Best Free Roku Private Channels

Roku or a Roku Player is basically something which allows you to watch Internet TV streaming services on your television as well as other apps, in general, like youtube,, Netflix, and many internet TV packages. It is like a console which you can just plug into your TV, connect to the internet, and start streaming your favorites on your Roku account. Since it connects to the internet which basically means it lets you watch what you want, the moment you want to and there is no need to wait for a download to finish, your DVR to record, or the show to come on the air. Besides, it is quite a bit cheaper than what you get in general with a traditional cable or satellite television package. However, it depends that what cost you will be paying because it’s upon you, how many premium channels you buy but surely there are plenty of them are free.


Other than, those channels which you can subscribe and stream right away, there are many hidden channels known as Roku Private Channels which are not openly viewable for the general public on Roku. The reason for those channels to be hidden because they are either in Beta version, some require membership and some offer the type of content which Roku does not want to be available to the public. So, here are some of these hidden best free Roku private channels which you should definitely have:


Best Free Roku Private Channels


1. RokuMovies

If you are a fond of watching movies, especially some of the good old classic ones then RokuMovies is the channel for you. It has plenty of free movies which you can stream. This channel is a perfect choice for those who love to watch classic movies.

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2. Clikia

This channel features many live videos in HD quality. It also has more than hundred live channels, on-demand video, and free commercial radio facility which you can enjoy. It is like a full package for your family because it includes a full range of TV series and movies, reality shows, and family-centric programs as well.

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3. Back from the Grave

The channel features programs like Tales of Tomorrow which comes under science fiction, suspense category, mystery and murder thrillers and Noir, horror flicks, twilight zone, Occult series and movies, psychological thrillers, etc.

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4. Newswire

If you are addicted to watching latest news then Newswire can help you with that. The main focus of this channel is to provide telecasting live news related programs. It involves mostly English as well as French news programs. Newswire features channels like RTE, C-SPAN 1 2 and 3, CGTV English, and many others.  In order to  install this private Roku channel, you have to use the code “newswire”.

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5. Syntrix Beta

Syntrix Beta is one of the channel which stores both the audio and video files online in either Google Drive or Dropbox easily. Besides, with the help of Android Application the channel creates an organized list of song and movie playlist. Ones there is a playlist created, that have set up on the App of Android, will be visible on this Syntrix Channel of Roku. For the installation of this channel the code which you need to use is “synctrixbeta”.

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6. Maddy Mation

Doesn’t matter what age you are, there could be a good possibility that you are addicted to cartoons and if you love watching cartoons then probably this is the best Roku private channel you are gonna like. This channel is dedicated to the saying “All cartoons – all the time” and features cartoon movies, independent cartoons and animes from the best-curated selection which you can stream for free.

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PLAYON gives you a chance to watch your favorite Netflix, YouTube, and HULU, play PlayStation 3, XBOX 360 over your home wifi network. You can also watch TV within this.


8. Science Fiction and Beer

This channel is a Bingo for sci-fi lovers because it gives you plenty of amazing Science Fiction movies or even series while having Beer.

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9. CCloud

CCloud is an open-source cloud storage for the IPTV (Internet Protocol television) services. It provides you excellent live streaming and it developed into the community for the communities are more into live streaming television viewing. Operating CCloud is super easy, all you need to do is to plug, click and play.

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10. Shockwerks TV

It is one of the free Roku private channel where you can enjoy live streaming of horror shows, sci-fi shows, music shows and comedy as well. You will be satisfied with this channel and can enjoy watching at least something whenever you put on the channel. On this channel, every week 10 pm EST a new content is aired however, most of the movies start around 8 pm, 10 pm 12 am, 2 am.

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