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11 Best Pranking Apps for Android and iPhone

    Have you watched an episode of impractical jokers and fallen from your chair or sofa laughing? Do you enjoy the stuff they do to each other, embarrassing one another which always gives a huge smile on your face?

    A prank is some mischievous trick which is played on someone which causes the person experiencing it some awkward situations and embarrassment, confusion and discomfort. A prank is also the feeling of pleasure when your friends suffer or are in misery (in a friendly way). Pranks are fun till they are harmless. So you should always be cautious.

    Normally when someone plays a prank on someone, he or she is always waiting for the reaction of their victims which will give them satisfaction and laughter. Pranking is a strong sign of wickedness. The aim of a prankster when he performs any prank should be that the person on whom he is planning the prank, is not humiliated or feels victimized but should find it funny and make him look foolish.

    Pranks happen mostly amongst the people you know, your friends, your family, co-workers who will enjoy the prank as much as you will even though they are the target. If someone gets angry with your prank, you should apologize and make sure you don’t play a similar prank on that person.


    When is the best time to Prank People?

    When you want to prank someone, timing is very important. If the person you are pranking has a good sense of humor and can take the joke sportingly, someone who will enjoy it along with you, then any time is a good time to prank them. Although the best time to prank them is when they are not expecting to be pranked. If the person you are planning to plank has never been pranked, then you should be careful before making your move and make sure they are not upset, angry or doing anything important which will backfire your prank. One of the most important thing while playing the plank is controlling your emotions. If you keep laughing even before something has happened, the person whom you are pranking will get the hinting that something is up, and will be extra careful.

    If the prank turns messy and the person whom you pranked gets dirty, after the prank is done, make sure you go and help the concerned person on clean up.

    Let us see the best pranking applications which you can use and try to prank one of your colleague or friends.


    Best Pranking App for Android

    1. Broken Screen Prank

    Broken Screen Prank android app

    How will you react if you see your mobile screen broken? You will be shocked, surprised and maybe angry. That’s exactly the type of reacting we expect from this application. Broken Screen Prank is one of the oldest and classic mobile pranks for Android. Broken Screen Prank Application just simulates a broken screen on your phone, which looks as good as real. All you have to do is just touch or shake the screen, and the crack will appear along with cracking sound. This can work with some people, but won’t work with everyone. The younger generations will probably notice that it is just an application and actually not broken, but it will probably work for your parents or grandparents who won’t pay that much attention at first glance. Broken Screen Prank is easily one of the best pranking apps.

    2. Whoopee cushion

    Fart sounds prank app Whoopee cushion

    A good clear fart is one of the most embarrassing things for someone. And that results in it in being one of the classic pranks which you can try on your friends. Whoopee cushion has a variety of farts from which you can choose to select one from. Whoopee cushion comes with a simple user interface which is simple to use. It also has non-farting sounds, so basically, Whoopee cushion is a collection of sound. Whoopee cushion allows you to set a timer for intervals of farts. Whoopee cushion is easily one of the best pranking apps for android.

    3. Lie Detector Test

    Lie Detector Test Prank app

    Ever watched a movie in which the lead actor is taking a lie detector test and felt what would it be like to take someone else’s lie detector test? Well, Say no more !! Here is an application which will simulate lie detector test on your screen, and by putting the finger on the simulated fingerprint scanner, the application starts scanning. You can control the result by pressing the volume up or volume down button to report truth / Green light or lie/Red light. Volume up is used for truth, and volume down is used for a lie. Lie Detector Test Application has different animation scans for the fingerprint.

    4. Beer Prank

    beer prank app for android

    Old but gold. Beer prank is one of the oldest prank application which is available since the time Android came into existence. Beer Prank simulates as if it is a glass with beer in it. That’s not only it, you can also drink beer by tilting it, but the level of beer also goes down. Your mobile phone acts as a beer mug, with which you can drink, refill, allows to create foam and bubbles when you shake the android phone. Beer Prank also has a feature which lets out a Burp Sound.

