13 Best Signal Booster App for Android Phone

Are you struggling to get the signal power in Android phone, or tablet? In the age of 4G are you still does your YouTube video continues to buffers? Did you missed an important call or haven’t been able to send a message in an emergency due to poor signals on your Android phone?

Well, everybody falls prey for poor signal in either android p\hoes or tablets or sometimes both. Sometimes we land up in the area where we suffer from week signals. But today mobile communication is very essential and don’t worry, we have got the solution for your struggles. We will be discussing Signal Booster Apps for Android that we think, can be helpful to boost your network and Wi-Fi signal.


How do Signal Boosters work?

The signal booster for android phone is not a magic solution, however, a combination of high-grade cable, antennas and a powerful signal amplifier that collects, enhances and delivers cell signal where you most need it. A cell phone signal booster is a system composed of an outside antenna mainly called donor antenna, a cell phone signal amplifier, one or more inside antennas, and cable to join them all together.

The signal booster strengthens the weak outside cell signal, both to and from the nearby cell towers, to balance for the distance. The signal booster utilizes high-quality cable to track cell signal around the construction materials that are obstructing signal and then supply it to the areas that require the better signal.

Here’s the combined list of the best signal booster apps for Android phone :

Best Signal Booster App for Android


1. Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster

Network Signal Speed Booster is one of the best signal booster app for enhancing network signal of android phone. Developed by McStealth apps, Network Signal Speed Booster is available for free. It allows you reconnect to the strongest, speediest cell tower available near to you.

Network Signal Speed Booster is an Android network booster application that contains old intuitive but definitely improves the quality of your internet connection. Technically, it has strong control by maintaining a constant rating. It helps in boosting the internet speed by around 17%.

After installing this app, it involuntarily connects to the closest mobile carrier town in order to improve the quality of network signals. It can work on all kinds of mobile carriers.


2. Internet Booster


Internet Speed Booster

Internet Booster appeals to boost internet of users, up to 25% – 50%. Using this application, you can improve MTU for the better ping, clearer DNS cache, modify your android files settings and speed up downloading your files. It provides you a better buffering of videos.

Internet Booster has gained over 1 million downloads. Users have reported that it works excellently for the phone signal however, it has minor problems with Wi-Fi signals. Yet there a drawback about this application that it may not support on some of the devices. It is available free of cost.

3. Wi-Fi Signal Booster

wifi signal booster

Wi-Fi Signal Booster is a very useful signal booster for android phone app for boosting your phone’s Wi-Fi signal strength. It shows a diagram that shows you your signal strength so, as a result, you can move to a location that has better signal strength. It helps you in restoring and reconnecting to your Wi-Fi router straight away.

This app has gained more than 10 thousand downloads and has been rated with 4.4 on Play Store. It gives you a 3-D interactive style and easy to remove interface. This works, especially for your Wi-Fi Signals stability. Wi-Fi Signal Booster is absolutely free of cost.

4. Internet Optimizer & Booster

Internet Optimizer & Booster

Internet Optimizer & Booster primary aims to improve your internet browsing experience altogether. The speed of your internet is widely established by the service provider and it is tough to modify it. But Internet optimizer and booster comes into action which helps your device might take advantage of the speed. That’s when this Internet optimizer and booster come into action.

It supports in automating a series of optimizations and commands, which will place browser on top of the priority list on your Android system. Also, Internet Optimizer & Booster guarantees that you get the most of ISP internet speed for smoother browsing.


5. Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster

Connection Stabilizer Booster is a multi-purpose application because not only connects your Android phone to your 2G, 3G, 4G as well as LTE, but also optimizes your mobile internet connectivity.  It operates and regulates your data connection all the time, even when you are not using it.

Once you have installed Connection Stabilizer Booster, it will automatically boost the network signals and there is absolutely no need for manual connection. It ensures that the web traffic to follow in between your phone and your ISP’s servers. It improves the data transfer facility, enhances online call quality and boost longer battery life to give a better internet experience for mobile users, like never before.


6. Internet Turbo booster

Internet Turbo booster is another best signal booster app improves the internet speed for your Android phone. Using this application, you can get amazing results along with faster internet speeds, in no time. It helps in boosting your broadband speed absolutely free of cost.  Apart from facilitating you to improve the signal response of your network, Internet Turbo Booster helps in boosting 3G and 4G signals too.

