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10 Best Ringtone Maker Apps For Android And iPhone

    An odd ringtone makes our image in the front of the public as odd. We feel shy and awkward due to bad ringtones. But a wonderful ringtone makes other people attracted to us. iPhone has a small collection of ringtones. And due to a small collection of ringtones iPhone users might feel irritated. Same is the condition for android phones. This small collection makes users attracted towards other apps. The apps which might fulfill their choice and criteria of ringtones. Life is short to get stuck on a couple of those old stuff. So your questions like “What is the best ringtone maker app?” In this article, we are going to have a look at wonderful ringtone maker apps for Android and iPhone.


    How do they work?

    Though a variety of apps have a variety of designs and creation methods, still these apps are enforced to follow the same system for installing the Ringtones in the device. The app developers have no direct access to the settings and iPhone Ringtone directory. Therefore, these apps have placed a feature which saves the newly made ringtones directly into the iTunes file sharing tab which appears when the phone gets connected to USB cable.

    From here the user can directly save the ringtone file into the computer. But why computer? We need to have it on our iPhone device. So the solution is that you will have to drag the file back from the computer in the Ringtones section of iTunes. What now? After this, you will simply have to sync your device to see the ringtones.

    The process is no doubt bit confusing, and chivvy and many app developers are trying to make it easy via the help of Email and Dropbox integration, but there is still really no way to make it one step process.


    Best Ringtone Maker App For iPhone


    1. Ringtone Maker Pro

    Ringtone Maker Pro - make ring tones from music iphone

    Ringtone Maker Pro is regarded as best ringtone maker app due to the extra-ordinary features the app provides to users. A lighter interface attracts the users towards this amazing app. It is not difficult to use. You will just have to drag the slider to set the start time and then choose your duration. The most interesting feature of the app is that you can also see the start time of the same song which other users have set. Though it is difficult to understand but when you will begin to use it, you will surely find it amazing. Ringtone Maker Pro also have a variety of features like changing the playback speed, making the sound pitch funny, converting male artist voice to a female artist, country to the club, and many more. The special effects don’t end over here. You will have to download it to enjoy this app completely.

    2. Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0

    Ringtone Designer Pro 2.0

    Ringtone Designer permits you to make ringtones anytime, but for that, the user will need to synchronize with iTunes to get the ringtones in the setting section of iPhone. It is easy and quick to use. It is ranked as the first paid music app in various countries. One can make customize ringtones with ease via this paid app. Ringtone Designer Pro is the supreme app to permit you to make uncountable ringtones, text tones, and alert tones using songs available in your music library of iPhone. There is a feature of a microphone too available in this app which will allow you to convert whatever you hear into a kind of ringtone. Interesting, isn’t it? You can also create email notification tones and message tones via this app. One can pay the amount by closing their eyes as it will fulfill every wish related to ringtones.

    3. Create Ringtones!

    Create Ringtones! app for iphone

    The third in the list Create Ringtones is also one of the best ringtone maker app. This app has a user-friendly interface. It is quick and easy to use. The app also has a beautiful design. It only runs on the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the 4th Generation iPod Touch. The apps will only play the ringtone when it is synchronized to the device. But the app has a drawback that is it have bugs and errors which makes users frustrated. The steps to make ringtones are not small. It requires time to design the songs properly. The app has a feature set, and it is enough to power and best of all, it’s free! It has additional features as compared to Ringtone Designer Pro, but for that, you will need to go for a higher version. This app also provides you with the feature of making unlimited ringtones that too at a free of cost.

    4. Ringtones for iPhone

    Ringtones for iPhone! (music)

    Ringtones for iPhone app not only provides you with their own ringtones but it also provides you with the feature of customizing your own songs and voices. Sounds interesting? The app will surely convert your all iTunes music to ringtones. The recorder feature will allow to record family and friend voices as ringtones. The feature doesn’t end over here. It is quite simple to use and has a good interface. You can easily trim and cut the tones via this app. There is a feature of fade in and out also. Start and end markers is very easily adjustable. One can also adjust the pitch and volume through Ringtones for iPhone app. Every sound has their own real waveform. The app works perfectly without any errors in iPhone 7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, 6, 6+, 5, 4S, 4, 3GS ; iPad and iPad2; iPod 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation. The best thing is that all the features are available in free. There is a premium feature also which provides you with pro editing features.

