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11 Best Parental Control Software and Android App

    The internet undoubtedly has a wonderful resource for kids, whether its helpful in a home assignment or making projects, playing games online, watching videos or listening to music. We as a parent are always concerned about their safety of a kid and want them to stay safe from all cyber crimes.

    The things cybercrime, pornography, malicious websites contents may harm the kid and can affect them mentally. Parental control software and apps for Android make it easy to supervise our kid online.


    How these apps contribute to our privacy?

    These help us to see the online dashboard which tells us how our child uses devices, apps or more. It allows the parent to manage healthy limits without any drama. These also feature filtering technology which enables the parent to protect their children from harmful content.

    Feature parents look in software or in the app are that it must have web browser monitor, schedule which helps the parent to list options to impose time scheduling on the child, device. App blocking is another feature to be on the lookout for because it prevents kids from finding a way around the blocks imposed on the web browser.

    Here is some best parental control software:


    1. Qustodio

    Qustodio is a suite of apps that lets you install parental controls on Windows, OSX, Android, iOS, and Kindle, offering one of the most comprehensive lists of features we have seen on service to date.

    There isn’t a single aspect of the parental control experience that Custodian isn’t objectively the best at. Qustodio is one of best parental control software for things like screen time, adult content and games. It helps the children in keeping them safe,    keeping them focused, get full visibility, keeps them safer from cyber threats.

     It keeps away kids from inappropriate content on the internet. It sets a schedule or daily schedule for games and apps. It also keeps them safer from cyber threats. It helps the parent to protect their child from a growing number of serious online issues such as cyber bullying, cyber predators, inappropriate content and screen addiction.

    How to use Qustodia work-We just need to download our app on kids device including Smartphone, tablets or desktop and use our own Smartphone to supervise them.


    2. KidLogger

    Kid logger provides effective monitoring and can monitor multiple devices.  We can monitor around five devices without having to part with a penny. It is available for Windows, MacOs, Android and Blackberry.

    Kidlogger is very easy in setting up. It also allows taking screenshots at pre-defined intervals, or when keywords are detected on screen. Any logs that are recorded can be viewed online from any device, so we monitor activity from afar at any time. One demerit of kid logger is that it only monitors and has no control or blocking options.

    Kidlogger lets us know about how long our kid is working on the PC, which apps were used, which websites were visited, with whom he or she communicated etc. It allows knowing the actual time our kid spent working on the PC or Mobile phone. This software periodically captures computer screen which can be viewed online. Also, make screenshots when the user types a keystroke that includes a keyword for Window and Mac OS.


    3. Windows Live Family Safety

    This is free parental software that supports all the major Windows version. One can access it from its official site by using our account. It is a software that requires less space compared to other security software.

    It includes features include setting screen time, get real-time location updates, provides limits to their online activity and many more tools. Once a person installs this, he or she is asked to login to the primary Windows Live account. One can also enter mail address and password and get signed in.


    4. OpenDNS Family Shield

    The family shield is free parental control software free OpenDNS. It is a simple way to protect our kids online, block adult websites, and protect our family from malware.  Its features are such that it automatically bocks domain that OpenDNS has flagged under the headings “tasteless, proxy, sexuality or pornography.”

    The family shield is meant for home users who want to block inappropriate websites. It basically works on 2 step instructions to configure our special FamilySheild IPs on our routes.


    5. K9 Web Protection

    K9 Web Protection is very popular free parental control software that is used by parents all over the world. It is available in almost every operating system like Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It protects every application that our child uses.

    In order to use it one needs to download it for free from its official website. After it gets downloaded, it blocks certain websites, apps, or any other content in a simple click.  Its features include blocking websites, safe search on all major search engines, set time restrictions to block web access, view easy reports to monitor and control web activity. Additionally, it provides other advanced features like safe search options, real-time categorizations, setting time restrictions, etc.


    6. SocialShield

    Nowadays people use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. to share their experience without knowing the potential threat on the web. Kids are unaware of these potential threats on the web. A parent cannot really keep a watch on what they are sharing, whom they are adding.

    The best option to keep a watch on the activity of our child is through the application developed by Avira. Avira developed SocialShield which help us to monitor our child social media accounts without spying them.

    On using this, we can keep a watch on our child without being a ‘Friend’ in social media. It further wars the parent when it detects any unknown or suspicious friend or activity on their profile. We can also adjust the level of alerts for our child.


    Best Parental Control Apps for Android


    7. Norton Family Parental Control

    Norton Family parental control app

    Norton Family Parental Control is one of the best parental control apps for Android. It is a multi-device application that provides us with tools to keep our children safe from digital devices. This app is also supported by Windows, Mac, OS, iOS.

    Its features include online web and device time supervision, monitors all social networking activity, protect all personal information, GPS location tracking, track all calls and SMS messages.


    8. Net Nanny

    Net Nanny for Android

    Net Nanny is the most trusted parental control software and has helped millions of parents since 1996. It allows the parents to keep complete visibility and control over our child’s online activities.

    It features include automatic online content block, screen and app time management, custom alert, and notification, controls the device remotely, complete internet filters.  Internet filters included filtering for 18 categories of online content.

    Net Nanny has a special feature of setting a total number of internet hours a child can use in a day. Mask profanity of this app is to view a web page without exposing any vulgar language.


    9. FamiSafe Kid Control App

    FamiSafe Parental Control app

    Its feature includes GPS location tracking and custom geo-fencing services, remote access to browser history and internet usage, block access to the application as we need and many more.

    In order to use it, we first need to register a membership account and then install FamiSafe from Google play store on both parent’s and kid’s cell phone. The next step is to connect and monitor kid’s phone from parent’s phone using the app.

    This app allows the parent to keep a flexible remote control and screen time track on the child. Briefly, this app makes the parent aware of how their kids use their phones, what app is mostly used and which app is installed or uninstalled.


    10. Screen Time Parental Control

    Screen Time Parental Control

    As the name suggests, this app focuses on time and how long our descendants spend on apps, games, and browsing. It allows a child to access to apps, games and other activities for a specific period of time in a day. This app is available for both Android and iOS.

    Screen Time Parental Control allows us to block certain app at certain times of a day.   It also restricts activity during school hours and monitors how much time our kids spend on their smartphones. Parents can monitor and manage the usage of maximum six children


    11. Kids Place- Parental control

    kids place parental control

    This app is developed by kiddo warm. By this app, parents can control the mobile app usage of their child. They can keep a watch on their child so that they do not use the device in a harmful manner.

    Parents can lock some of the installed apps. They can even restrict download authority, phone calls and text messaging of the smart device. With this app in our phones, both parent and kid can pass a healthy and safe time.



    Final Words!!!

    It is the world of internet, and kids like to explore and get exposure to new topics. At the same time, we are aware that the internet is not a safe place for the kids. Children using devices are exposed to a number of real risks. They may be approached by unwanted contacts or may subject to online harassment.

    In order to prevent these happenings, one should invest in good and reliable parental control software. This helps the parent to monitor and track activities of their child. The parental control software and androids app help the parent to observe that how much time a child spends on social media or which websites are frequently accessed.