very useful for kids. It helps them in increasing their concentration level. Completing a puzzle, even the most simplest of puzzle sets a single goal to achieve. This allows a toddler or a kid to think and develop strategies on how to approach in achieving a goal. This process involves problem-solving, reasoning skills and developing solutions which they can later be transferred into their personal life.