Whenever you are looking for an excellent internet speed, you go through multiple apps before landing for one. Thus, Internet Turbo booster will save you time. Also, it helps to pause some secondary processes, empty the RAM memory, and cleanse the cache memory and moreover, cleaning DNS.


7. HSPA + Tweaker (3G booster)

hspa tweaker 3g booster

This app is not the best signal booster app but moreover, the 3G booster application that instantly balances your mobile network. It uses the customizable reconnects to boost your mobile connectivity. As soon as you are done installing this app on your phone, you can immediately reconnect to your mobile signal and you will definitely have a better experience.

It provides you with the excellent quality of online chat and also reduces your streaming time while watching your favourite videos online. However, there are few drawbacks of HSPA + Tweaker (3G booster), one of them is that it may not support all your devices and it’s reconnect settings.

If you are adjusting the settings manually, you need to choose the proper parameters according to your device so that you get the best quality of the network.


8. Speedify – Bonding VPN

speedify bonding vpn

Speedify – Bonding VPN, as its name will suggest, helps in making the internet better and faster than usual. It easily combines Wi-Fi and cellular connections for connecting with more bandwidth. It also supports by optimizing connection for all the applications and everything else that you work online.

It helps you to be online when the Wi-Fi fails to work and moreover during urgency. When your Android is facing poor Wi-Fi connectivity, this app will without a glitch fixes it and connects to cellular in no time. It works at its best for helping to keep tracks on your usage.

Thus, preventing any kind of costly carrier data coverage, by putting monthly and daily data control on your connectivity, depending on your needs.


10. OpenSignal

4g wifi maps and speed test

OpenSignal is the best cell phone signal booster mainly for boosting network connections. It can be downloaded for free of cost and it also shows you the areas where you will get the strongest signal for your Android.

Moreover, it has some special features as it helps you to locate the hidden towers to get you the best network connection easily. It also avails a compass and map that shows the different mobile carrier that has the best network coverage in your locality. Moreover, it helps to track the closest Wi-Fi spot that you can use for the internet. It also provides a map that shows you all the local cell towers in your locality or wherever you travel.


11. Network Signal Refresher

Network Signal Refresher is an app which not only boosts network signals but also use it to refresh and reconnect your phone’s network signals until you get a better and faster network. With the use of this app, you will definitely find the better network connection right on your Android.

It can move your activities without an interruption over to another working network without skipping a frame or even missing on a beat of work. It helps in enhancing the current speed of your Android, which definitely results in better experience. Network Signal Refresher is the signal booster for the Android phone that helps in increasing the speed of the internet by 40 to 80%, depending on the Android.

12. INCREASE Wi-Fi Speed Booster

It is an effective mobile network boosting app. If you need a faster and stronger signal strength instantly, INCREASE WIFI Speed Booster can do that for you. It manages and enhances the signal for a better response. It displays signal strength graph so that you can study your Wi-Fi signal strength and coverage area. So, you can move towards the Wi-Fi Hotpot. This application is free of cost.

As soon as you install INCREASE Wi-Fi Speed Booster, it automatically links you to the closest mobile carrier town to enhance and send you the best quality of network signals. It supports all types of mobile carriers.

13. 3G 4G Signal Booster

Developed by Easy Tools Mobile App 3G 4G Signal Booster claims to be a signal booster for android phone for improving 3G/4G network signals. It shows a diagram to let you know your signal strength and weakness. You can analyse and recover the lost Wi-Fi signal which indeed is just a single click.

This is an excellent app that can improve the connectivity of your internet. It connects your device to the fastest and strongest signal tower in your area. It boosts your mobile network and offers you the maximum signals. 3G 4G Signal Booster helps to develop your GSM, 2G, 3G and 4G signal just by connecting up your phone to the closest signal tower.


Final Words

There is a number of Android signal booster apps, available at Google Play store, but an Android signal booster app will either hardly disconnect cell service or put your Android phone or tablet in a mode similar to an airplane mode. Then it connects up again to the service so that the device then searches again for a signal from the nearest cell tower. Thus, there is no improvement in the signal of your network since it hardly does any time of value to enhance the cellular signal at that location.

On another hand, the above-recommended signal boosters for android phone helps you best in reducing your weak phone signal problems. Additionally, you can download files and songs in lesser time and better quality and also watch videos at fast buffering and have a better Internet experience.

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