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11 Best Prank Call Websites for Fun

    A prank call can also be called by names like a crank or a hoax call which is actually a practical joke based on a phone call. Basically, prank calls are made to make life a bit easier and full of fun at the time of stress. Such calls can be considered a medium for fun and joy without hurting the feelings of the other person. There are some best prank call websites which help in prank calling your friends and family.

    At times, we actually think of making such a call but can’t as your friends and family already have your number saved. Basically, prank calls can help release stress of yours and irritate and annoy your friends at the very same time.

    Basically, in this era of the 21st Century, there is a lot to worry and be full of stress. Also, at times it becomes difficult to deal with the pressure. At such times, prank calls can be really helpful for relieving the stress and enjoy to the fullest. So mental pressure is also balanced at the very same time. But there are kinds of people who try to use such sites for taking out money and using it in a very ill-mannered way. They take advantage of this and use it to threat or give harm to the victim. Such actions should be reported immediately as it is definitely a criminal offense. These activities should not be supported in any means. Also, in any means, if the prank reaches to a level or bullying or harassing, then it comes under the illegal actions, and there is specific action to it as well.

    Basically, there is a spoofing software which actually helps in doing prank stuff and having chill and fun time with your friends. There is no need to bear torturing at all and should be reported immediately.

    Such things must be avoided and should be kept to a limit of fun factor. Prank calls are really helpful in relieving mental stress. There is different prank call website free of cost. Therefore, we have a number of prank call sites if you are willing to trick your friend and have some fun. But before that, let’s have a look at some of the prank call websites and how they actually work for the prank calling.

    Need and importance of prank calls

    Making a note that it’s your duty to understand the positive and negative sides of making a prank call. We understand that your life must be full of tensions and stress and lots of worries that’s why we have introduced some fun things like the prank call, which should definitely not be used to harm anyone in any way. So, prank call is one of the best ways to relieving your stress as it has become an important aspect. Making a prank call is a good way to have fun and enjoy with your friends some tricks.

    There are some best prank call websites which are free of cost also. It is definitely easy to use these websites. Prank calls should never be used to trouble, someone. There are advantages as well as disadvantages of doing a prank call. You should never forget your limits. And using these sites for illegal purposes is a criminal offense and make cause you into some trouble as well. There is some prank call website free of cost, and these are listed below:

    1. PrankDial

    prankdial website for prank

    It is one of the best prank call websites on the internet. There are numerous of pranks which you can select as per your choice and after selecting you can send them to your friends and family members. The pranks available on PrankDial are totally free of cost. There is a facility to add the phone number of your friend and with that an alternative number along with the country code. Even it has a recording facility which you can record while doing a prank and then, later on, send them and enjoy the prank together. It has more features like video calling, prank history, and ad-free calling.

    2. Prankowl

    prankowl site for prank

    It is just another free prank call website with many unique features like forcing any two individuals to talk to each other and also you can set the time limit as well for ending the call and with that you to hoax your caller ID from your friends and family. It also one of the best prank call website which can be used for spoofing and doing some amazing tricks. And it allows you to call in three simple and easy steps. It has a sound prank, operator prank, spoof calls, hear reactions and some of them are premium. It has additional features like calling from more countries.

    3. Comedy Calls

    comedy calls prank call site

    It is again one of the best prank call website which actually provides a huge range of funny and humorous calls to its users. This site, rather we can say that is really good and can’t be used to trouble, anyone. It basically focuses on some purpose and fun. So there is no chance of any disturbance to the victim. Also, this site works on three simple steps. You have to basically choose any funny call given within the site’s database and enter the receiver’s phone number to make a free and tricky comedy call. There are some other unique features which include spoof your caller ID, timing a call for later time, etc.

    4. Wacky Prank Calls

    wacky prank calls

    Wacky Prank Calls is a type of site which also provides a wide range of prank calls. This website provides exceptional features that there is no need for you to dial any number, rather the website will provide you with a number which has to be dialled from your mobile number itself for making the prank call. That number actually gets displayed on the website which we need to call and then leave the whole work which will be handled by the site itself. Also, one of the best features of this website is that there is no need to download any kind of software for doing all this.   

    5. Easy Prank

    easyprank site for prank calls

    The easy prank is one of the prank dial websites that allows us to do funny calls to friends and family in some easy steps. Also, additional information that in total it allows you to do eight free calls in a single day. This website doesn’t provide any specific caller ID spoof feature. The users can use an alternative number for making a prank call. This website provides an amazing experience for users. Like other websites, easy prank does not offer any caller ID spoofing an amazing feature.

    6. Phone Losers

    phone losers of america site

    Phone Losers of America is an amazing and one of the best prank calling website. It is considered as the best prank calling website for pranking in America. This Phone Losers websites’ database has humorous, funny and more than some really ridiculous prank calls. This can be considered as the best site to annoy any of your friends and family. The site owner actually calls to prank your friends. It sends calls to the victim as in the form of mp3 files.

    7. Prank Call Nation

    prank call nation website

    Basically, for the residents of the US and Canada, this site was designed for the prank purpose. You can definitely say that it is one of the wildest and the largest prank call station which is famous enough for providing some serious funk. In a database of this website, the calls are stored in the form of episodes. This site has a unique feature of detailing about everything in beforehand and everything about the call and the victim. You can definitely rely on this site as it is considered as one of the best prank calling websites. It actually offers a huge data of prank calls and prank clippings to its users.

    8. Ownage Pranks

    ownage pranks

    Ownage pranks is one of the best prank call website app. It actually helps to create some amazing fun and funk around with your friends. You can also read the blog on pranks to learn. It is used to spoof your friends and family. It is used to dupe your friends. Also, you can choose some various fun calls and videos. It is one of the easiest prank call websites to prank your friends. It contains huge amount of database for the pranking your friends and family.

    9. KDK Prank Call

    KDK Prank Calls is not only a website but one of the largest as well as best internet radio show featuring live comedy and prank calls. It features a huge database of prank calls which is really humorous that can be used free and can be individually downloaded as an MP3 file. Also, it has a unique and real interface. Also, it can help to download the recorded prank calls and can be used further for fun and funk. You can definitely count this blindly in the list of best prank calls website.

    10. MyPhoneRobot

    MyPhoneRobot is another free and good prank call website which is again only available for the citizens of the US and Canada. This site offers some unique, interesting and amazing features to buy anonymous numbers that can be used to make prank calls in the coming future. It features free spoofing, fake texts as well as videos, prank call history and sends a pre-recorded prank call. And it is really good enough for some funk stuff and fun though it shouldn’t be used for troubling and annoying anyone.

    So these were some of the best sites for prank calls, use these sites to troll your friends or family. Make sure to check all prank call sites before you start pranking and using one.

    11. Foxycall

    It has also been from starting on the list of best prank calling website. Foxycall lets its users do some prank call. But this actually doesn’t stop here with calls it also has the facility of sending text messages and spoof your caller ID from any sender. It has many humorous and amazing prank calls which are considered as best for the users. There are other features like altering your voice, record the calls, use any other number to give a prank call or a prank text. The users make use any phone number to make a prank call. There is feasibility to send the text messages, from any sender ID.



    Coming to a conclusion, we have seen different prank call websites which will be used for the fun prank purpose, and we have also listed some of them which are free of cost also. We really hope that these sites would be really helpful for relieving the stress and mental pressure. Also, we hope you never use these as tools which will not trouble others and annoy them.

    We hope getting the best out of the websites and use them in a good and positive way. We need to really see and understand the importance and taking the good out of the prank calls. Make sure these calls are never used to harm anyone in any way. Hope you get the best and have an amazing stress free life!