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12 Best Free Encryption Software for Windows and Mac

    With the growth of technology and the spread of cyberspace across a free globe it has been imperative that we put in some protection that would allow the users to protect them from various types of viruses and bugs which lie around abound on the web. The internet is a place which is susceptible to various incidents such as ransomware and the spread of malicious software which might affect your PC’s in a way which might make it irreparable.

    While, there has been a growing cases of spread of piracy and other forms of malware which are present abound across the cyberspace which has spread far and wide like wildfire which clearly tell us the need of encryption and how the same has rather become a paramount necessity to ensure that there are no problems or threats which might disrupt or interfere with the user’s data and might actually make it really difficult to recover the affected data.


    What is Encryption and the need of using an Encryption software?

    Encryption is basically a process that allows you to store and keep your data in a form, which is called encrypted. Keeping the data of the users and the organization in an encrypted form ensures greater safety and also keeps various forms of malware which might affect your PC’s at bay. The burgeoning cyberspace has actually increased the need for encryption which ensures that the personal data of a user is stored and is not subjected to any form of misuse.

    To ensure that all the data on our PC’s are encrypted and to actually save our PC’s from being misused and to also keep our data free from the attack of any form of malicious software starting from virus, bugs to malware which might result in bringing a halt to all our activities we might engage on our PC’s to a halt. This is the reason that we need Encryption software.

    Encryption software is one of the most powerful software that one would come across, it allows you to store your data safely and also ensures that there is no misuse of the data which might take place if your PC gets exposed to any form of malicious software.

    Encryption software works with the use of an Encryption tool which is used for generating unique encryption codes each time when you share or use your data, the software almost makes it impossible to comprehend the message being sent out, through which it ensures that privacy is maintained and there is no threat of sorts which might send your PC into a tizzy.

    Encryption software is present in abounding which can be used and downloaded for free and allows you to keep your data safe and ensure that there is no misuse and one can browse safely and with ease on the web while ensuring that one’s identity is kept under covers.

    Now, we would look into some of the best free encryption software that is available for users on the Windows operating system:


    1. AxCrypt


    AxCrypt free software for encryption

    AxCrypt is available for the users with supports of 128 -bit AES encryption, which tells us about the encryption capacity that the software comes with. This software is light and is really convenient to be used with ease. All it requires is just a few clicks.

    The software allows one to even encrypt large multiple files and folders at once and also gives one to tweak around with the various encryption options that come with the software. It allows the users to encrypt a file for a specific or a chosen period of time as per the need. The pint-sized software is actually really stable and easy to use making it one of the best free Encryption software for Windows.

    2. BitLocker


    The software comes from Microsoft itself and is one of the leading encryption software that one would come across and is also one of the safest software to work with, which explains the need to use such software which ensures safety and stability.

    The software comes with full disk encryption tool and also comes with support for both AES 128 and AES 256 bit. It also comes with an option to encrypt the whole disk at once, if the need arises. The features and the stability BitLocker has to offer; it is one of the best free Encryption software available for use.

    3. VeraCrypt

    veracrypt software

    VeraCrypt is another leading Encryption software which is making waves in the industry of Encryption software and allows one to carve out encryption algorithms for any kind of file formats that one would come across.

    VeraCrypt has been able to bring in additional features that have given greater stability and added a greater set of security to the same while ensuring that there is no kind of malicious software around the files which might attack and steal one’s personal data. The advanced features it comes with makes it one of the best free Encryption software.

    4. 7-Zip

    7zip software

    The software as is evident from the name is a zip software that allows the users to archive the data and store them in zip folder which also allows the users to save data on your computer and also gives the user the flexibility to save files as per need and group them accordingly.

    Predominately, might seem to the users as a zip software, it also comes with enhanced encryption software which also ensures that your data stored in the zip folders remains safe and there are no bugs hovering over it.

    5. DiskCryptor


    DiskCryptor has emerged to become one of the most reliable software in recent times for Encryption and allows users the flexibility to work around with various disk partitions and allows one to encrypt various parts of the hard disk even at once.

    The software serves multiple purposes and comes with some of the best security features that any of the Encryption software in the market has to offer. The stability and the high performance it delivers makes it one of the best free Encryption software available to use.

    6. LaCie Private-Public

    The software is an open-sourced one and is a lightweight software that one would come across while exploring and actually understanding the types of Encryption software that might be available at the disposal of the user.

    The software allows one to store their private data through the use of an encrypted volume. The software stores the configuration data in your Windows registry and the software can also run without granting it permission as an administrator of the system.


    We will now shift our attention, as we look towards the best Encryption software which is available for the Mac users:


    7. Cisdem AppCrypt

    Cisdem AppCrypt for quite some time now has actually emerged to be one of the most trusted Encryption software available for the Mac users. It allows one to block malicious apps and websites and gives the users the liberty to surf on the web with additional safety features attached to the same.

    It allows one to encrypt files with ease and also gives one option to work on the same with greater ease. The software comes with a number of encryption options and is one of the most reliable software that one would come across, making it one of the best free Encryption software.

    8. GNU Privacy Guard

    It’s not just the partitions of the hard disk one needs to keep safe, we also need to keep our incoming and outgoing messages through the e-mails safe and ensure that no one can actually distort our messages and get access to some confidential information,

    Well, here is where GNU Privacy Guard comes in which allows the users to encrypt the array of emails which go to and fro from our e-mails. It has one of the most complex algorithms and keeps your confidential information safe from intruders.

    9. FileVault

    FileVault is a perfect encryption software designed specifically for the users of Mac, making it one of the best free Encryption software for Mac on which one can lay their hands on and have a convenient experience while one goes on encrypting multiple files and volumes.

    It allows the Mac users to encrypt the startup disk while ensuring that no one else can actually touch your personal data and is no form of threat that might loom large over the attack by malicious software.

    10. BetterUnarchiver

    The software is considered to be a normally a one which performs the function of compressing and decompressing with ease. It allows the users to create folders that would enable the users to protect it any form of attack through malicious software.

    The software is easy and convenient to use, it occupies quite a little space and allows the users to work around with various file formats while you go on archiving the selected files or disks. The ease with which it allows the users to work with makes it one of the best free Encryption software available.

    11. MacFort

    MacFort is slowly emerging to become one of the leading software that is available to the users. The software has made storing data privately and efficiently easier than ever before.

    The software allows one to encrypt applications with the password and allows one to work with multiple volumes or even folders on a single-use basis. The software comes with a modern and clean interface and gives the users a number of options and enhanced features to work with.

    12. Simpleum Safe

    The software as the name suggests has made encryption simpler than ever before. The software allows one to attach passwords to folders on your Mac device with ease and allows the users to work around with various folders and volumes which might come in an array of file formats.

    The software might not be really heard of in the common sphere of things, but it is slowly making its way up the ranks. The software also allows the users to store the encrypted data online, which would comply with the data regulations being put into place.


    Wrapping it up!!

    With the spread of cyberspace and greater access to the internet, it has emerged that there is an array of malicious software which is swarming around and might attack our data anytime and actually destroy the data in some of the cases.

    We now have Encryption software at our disposal, which allows one to encrypt multiple files and folders. Most of the Encryption software is actually free and it would actually go a long way in ensuring that the data remains safe and protected.

    Here, we looked at some of the best free Encryption software that one can install on their PC’s across the Windows and Mac Operating system which ensures that there are safety and a greater sense of stability attached to the same.