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5 Best WonderSwan Emulators

    If you are here to understand and read about this article with relation to the WonderSwan emulators then you are on right track and reading the right article as well. It has been estimated to sell almost about 3.5 million units. Not only that but also managed to obtain much of the 8% of the Japanese handheld video game console market. and you will not be able to believe the fact that all this was done before it being marginalized by the Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance. In the year 1999, it came into play as per its requirements. Firstly, it came as black-and-white and later on color based. It was a great help to the people. There are basically two WonderSwan namely, WonderSwan and WonderSwan color handheld console. These are the two basic emulators in this category. Though in this article we are talking about the WonderSwan emulators only. We have listed for you some of the best WonderSwan emulators which are based upon the ratings, reviews, the way of workings and performance as well in some cases.

    You must be thinking that why we are talking about its past and everything. But don’t you think that you must be aware of all the facts about something which you are using at least some main points. This is done only to keep you updated. It gained a lot of praises and potentially grown up like anything, even if it had low sales. No doubt that it took time to make its place in the market but ever since then things have changed and taken a new road which leads you to the path of success. This is basically a fifth-generation handheld game console. Though it as many versions and many versions brings with it a lot of new things as well.

    In usual cases we consider Oswan which is one of the WonderSwan emulators comes under the category of best WonderSwan emulators. It works according to you and that correctly and vastly. These emulators which come under this category are basically available for free of cost and that in high quality. Also, it is our duty to inform that you will require ROMs for your computers if you want to download and run the same on your computer desktop. You need to work and run them by specifically choosing the one emulator which best describes as per your needs. As the fifth generation video game console, further two versions are available which have been discussed about a bit of it in the above paragraph. It requires a 16-bit central processing unit. Also, it took advantage of its low price point and long battery life. We can definitely add this point that in respect to others it was better in such ways. It keeps on improving. One more feature which adds to its uniqueness is that you can play the games vertically as well as horizontally too. It has amazing quality.


    Need and Importance?

    It basically allows you to play your favorite games. You can almost play all kinds of games on it. Almost all popular games are available and it is available online as well. It acts as an aid to people. It works as per your needs and requirements. You will understand its importance more when you get to learn and use them practically. We have listed some of the best WonderSwan emulators for your reference. You can see below and check them out.


    1. Oswan

    oswan emulator

    Oswan is considered to come under the list of best WonderSwan emulator. This is because of the factor that it supports so many unique and amazing features which adds to its specialty. It is advantageous as well due to its game playing area is very much fine and good as well. Though, there is some bit of a problem with the Oswan emulator with the menus option. But definitely, you correct it and fix the bug out by the trial and error method. It supports the Windows platform alone and that to a great level. When it gets to be used with the Emulator Enhancer then it adds more to its uniqueness. After that, it supports the gamepads and the USB joysticks and also all the games with full mode screen. Also, supporting the audio effects to a great level and introducing the recent games to it quickly. And there is much more always to it.

    Platform: Windows

    2. Xe

    This emulator is basically one of the most important as well as considered to be the best WonderSwan emulator for the present. It actually is very easy and simple to work and that so much easiness with the interface is provided for you and for your benefits. It is one of the simplest to interact with the system. There is also a key mapping change interface which can be of great use. it is to be considered as the most highly rated emulator and with that, it actually does all the work. It supports the Linux platform with the Windows one. Not only it stops here but it also has manual settings which are available and flexible as well. You won’t believe the fact that Xe WonderSwan emulator is worth trying. It has some really crazy and amazing features. Not only amazing but unique as well to the context. Also, it gets updated regularly most probably. There are some bugs contained by this emulator but developers are working consistently towards it for fixing it. It has Zoom Out, Zoom In, Auto Fill and much more options available for making it unique and worth it. It is basically a multiplatform supports for more than just Windows. It allows less interruption and complications for the users.

    Platform: Windows, Linux

    3. Cygne

    It is that WonderSwan emulator which actually is an ancient kind of an emulator and matches the old standards made. The last update made was in the year of 2002 and that is the only reason we call it and consider it in the list of an ancient emulator and also the last version is the 2.1a which was again updated on 12th March 2002. It was originally developed in the form of beta for the DOS, but after since it has shown some improvement and most of the issues got fixed like there was a problem with the static RAM and the timings. Though once it was considered to be in the list of best WonderSwan emulator but that was long back in the 2000s. though it is not much recommended in the present days. This has happened because of the fact that there are many different alternatives to that for the advanced options.

    Platform: Windows

    4. Mednafen

    mednafen emulator

    Basically, it is considered to be counted under the list of best WonderSwan emulator. It supports Windows, BSD, Linux and much more. Basically, it supports a large number of platforms. Not only that but it is an open-source as well as a multisystem emulator. We can say that its most of the ports are of the other emulators, but many are original as well. Original cores like Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Virtual Boy and much more are notable for their compatibility, accuracy and their high quality mainly. It also has the best command line interface and a user interface is made so easy to interact and work with. We definitely can’t say that it is for the novice users or for the beginners. Usually, PlayStation core is native resolution and has high and good features, it has a high degree of accuracy. This emulator called as Mednafen is portable and is a multisystem driven emulator. It is also utilizing SDL and OpenGL. It has the ability to actually have the virtual system input and remap functions. It also supports joysticks, keyboard and both simultaneously along with that. It supports save states and help in rewinding the real-time game as well. Also, it allows taking screenshots and that in the .png file. It also allows to record the audiovisual movies and that in the QuickTime format and that in different formats.

    Platform: Windows, BSD, Linux, and more

    5. BizHawk

    bizhawk emulator

    BizHawk is definitely counted to the list of best WonderSwan emulator and the best part of this is that it has some really amazing and awesome features. Also, it is very good and cool for casual gaming purpose and also very simple and easy to use. It is definitely an open-source emulator and it focuses more on the core accuracy and the power user tools as well at the same time. It supported Windows platform. It is designed to be kept at the frontend and the best part again is that it has a different version of .NET, it works more as per your needs and requirements as well. During the TAS or it is also called as the Tool Assisted Speedruns, it was designed and released further. For more information to you, C# is the language in which it is written and definitely requires a .NET framework.

    Platform: Windows



    As we have specifically come to the conclusion part, it has got so many things to tell you and help you to keep in mind. Hope this article has provided a lot of information for you and that it helps you in future references and needs. Hope you have learned a lot as well and will have an amazing experience using it. Don’t forget to choose among these by reading the proper description provided to you through such large content. Also, we hope you liked our article and had a great time reading it. You need to use these in a good and proper way and not in bad ways. Hope this article has brought with it a lot of satisfaction as well. Chose the best emulator for your machine system by reading and referring to it. You will be required a set up of BIOS ROM while using it. Hope it provides you with the best experience of gaming both classic as well as modern. Playing games on such old consoles makes it easy to use on your system if it compatible with that operating system. We also hope you don’t have to go through the complexities and complications. Exactly you don’t have time to wait and think. So go and download it right away and experience the best of gaming.