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Best Free Torrent Clients / Programs / Downloaders

    Downloading big media files becomes more easier since torrent came into the Internet market. It provides you the free facility to download variety of files, even many copyrighted ones. Unlike other ways to download big files, BitTorrent gives you P2P(Peer to Peer) access which result in faster downloading and long lasting resume capability which simply means saving you time and bandwidth. With such huge craze on the Internet towards BitTorrent, it becomes necessary to have some good torrent clients on our computer system.

    What is Torrent Client?

    BitTorrent or A Torrent Client is a software program which helps you download those variety of Torrent files using P2P communication network. When it comes to downloading torrent files there are variety of them which you can download in torrent form such as Movies, Documentaries, e-books, Magazines, Softwares, and many others. The reason behind these torrent files for being more resumable, last longer as well as high download speed is because of seeders and leechers. They are basically the part of the net which torrent system creates in order to gain speed, which means, the more number of seeders we get for a torrent file, the fastest download we get.

    For each torrent download, a torrent client lets us know all the details such as number of seeders and Leechers, upload and download speed and many other info. Since the term “Torrent” is on the web from a very long time which means there will be many of torrent clients available, which makes it hard to choose some of the best ones. Besides, the point of downloading torrent files is that we want to have those media files for free, so it will be totally unfair to get the program or torrent downloader paid.

    Here is the list of some of the best free Torrent Clients / Programs / Downloaders which will help you choose the best one for yourself:


    Best Free Torrent Clients


    1. qBittorrent (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    qbittorrent client

    On the list of free torrent clients qBittorrent stands on the first position due to the number of features it provides as an open source software program. It supports all the major Operating System, Windows, Linux, macOS, OS/2, and FreeBSD as well. Since the initial goal of this program was to provide an alternative of µTorrent, so you will find it almost similar as µTorrent. It also provides you the facility to search and download torrent from many torrent site simultaneously.

    There are no ads which will interrupt the torrent download process which actually makes it more smoother and easier to use.  It supports over 70 languages which makes it more user friendly. Some more features which qBittorrent has:

    • It supports many Bittorrent extensions such as Magnet links, Distributed hash table (DHT), peer exchange protocol (PEX), local peer discovery (LSD), Private torrents, Encrypted connections and many others.
    • Remotely access.
    • It comes with IP Filtering features which makes it safer to download.
    • qBittorrent supports Sequential downloading as well.
    • IPv6 compliant
    • Very Clean and user friendly interface to take quick actions.
    • UPnP / NAT-PMP port forwarding support.

    Download qBittorrent

    2. µTorrent (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    utorrent bittorrent client

    It is one of the very popular and best torrent client and it has been on the market since 2005. It is very lighweight program and cosumes only 6mb of your RAM with around 2MB of disk space and gives you super fast torrent downloading experience. This torrent client has the highest number of users however in past few years it was in trouble for shady advertisments and for installing bitcoin mining softwares anonymously to its users which leads to less popularity and lower ratings for this torrent downloader but now it all got resolved and this torrent client is again on track. The free version of µTorrent comes with banner ads on sidebar or header but its safe to use. If you don’t want advertisments then you can also buy the ad-free version. With the free version you may not get maximum features but you can very easily download any torrent with all its info such as number of seeds, peers, share ratio. download speed, upload speed an so on.

    Download µTorrent

    3. Vuze (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    vuze torrent client

    Vuze is another best Bittorrent client with the powerful features to download torrent files easily. This torrent program is not totally free but it does has a free version which lets you download torrent with ease. With the free version you will have all basic features with magnet link support, Integrated meta search for content discovery, Remote control via web or mobile app, advanced content discovery, plug-in library for customization options, Device Playback and one time trail of DVD burn feature. It works on all three major operating systems, Windows, Mac and Linux. However if you go with the paid version then you will only get few more feature which doesn’t make any diffrence if you only want to download a torrent file.

    Download Vuze

    4. Deluge (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    deluge bittorrent client

    It is a fully-featured cross-platform free BitTorrent client which allows us to enjoy the maximum features of it without paying a single penny. It comes with all the basic features of a bittorrent client such as Protocol Encryption, DHT, Local Peer Discovery (LSD), Peer Exchange (PEX), UPnP, NAT-PMP, Proxy support, Web seeds, global and per-torrent speed limits too. It is also designed to run as both a standalone desktop application and as a client-server as well. Deluge comes in three User Interfaces, GTK UI for the desktop, Web UI for the browser and Console for command line. A decent collection of Plugins is also available which lets you get the most out of Deluge and extend it’s functionalities.

    Download Deluge

    5. BitTorrent (Windows, Mac Linux)

    bittorrent torrent client

    By the name itself, this torrent downloader/client has gain so much trust since its launched. BitTorrent is developed by BitTorrent Inc. and known as the Original BitTorrent Client. It has the simple interface with powerful options which lets you download your kind of torrent files with automatic bandwidth management. There are other plans in which you can upgrade in order to get more advanced features, but since you are looking for free torrent client then you must go for Vuze Basic plan.

    Download BitTorrent

    6. BitLord (Windows, Mac)

    bitlord torrent client

    BitLord was launched in 2004 with the goal to provide the easiest torrent client experience in the era of torrent downloaders. It also lets you find torrents so you can stream or download torrents right away. While downloading a video torrent file, you can play at the same time, and if you are a windows user then you can also play it on chromecast. You can make playlist of your downloaded torrents to keep similar torrent files together. BitLord is availale for Windows and Mac OS.

    Download BitLord

    7. Transmission

    Transmission is one of the free torrent downloader software. It allows users to quickly download files from multiple peers on the Internet and to upload their own files as well. It is an open source project which clearly means it is completely free and you can use it from the scratch without paying a single penny. It is very easy to use Transmission and gives you some many basic/common as well as advanced torrent downloading features such as encryption, a web interface, peer exchange, magnet links, DHT, µTP, UPnP and NAT-PMP port forwarding, webseed support, watch directories, tracker editing, global and per-torrent speed limits, and many others.

    Download Transmission