    5. ScratchTones

    ScratchTones iphone app

    The fifth in the list but first in many hearts is the app ScratchTones. This app has a feature of overdubbing the sounds which make it somewhat unique from other apps. In the recording studio, one can easily track volumes and adjust them. Mixer board and master volume are also present. Mixer board also have the presence of individual track mutes, volume/balance adjustments, master volume, reverb, and iPod equalizations. Additional effects like reverb and EQ can be added to the final mix. This app has features like search, review, play, trim, edit, and remix your custom ringtones. The apps can work flawlessly in iOS 12.1 and above versions of the same. It is compatible and runs softly in iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch also. The recording can easily be shared with SoundCloud. So, don’t wait for any other band to arise. Just plug-in and make a tune to rock.


    Best Ringtone Maker App For Android


    6. Ringtone Maker

    Ringtone maker - mp3 cutter

    An absolutely free app is Ringtone Maker which supports various formats like MP3, FLAC, OGG, AAC, WAV, etc. You can search and edit the tones available in your device or better you can just simply record a one. To edit, you will have just to type the trim, remove middle or add copy. The user will have to cut and merge which is more complex. Other apps have a simple slider to drag and select the audio. The major pro is that it is absolutely free of cost and comes with an inbuilt recorder which will help you to record your own voice. The app doesn’t provide a location to save the ringtone which we had designed. The major app cons are that it is too buggy and many ads pop-ups while using it. Still, due to the availability of features like supporting various formats and inbuilt recorder, it is considered as one of the Best Ringtone Maker.

    7. Ringtone Cutter

    Ringtone Cutter android

    Music Cutter supports audio formats like MP3, AAC, MP4, 3GPP, AMR, and WAV. English wasn’t a basic language of the developer as there were many mistakes found in the description still you would surely find the app attractive as creativity doesn’t require language. This app represents audio in a waveform which surely makes it very simple to select and edit them further. Music player and Recorder is an inbuilt feature available in this app. The waveform not only makes the app attractive but also makes it easy to use. Unfortunately, There is the absence of file explorer, but in place of that, it shows a default list to select from. Suppose, you have an audio in your WhatsApp chat which you want to edit, the app won’t work. The app is completely free and unluckily ad-supported and also lacks features like advance search, cut, merge, and join.

    8. Ringdroid

    Ringdroid app

    Ringdroid is an app which is downloaded by millions of people across the globe. This amazing apps lets you create personal ringtones, alarms, and notification sounds from existing audio files. You can easily record new audio too using this app. The app won’t ask your permission to be updated; it will be updated automatically which is a benefit. The most lovely thing I liked about this app was it was totally ad-free. This app will show more audio on your Android than other apps by default. User tracking bots are too present. Unfortunately, this app is not in continuous development which made me bow my head. Still, it comes with a waveform sound editor which attracted me.

    9. Ringtone Maker (Mobile_V5)

    Ringtone Maker

    Don’t think that the first app and this app is similar. The developer and the features makes it totally different. This app has the most functional User Interface of all the 4 other apps available. The advertisements are present in this app which is totally not annoying but the pop-ups are surely annoying. This app supports all the renown music formats like MP3 , WAV etc. It is a great and easy to use app which can create or edit the audios easily without any complications in the process. You can view a scrollable waveform representation which is too attractive in this app. If you tap anywhere on the waves, the music of that wave will start playing. The tones you edit can be easily shared via this app. The apps makes all the audios saved in one file that is they make them easy to preview.

    10. Timbre

    Timbre app android for ringtone

    Not only audios but videos can be too edited in this amazing app. It is one of the Best Ringtone Maker app. The user can very smoothly cut, join and trim the audios in this app. Timbre can be said as one of the most comprehensive audio editor available on the Play store. The best feature of the app is that it can also cut MP3 & MP4 audios. You can compress your mp3 or mp4 audio files and select a custom bitrate via this app. The features are more, and they all are provided in free of cost. Who would like to miss this app? You can also change the speed of the audio through this app in a few seconds. It not only supports MP3 & MP4 but also Wav, flac, aac, pcm, aiff, ogg, wma, alac, wv. You can split the audio in three to four parts. You can omit any part of the audio. Oh, wait! This app has a never-ending list of features. So you blindly trust this app.


    Final Words!

    Ringtone Maker Pro for iPhone and Timbre for Android were the apps which had the best reviews by the users. All the apps are surely designed by the best and talented developers.  Comprehensively, this is the most functional and admiring group of ringtones apps you’ll just find anywhere. Everyone loves appreciations but what if you receive appreciations just for the work you done in a few minutes. The phone rings, The ringtone customized by you makes other people around you happy, and finally, it leads to your happiness. So what are you waiting for? Just download and purchase this app.