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30 Best Flash Games You Should Play

    The term “flash games” is one of the trending and popular term when it comes to playing games online. If you are not familiar with this term then let us tell you a bit about it. Flash Games are specifically made for those who don’t want the mess of installing games on their system and love to enjoy playing games right away.

    These type of games can be played easily, all you need is a web browser and flash player enabled. Flash games can be available in various categories such as Action, Adventure, Arcade, Multiplayer, Shooting, Strategy, Puzzle and many others. While playing flash games, you don’t need any extra controller or joystick, you can control and play those games with just your keyboard keys. These games are really fun and you can play them anywhere you want doesn’t matter if you are in school, office, friends house, traveling or somewhere else.

    If you are also fond of flash games or want to start playing games online then we have listed some top best flash games according to their popularity worldwide. But before checking the flash games list, you must have flash player on your browser and if you don’t then install flash player and then start playing by choosing from below list.

    Best Flash Games


    1. Happy Wheels

    happy wheels flash game screenshot

    Happy wheels is one of the top played flash game worldwide. Millions of players and everyone who is fond of playing flash games knows happy wheels for sure. This game is developed by fancy force and it was released in 2010. With the popularity and number of users, you can tell how popular this game is. The whole concept of this game is to make it through the end of each level without drying. Happy Wheels is a bloody fun game where you can choose your own character. According to the character you choose there will be different levels you will be given. While playing this game, you need to keep your eyes open otherwise it may result in broken parts of the character’s body. Controlling this game is not too hard but great fun for sure, all you need to use is space and arrow keys.

    Play Happy Wheels

    2. Super Smash Flash 2

    super smash flash 2 screenshot

    This is interesting that even in the BETA version of this game, people are crazy to play this game and it has gain popularity worldwide so far. After the 1st version of this game or Super Smash Flash, the programmers are working on Super Smash Flash 2 which is way better than the first version of this game which is obvious. The BETA version of this game was released in May 2017. So far, there are around 38 epic characters from classic video games and cartoon shows as well. Playing this game is a great fun with action, so choose your favorite character such as Mario, Pikachu, Ichigo, Sonic, Link, Zelda, Naruto, Goku etc. and compete against up to 4 players or against the computer whatever u want.

    Play Super Smash Flash 2

    3. Run 3

    run 3 game screenshot

    From the Run game series, Run 3 is the latest and most popular version in all of them. As the name specifies the whole concept here is to keep running but the twist is that you have to save yourself from falling into space since the path is not straight. In this game, you will be jumping around while running on the path. With each level, the game will become tough which means the path in which you will be running can fall anytime while jumping on it, so you have to keep jumping and keep running to save yourself and make through each level. The best part about this version of Run game series is that the interface and graphics are pretty decent and the game is too smooth to play.

    Play Run 3

    4. Bloons Tower Defense 5

    Bloons Tower Defense 5 screenshot

    Bloons Tower Defense 5  is another popular and best flash game from the series of Bloons Tower Defense which is also a series of tower defense games under which the Bloons series created and produced by Ninja Kiwi. Playing this game is very simple, all you need to do here is pop the balloons which called bloons in game and prevent them from reaching the end of a set course by placing towers or road items along it that can pop the bloons in a variety of ways.

    Play Bloons Tower Defense 5

    5. Clicker Heroes

    clicker heroes flash game

    Clicker Heroes is developed by Playsaurus and released in 2014. By the name of this game you can tell that the game is going to have a lot of clicks and if you thought the same then you are right. In this game, you have to click on monsters and kill them so you can get their gold and use that gold to hire new heroes or upgrade and purchase characters. You can hire upto 35 unique heroes which can help you do more damage so you can get more loot without having clicks. So from the beginning, you goal with this game will be to get more gold so you can get more special powers which you can use for many things, you can explore more by playing this game.

    Play Clicker Heroes

    6. Mutilate a doll 2

    Mutilate A doll 2 screenshot

    It is one of the very interesting flash game where you have the power to cause insane damage. So if you are broke enough of angry then let it out by playing this game and make yourself feel good with each damage you do with the game because now you got the chance to show the dark side of yours. You can make damage to the doll by dragging and throwing to edges or by cutting, smashing, burning or anything worst like pour acid on it. You have the tools menu given which you can use to make serious damage or experience. However, somehow it can be educational as well.