    5. Prank Chat & Prank SMS

    Prank Chat & Prank SMS

    Imagine you tell your friend that you had a conversation with the person your friend hates where you decided to go for a movie, but in reality, there was no conversation between two. Prank Chat & Prank SMS makes fake chats and SMS which looks identical to the real ones who can help you to fool your friends. You just have to choose the application you want to simulate, the name of the person, a photograph and messages and here your chat is ready.

    6. Ghost in Photo Prank

    Ghost in Photo Prank

    Want to show someone that you passed by a ghost? This application exactly the same thing, adds ghosts to your photographs. All you have to do is choose a photograph and add whatever type of ghost you want to add and show it to the person you know would react to the image. Ghost in Photo also allows you to add sounds to your ghost. The more realistic it looks, the greater are the chance that someone will believe it.




    Best Pranking App for iOS


    7. Sound Effects.!

    Sound Effects app for prank on iphone

    Imagine you are in the middle of a Jungle camping along with your friends on a dark night. And suddenly you hear the roar of a tiger, and some of your friends get scared after they hear the sound. That’s what Sound Effects.! Offers. It has a huge database of realistic sounds which you can use on various different occasions. Sound Effect has sounds of a fart with which you can embarrass someone; it has horror effect which will give out noises which will scare people.  Sound Effects.! Is easy to use and has a simple design. Sound Effects.! is the best pranking app for iPhone.

    8. Voice Changer Plus

    Voice Changer Plus iphone app

    Ever thought of sounding like chipmunks? Voice Changer Plus lets you experiment you with your voice. Voice Changer Plus has over 800 combinations for ultimate voice changing the experience for iPhone, and iPad. It allows you to take control of your own voice recording with custom effects. There is no limit to the number of effects you can use for your voice. You can sound like a zombie, happy zombie, sad zombie, funny zombie, drunk zombie and so on.  The combinations are infinite, and your creativity is the limit. Voice Changer Plus allows you to record and modify it later on. You can even play the recording backward. It is easy to use and has a simple interface.

    9. iTorturer

    iTorturer - Prank your Friends and Family with Hidden Sounds

    If you wish to irritate your friends and family, iTorturer is the best pranking app available. This application creates high-frequency sound, such that no one will know where the sound is coming which has a high pitch which can give someone a headache. iTorturer has three free options to choose from – high frequency, tri-tone and white noise. Besides this, there are some options which require you to pay. iTorturer is perfect when it used in big crowds, as it will take a lot of time to detect the person who is responsible for causing a headache.

    10. Dude, your car!

    Dude your car

    If you want to settle the prank score with your friend, this application is one of the best pranking apps.  Dude, your car! Allows you to add damage to your friend’s car, virtually only in a photograph. Just take a picture of your victim’s car and add special effects which matches well or which you want to add all effects so real that your friend will believe that it has actually happened and will be worried and you will get the reaction you were hoping for. Dude, your car! Allows you to add dents, scratches, smoke, broken headlights and more options to choose from.

    11. PrankDial

    PrankDial prank call app

    You can prank your friends with a click of a button by using the PrankDial Application for iOS. Send funny phone prank calls directly to your mobile. PrankDial allows you to save calls for their own call history. You can choose from various prank calls such as “Stop seeing my girlfriend” or “you hit my car.” Select the victim’s number and send the prank call. You can choose a call from hundreds of prank calls. PrankDial sounds as if a real person is speaking.




    In conclusion, we would like to say that everybody loves to have a laugh and have some fun. This applications will surely bring some fun on the table and will also be useful to take friendly revenge with your friends who have done some prank with you earlier. These were the applications which you can give a try and spread happiness around.  But be careful when you choose your victim and don’t let the pranks hurt someone physically and even mentally. Think before choosing the prank you want to act, as the consequences are not known, hence it is better to be cautious than sorry.

    Happy Pranking. !!