11 Best Money Making Apps for Android and iPhone

Everybody loves to earn those extra bucks when they have no work to do like during the break time or when you are waiting for your food to be delivered. In this tech-savvy world, you can earn those bucks by just downloading some applications and doing some tasks like watching videos, taking surveys, giving reviews, selling items and so on. All you need to have is a mobile device be it android or ios.  

There are hundreds and hundreds of application available to us, but for someone who wants to earn some extra money, only applications which will give them are that matters. There are many applications which will pay you for doing daily work like buying groceries, playing games, watching movie trailers and videos,  buying something from eBay and the list goes on. When you use those applications, these daily activities which did not use to give you any money will be useful to save and earn some.


How can you earn money on applications?

Earning some extra cash is something which almost everybody…. Wait everybody loves !! By downloading the applications which provide you with cash back or cash for doing some tasks, you can actually get profit. It is simple to start earning via different applications on android as well as iOS.

These are some basic steps which are common on almost all the applications

  1.    Download the application from either google play or iTunes whichever operating system you use.
  2.    Sign up by entering your details like name, bank account number, Address
  3.    Start Earning


let us see the best apps to make money which you can use and try to earn some extra bucks


Best Money Making Apps for Android

1. Amazon Seller

Amazon Seller android app to make money

In today’s world, Amazon is one of the biggest companies with a huge turnover around the world. Amazon seller allows the seller to manage his business on one click with Amazon Seller. Amazon is one of the worlds largest retailer. On Amazon seller, you can analyze your sales, fulfill orders, manage orders and many such services which helps you to expand your business. You can sell items alongside other items on Amazon. It is a great way to clear the garbage and the items which are of no use for you which will help to get some few bucks.  Selling items are free on Amazon Seller but if you have to pay $0.99 for every item you sell. If the amount of items being sold is more, it is better to subscribe for their $39.99 per month which is pretty beneficial. It is one of the best money making an app.

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie app

Who would have thought taking online surveys will get you extra bucks. Survey Junkie does exactly that !! All you have to do is take surveys, and you can make some money in an easy way in your free time. Survey Junkies pays you to take surveys, and it doesn’t end here. It also pays you to participate in focus groups and try out the new products. It is free to join Survey Junkie, without paying anything and the payment they do will be via PayPal. Survey Junkie pays about $50 per survey and taking the survey won’t even take more than 5 minutes. The survey you take is kept completely anonymous.  You are given points even if you are not eligible to take the survey. Survey Junkie is one of the best money making apps at the moment.

3. Swagbucks

Swagbucks app

Who would have thought that pressing some buttons will result in you getting some extra money? Swagbucks has a variety of options to choose from to get that extra bucks. You can shop and get cashback on over 1500 products, answer some surveys,  watch entertaining videos and get free gifts, discover offers and exclusive deals, even searching on the web using their Web search engine powered by Yahoo!. Swagbucks also gives SB points and gift cards for playing games. Most of the tasks on Swagbucks are simple and less consuming.  You even get a referral code from which if your friend joins, you will get 10% of your friend’s earnings. Swagbucks gives $5 as a bonus when you sign up hence making it the best money making an app for Android.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars make money app

Brands pay InboxDollars to get customer input about the products and services and them to hire people to give their opinion.  InboxDollars pays you in cash for just watching fun videos and take surveys online. You just have to invest 5 or 10 minutes per day may be from your lunch breaks or during the commercial while watching television. InboxDollars pays you just for reading emails which they will directly send you to your inbox. You can also earn by just playing a variety of games for free and get cash prizes.  Earn cashback while you shop online, get free samples and discount from top brands and many more. InboxDollars provides users with a $5 bonus when they sign up.

5. Nelson

Nielsen Mobile App

It is the simplest way of earning money by just signing up for Nelson. The aim of the Nelson is that to study and do research about the browsing history of a customer to improve the web experience. You have to take a survey which collects demographic information . Nelson collects your data about your device over time and periodically that data is sent back to their clients who do some research work by understanding the mobile device trend, types of applications people use, the content you view and even the websites you visit. Nelson does not collect passwords and ids. Nelson pays you $50 for keeping their application on your browser.

6. Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

By answering some quick surveys, you earn Google play credit with google opinion rewards. It is an app created by the Google survey team.  You just have to download the app and answer basic questions about yourself. Google then sends you surveys once a week, which is dynamic sometimes more sometimes less. It gives a notification when a survey is ready and can give you up to $1.0 for completing it. All you have to do is give your opinion products, local stores or even hotels. The rewards can be redeemed via Paypal.


Best Money Making Apps for iPhone

7. Ibotta

Ibotta Cash Back Rewards App

Ibotta offers you cash back when you purchase something on one of Ibotta’s 290 supported retailers all around the world. All you have to do is take a picture of your receipt. Upload it on the Ibotta application and your cashback will be deposited to your bank account within 48 hours. Ibotta allows you to get cashback on a daily basis. Save money on groceries, apparel, home improvement, travel décor and many more. Ibotta is free to use and requires no coupons or promo codes. Ibotta is the best money making an app for iOS


8. Long Game Savings

Long Game Savings

Who does not want to earn some extra cash by just playing games? You just have to download Long game-saving application available on iTunes. Long Game Savings uses games as a way of saving and getting you some extra bucks. It is secure and easy to start using it. You just have to sign up and link your bank account, or you can set up a new account in your preferred bank. Once you link your bank account, you get 300 points, and then you start playing and earning some money.



9. AppTrailers


You can be a critic too !! By using AppTrailers, you can preview video trailers of applications, celebrity, DIY videos and can redeem with PayPal cash, Amazon gift codes and many more option on iTunes.  AppTrailers also features fun daily quizzes, trivia and hundred of videos You have to share a review about the application how good, and bad the application is. Watching a video will get you half a cent, and for trying a demo, you can make from 10 cents to $ 1.



10. Rewardable

Rewardable reward app iphone

If you want to be paid in cash, rewardable is the application that provides you with real cash unlike some of the other applications which give you rewards. Your Job will be completing a task online or answer a few questions in the store which will pay you anything between $5 to $20 depending upon the type of the job you choose.




11. Ebates

Ebates Cash Back Shopping

Ebates provides cash back rewards at your favorite stores which can save some bucks and lets you earn some. Ebates provides with coupon codes, shopping deals and promo codes which are sure to save a lot of cash from your pocket. On Ebates, you can shop and earn at least 40% cash back when you buy stuff from your favorite stores.  Ebates has over 2,500+ stores which include Walmart, eBay, Amazon, DoorDash and many more. It gives you access to the best brands from all over the world. Ebates gives you $25 for every friend who signs up via your referral code and shops on Ebates.




In conclusion, we would like to say that extra money does not do any harm to anybody and everybody loves to earn some more cash. In this digital world, this is possible in various ways, but earning something by using the mobile device you are using is the simplest way to earn. All you need is an internet connection, mobile device and at times a bank account which is so basic in today’s world.

We have mentioned the best money making Apps on which you can earn some money both on Android as well as on iOS. Hope you enjoy with the extra cash you earn in your free time.

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