12 Best IPTV Service Providers

Among the most successful business avenues is the entertainment one. The only thing fluctuating in their performance is the TRP rating of their shows and movies. With a new show or a new star, their TRP increases. With a bad release or a negative controversy, their popularity decreases. That is why many investors look to expand their empire in this direction. The current trend of streaming live TV and recorded shows through satellite cable has taken a kind of a hit. That has happened mainly because of the growth of video streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and IPTV providers. These services also stream most of the popular TV shows and movies, which further decrease the importance of the satellite cable.

IPTV and its rising importance

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) is the next big thing in entertainment. It is nothing but a service for that enables you to watch television over Internet Protocol network. And it is the next big thing in entertainment, because of the cheap internet tariffs and the wide availability of network to all desktops, laptops and other portable devices. IPTV providers are not only streaming live TV but also making on-demand videos available. This feature increases the value of these providers even further. And since everyone nowadays has an internet connection and a fast one at that, why won’t they prefer an all in one package instead of two different connections. The regular cable companies are also moving their attention to providing better IPTV services. We are going through what is a shift of power from the regular TV providers to the IPTV providers, as the former is becoming outcast slowly. All the companies are vying to become the best IPTV service provider. Here is a list of some of the best providers that stream an extensive list of channels at great prices.


iptv service providers With over 6000 channels in SD and HD, MIPTV is going to take care of your entertainment well. They provide round the clock support to you in case of queries or issues. On buying a subscription plan, you get a 48-hour free trial which is a good plus. Their subscription plans come in 2 variates – Standard and Premium. The standard plan will cost you 10 USD a month, or if you are ready to buy for the year, it will cost you 90 USD. Their premium plan costs 16 USD per month and 120 USD for a year if you buy it for the whole year.

2. Simply TV

simply tv iptv service Simply TV follows a hassle-free, cancel anytime, policy. You can have a 25 USD per month plan with which you can use the application on four devices at a time or the 20 USD per month plan with which you can view it only on three devices at a time. They support most of the Smart TVs, Android and Apple phones and tablets and also your desktops and laptops. With a 24-hour customer support, you can get instant access as soon as you sign up online.

3. Insight IPTV

Their service stands out from the rest because of its great features. With live TV streaming and a great list of channels, they also stream PayPerView (PPV) events. You can refer their Electronic Program Guide (EPG) to check out the upcoming shows on the channels. They stream around 600 videos on demand, and they are currently serving a customer base of 3700. They have a policy which will give you a refund if their service is down for over 48 hours. You can be a customer for them or act as a reseller as well. Try it out for 24 hours at just 4.90 $ or go for a three-month-long pack of 27.70$.

4. Millenium IPTV

Is it the IPTV service of the millennium? According to their webpage, this is the number one IPTV provider in the US. They stream over 900+ national and international channels on their service, which include all kinds of genres like Sports to stream, Music, Kids, News, etc. Also, you can watch those movies exclusively on their stream that are yet to release on DVD. Their IPTV box costs 150$, and you can avail a 20$ a month plan after that. Visa and Mastercard are just two means to pay their rent.

5. Necro IPTV

Necro IPTV is for kids who don’t want to miss their cartoons, men who don’t want to miss a ball game and the ladies who don’t want to miss the drama of their favorite series. You can avail the benefit of their service on two devices at a time. All devices running on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android can use their service. They also support Smart TVs. Try it out at €3.99 and experience the fun of 500+ channels from around the world. Their electronic guide is included in this package. Their other plans are priced at 11.99 € for a month and €79.99 for the year. You can also act as a reseller of their products.

6. AT&T U-Verse

AT&T has been one of the leading cable TV providers in the US for a long time. And now they have entered the IPTV market with an added advantage in their hand. And they are doing pretty well with U-Verse, their IPTV branch. They have sorted their package according to different channel packages. Their most basic package, named U-Basic TV, priced at $19/month includes 15+ channels. And their most comprehensive package U-450 TV is priced at $110/month and includes HD and premium channels. The U-verse On-demand feature helps you explore new favorites based on the shows you already adore.

7. Z-Force TV

Z-Force IPTV is yet another great IPTV provider that is ready to spoil you. They have 2400+ HD channels and 400+ local channels. They stream, NHL, NBA, UFC, and PPV events too. You can also watch 4K videos on Demand. They have over 1000 of them. Subscription plans start at $12.00 per month. You can have a whole device only option or opt for three connection which will let you view the stream on three devices at a time. They also let you choose between Adult or No Adult content type. They don’t have a refund policy, but that is probably because of their up to the mark service.

8. Todd TV

Todd TV lets you be a single customer or a reseller. As a reseller, you can make up to 75% from each sale. Monthly two connections will cost you $20 per month. They stream over 6000 channels in multiple languages. They support all kinds of devices – Android, iOS, Windows. They have a billed monthly until canceled policy, so you need not to worry about having to keep an eye on the bill date. People have reviewed Todd TV very highly and recommended it.

9. Fit IPTV

One of the few IPTV providers that give you a free trial. Buy a subscription, become a reseller or restream their channels. They refund 100% of the amount you pay in case of any issues.  The subscription plans start at a reasonable $14 per month and go up to $80 for the year. They support most of the devices and over 7000 channels. Apart from these plans, you can also customize plans according to your needs. To know about any of their services, you can live chat with them or Skype them.

10. The Cable Guy TV

The Cable Guy TV is available across 50+ regions including, USA, UK, Canada. With 1500+ channels available you can access their services from your Android, Windows, Mac or Amazon Fire device. They let you pay using your Bitcoin account. Not only that, but they encourage it as they offer a 10% discount if you use Bitcoin as your payment system. Their most basic package comes at $15 per month, while the premium package containing adult content costs $19 per month. You can add an extra connection to your existing package at $9 a month.

11. Pro TV Now

No need to pay to try out this service. Just try out your free trial to check out their stream stability and quality. Subscriptions start from $5 per month including more than 200 channels. But you can view the stream on one device at a time. You have channels of all kinds of genres like News, Kids, Drama, Sports, Documentaries. If you opt for the year-long subscription, you need only pay $70 per month. Customers love their service and so will you.

12. Legal IPTV

Their services start at $20 a month. Their range contains four grades of packages which have been color-coded – Latino, Orange, Blue, and Orange + Blue. You can also buy the annual package according to your region, channel preference. Their international channels include Indian, Indian regional, Brazilian, Italian channels. And they’re trying to add more channels to the list. If you are satisfied with their service as a customer, then you can also become an authorized dealer and allow more people to enjoy their services.

Wrapping up!

The great prices make it evident as to why these services are becoming increasingly popular. With your regular TV channels, you also get to watch PayPerView events and shows on demand which is a big plus. So you get to avail two services by subscribing to only one service. So no need to keep on that TV subscription anymore. If you haven’t yet switched, get on your computer system or your mobile, and subscribe to any of these amazing IPTV providers.

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