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8 Best Stock Market Simulators for Android, iOS

    The world has transgressed into a wide dimension of software technology and these various modes of technical knowledge have made the lives of the user easier and efficient. The major development has been seen in the domain of market management and risk analysis which works on the sole criteria of profit and loss.

    The business dimension has seen an exponential growth due to the ease in carrying o share trading and other business transactions with one click and it can be accessed anywhere across the globe. The major trends in the growth of the stock market have been seen due to the digital intervention in the form of stock market simulator programs.


    What is Stock Market Simulator?

    It is a software program which gives the look and feels of a real trading and stock market system without the usage of real money and thus the user can efficiently practice share trading before venturing into stockbroking. It basically helps in accentuating the process on online trading and gives a simulation atmosphere to the user to gain expertise in share trading.

    The major features of this software application are:

    1. It has options for forex, short selling, and derivative trading.
    2. It does not involve the use of real money and thus helps in saving the money of the user.
    3. It involves the use of imaginary or fantasy money which makes this software appealing to the user.

    It also involves two modes of operation as follows:

    1. Financial market simulators- This mode comprises the use of real values and data of market transactions that are used in the stock exchanges across the world and it deliberately uses the data which is gained by a 15 minutes delay in order to avoid any kinds of cheating or copying of data.
    2. Fantasy Simulators- These uses the imaginary money details and are basically used to put up data for television shows or movies.

    These software applications run on open source platforms like PHP, Javascript, and C++. These software applications also involve real-time editing and thus provides faster and efficient output.


    Best Stock market Simulators

    There are many applications in the market which runs by a software program and few of these best stock market simulators are given as:

    1. Stock Trainer: Virtual Trading

    Stock Trainer Virtual Trading app


    This is the most appreciated and widely used simulator application which is available in the market for an Android operating system and it thereby provides a real-time experience of virtual stockbroking. The major advantage of this software application is that it can support around 20 different stock exchange data and functioning across different countries in the world. These World stock markets include but not limited to US, United Kingdom, India, Singapore, France, Germany, etc.

    It also adheres to real stock data with a delayed interval to avoid copying and thus gives real-time experience to the user even on a simulator application. After installing the software, it offers a signing amount of $20,000. The user can use this money to buy and sell stock and then start trading. The user can also enable and disable the countries in which he wants to trade from the app settings page. It also provides an option to check real-time news and thus be at par with the real world transactions. it is an efficient and free software to be used anywhere.


    2. Best Brokers: Stock Simulator

    Best Brokers Stock Simulator

    This is an amazing app which helps you build interest in stock trading. This application is free and it works well on both the iOS and Android platform and thus caters to the huge customer database. After installation, it immediately gives an amount of 25,000 US dollars and this can be used to buy and sell shares and continue share trading for an amount of 50,000 and above real-time stocks. This application can also be used to find details about bitcoins, exchange-traded funds, funds, and bonds.

    This also has the inbuilt option of order stops and limits which simulates the stock trading. It also displays weekly and monthly charts which can be used to review the performance and progress of the user. This app also uses real-time conversation software and it can be used to chat with your friends and peers while using the simulation. It also has a smooth and easy to use user interface. The link for the iOS software is given here.


    3. BoneApps: Stock Exchange Game

    stock exchange game app android

    This is a free stock exchange simulating software which is used worldwide and it is generally compatible to be used on the Android platform. It uses real-time data and stocks for the user to learn about the stock market and trading. The major feature of this application is that it simulates the wide range of world stocks and thereby helps the user to experience various stock fluctuations in the real world.

    There are also different levels provided which makes this software as a game and a fun experience for the user. It can combine major and complex stock algorithms to help the user in a better way. It basically functions as a real-world stock exchange in the form of a game and it does not require any internet connection.


    4. Investing Game – Forex 4 Beginners

    investing game forex 4 begineers game

    This is an informative and learning software which uses the foundation of a game to help the user learn about stock broking and trading. It also involves lessons regarding forex trading. It has a simple user interface but it gives very good explanations of each term. It also involves simulation with the help of real-time data and it provides various learning modules as well to increase the learning curve of the user and make the user ready to trade in the real world.

    It also involves modules on buying and selling of cryptocurrencies and thus helps in online trading. It also gives the option to display performance chart of the user on the right-hand corner of the screen. It also available in both iOS and Android platform and the link for iOS platform is given here.


    5. Forex & Stock Market Investing

    trading game forex and stock market investing

    This is one of the highest rated application which helps in giving a simulation of real-time trading in gold, shares, stocks and forex trading as well. This is a free app and it does not contain any adds and it is supported on both Android and iOS platform and the link for iOS platform is given here.

    It also uses real-time data to help in trading simulations and the added features include that it can help the user the pinpoint the areas where there can be difficulty in trading. It can also point out the stock portfolio and the market fluctuation values.It basically deals in virtual money and only after the user account has a minimum amount of 1000$, can the user start to trade in the app. It helps the user to learn the basics of trading and thereby help the user to gain experience to trade in the real stock market.


    Stock Trading simulators

    These are the best stock market simulators in the current world and they help in providing a virtual experience in stockbroking and trading and thus help the user to perceive the larger economic picture across the world.


    6. Wall Street Survivor

    This simulator is one of the most appreciated software in the market and it thus helps in providing efficient knowledge in stock broking and other forms of share trading. It also offers a wide arena of investment knowledge and personal finance to help the user get ready for real-world transactions. It also provides amazing learning materials in the form of videos, flowcharts and other text documents which enhances the learning curve of the user and thereby starts to offer the user a degree in investing. It also provides incentives to the user in the form of ebook subscriptions and also provides access to many investment journals. Thus this simulator gives a wide range of support and efficiency to the user.


    7. HowTheMarketWorks

    This simulator application is used to know about the basics of stock trading and thus it is basic software that can be used by the user to learn about share trading and stock exchange. It thus provides quite a large amount of learning materials related to sharing trading and hence makes the user as industry ready. This simulator can easily be used in a classroom to give the exact look and feel of the share market. It also includes additional features like details and trading in mutual funds and other trading options.


    8. MarketWatch Virtual Stock Exchange

    This simulator is basically an interactive gaming software which helps the user to interact with other players of the stock market and thus acquire the competitive spirit of the people involved in share trading. This simulator thus involves the process of giving a group experience to the user and it also provides learning tools and materials for the user to qualify each level of the game.


    Final Words

    Thus from the above discussion, we get a brief idea about the best stock market simulator and the various applications related to it and thus these applications provide an easy and cheap way for the general public to learn more about stock broking and share trading.