    Play Mutilate a doll 2

    7. Kingdom Rush

    kingdom rush screenshot

    Kingdom Rush is one of the flash game from the series of tower defense games. This game is developed by Ironhide Game Studio and was released in 2011. In this game, you have to save your kingdom from hordes of orcs, trolls, evil wizards and others. You will be fighting on forests, mountains, and wastelands and earning up to 51 achievements. So, upgrade your towers with special powers, rain fire upon your enemies, summon additional troops, recruit elven warriors and face legendary monsters.

    Play Kingdom Rush

    8. Strike Force Heroes

    Strike Force Heroes screenshot

    Here come another action flash game known as Strike Force Heroes. In this game, a hidden research facility, location unknown, is under attack and you are the scientist there who is trying to save himself. So, don’t let them catch you by shooting at them and make your way out, also unlock over 60+ weapons and develop your skills.

    Play Strike Force Heroes

    9. Realm of the Mad God

    Realm of the Mad God

    Realm of the Mad God is a massively multiplayer online shooter video game co-created by Wild Shadow Studios. After being in BETA version for more than a year it finally launched in 2011 and since then it becomes more popular. It is very popular Cooperative MMO shooter game where you have to team up with dozens of other players and battle through the Realm of the Mad God. This game may be easy to play but difficult to master. You will be playing with loot! Hundreds of weapons, potions, armors, and rings, and the true cooperation can lead you to the win-win.

    Play Realm of the Mad God

    10. Stick War

    stick war game

    This is one of the most addictive fun and simple game where you will be ordering your stick army to fight against another team to save your territory and destroying others. You can move a limited amount and once you are done moving there will be options to aim and attack which you will be using. This Game is available in three modes normal, hard and insane, so if you are new to this then you better go with normal mode. With each level, you will experience a new opportunity to easily destroy the enemy with new options.

    Play Stick War

    11. Learn To Fly 3

    Learn To Fly 3 screenshot

    From the series of Fly games, Learn To Fly is the third game which becomes so popular. As you can tell by the name of this game, its all about Flying, so all you need to do is build, customize and upgrade a spaceship to reach space in an arcade environment. This game is available in three modes, which are Story, Payload and classic mode, with each mode you will be experiencing a different Learn to Fly experience according to your performance and tasks you do.

    Play Learn To Fly 3

    12. Super Mechs

    supermechs screenshot

    This game lets you build an invincible super robot. You can create your own style of Robot from scratch and fight against your friends or players all over the world. You can participate in epic PvP battles, participate in the Super Mechs weekly tournament or the single-player campaign missions. So create your own strategy and win each battle to become one of the best gladiators out there.

    Play Super Mechs

    13. Swords and Souls

    swords and souls

    Swords and Souls is a game developed by Soul Studios in which you have to create a hero and teach him to fight. Once you are ready, you will be fighting against heroes in the arena. You can customize your hero, with the name, choose the color of their hair and armor, and also change the style of their face and even eyes. With the money you win, you can upgrade your skills and weapons, until you become the biggest hero out there.

    Play Sword and Souls

    14. Line Rider

    line rider

    Line Rider is one of the basic game released in 2006 where you let your rider ride on the roads you draw using your pencil. Strat drawing the line from top to bottom and let the rider flow on road and give him speed. Once you are done drawing the road, press the play button to ride and pause button to stop. In this game, you can show your creativity to create most amazing roads of all time where the rider can ride with the highest speed with long and short jumps, in crazy roads with breakers and without falling outside the road.

    Play Line Rider

    15. Realm Grinder

    realm grinder screenshot

    Realm Grinder is another best addictive action and strategy flash game where you will Grow your kingdom, build alliances, and explore more. You can use your money and influence to grow your kingdom from a single farm to a huge realm which can earn you wealth even while you are not online. In this game of Realm Grinder, the player is given an incredible array of choices in how they build forge their new kingdom. If you want to explore this game then you must play it.

    Play Realm Grinder


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    This list of Best Flash Games is not ranked by the views of few persons or player. All the given flash games in this list are ranked from beginning to end according to their popularity worldwide, gameplay and ratings. So the 1st game is the most popular one and the last is the least popular in our whole list.