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9 Best Online Car Buying Sites In USA

    Buying cars are what everyone loves to do. But before buying the car one needs to know the qualities of cars. Cars are attractive to all. Some cars are actually attractive while some cars are actually dull. No matter what, we love them. Before purchasing them, one tries to know the physical properties of cars like the speed, The type of fuel required, and the other features. Purchasing cars via dealership can be frustrating because the sellers are proper business-oriented. Their orientation towards money leads to issues in our life. We love to buy the cars as per our wish, and the seller tries to convince and change our mindset towards any car. One can even go online to know about the car and purchase them, but even this process has some disadvantages.


    Comparison between purchasing online and via Dealership purchasing

    The first and the foremost difference between buying online and buying via dealership is the experience of shopping. One can go for a free test drive and also bargain with the dealer to negotiate the price in offline shopping mode.

    You can surely go at various sites available on the internet to know about the minute details of the car. You can also compare different cars online in the form of price, model, speed, etc online. Online sites offer you to research thoroughly online without any difficulties. You can spend as much as time you want to spend on that site without any worries. A customer can also short down the search results by applying filters available. Dealership shopping provides limited choices while online sources have a variety of choice.

    Offline shopping can help to know about the car in detail with the help of expert available in the showroom. Not only this but you can also know the exact price of the car with a test drive feature available in free. Everything has its own advantages and disadvantages. The thing is that you must have enough time and proper finance to compare and buy the car.


    Best Online Car Buying Sites


    1. eBay Motors

    ebay cars buying

    eBay Motors is the site where you can buy as well as sell the vehicles. So it means that one would not only find new cars over here but also used cars at affordable prices. You can even buy the parts of a car on the site required for fixing, updating, or maintaining your existing vehicle. The site is very easy to navigate and you can smoothly apply filters to see the accurate car as per your wish. The search option is known as My Garage. And it provides the cars classified as a year, make, model, trim, and engine. Add the year you will see all the cars available for that year. This site is not limited up until cars and their parts, but other vehicles are also present like motorcycles, boat, etc. It majorly works in the form of auctions.

    2. CarGurus

    CarGurus for Used Cars, New Cars

    CarGurus is one of the best sites to buy a car online, and it is also the most visited online car marketplace in the United States. Why? The major reason is that it provides the price of the same car and model you add in comparison with the other user. Interesting for buyers? So yes you can surely visit and have a try on this wonderful site. The website will let you list your car in free, but as soon as someone purchases your car, it will cost around $99 to you. The website also offers details like dealer reviews, market value, price drops and everything about a single car. Even this site has different filters which one can apply to make the job convenient and easy for us. You can also view your every existing transaction on the site so you won’t get cheated.

    3. TrueCar

    truecar site

    TrueCar is a wonderful tool for extracting every minute detail about the MSRP. What is MSRP? Yes! You guessed it correct, MSRP is Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Let us say that you want to purchase the new 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 1500. Now for this truck, TrueCar has about 120 transactions on record. It will be shown to you at MSRP. And you can easily find out that how much you should exactly pay. (As per MSRP, this truck have the value of $2,000) Some acumen and better bargainers bought the car at much less price than the MSRP. While about eight buyers bought it at a higher price. This site has a different section for used cars and new cars which was quite interesting. Thus you can easily compare the vehicles, select them and finally purchase them.

    4. Autotrader

    autotrader site for buying car online

    Autotrader is one of the sites which provides you with the best online car buying service. Autotrader understands the buyers as well as the customers and tries to make both of them satisfied. Being a customer, you will surely like to see your benefits. So you will get a comparison mode on the site, and all the benefits will be highlighted. Which type of benefits? Benefits like Autotrader Extended Year/Mileage Warranty, Multi-point Vehicle Inspection, Vehicle History Report and Roadside Assistance, etc will be provided to you in a highlighted manner. The site also has different sections like Popular new cars, popular used cars, latest car, and their review and many more. The site is thus even considered as best online used car buying site. A different section for certified pre-owned cars is too present. Autotrader has an easy-to-use interface that attracts the enormous range of patrons.

    5. Bring-A-Trailer

    bring trailer website old and new car buy

    Bring-A-Trailer also called as BaT is majorly the site of used car websites. It also provides news related to old cars and auction information related to the same. Before listing them, the site puts everything on its website in scattered form. Scattering makes huge traffic on the website. But the traffic of the site will surely make you enthusiastic. Cars tend to sell for high dollar amounts because of the demand of the cars. It follows an auction method to sell the cars and make a perfect deal just like eBay Motors. If the car gets sold in the auction, the site will take 99 dollars from the seller. The site has a collection of cars like 1976 Mercury Capri II Ghia, 1973 Jaguar E-Type 2+2, 1997 BMW M3, 2001 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 and many more. As the name suggests, they are costly for sure in the real market. But resellers reduce the original amount, and the transaction becomes convenient.

    6. Carvana

    carvana site

    Carvana is one of the members of best online car buying sites in USA due to the extraordinary feature which other websites lack. Which is that authentic feature? That authentic feature is showing the 360-degree view of the vehicle. Amazing, isn’t it? Like 360-degree view will surely reveal all the flaws and errors of the cars and customer will be in the tension-free state before purchasing the car. Secondly, this website will also deliver the car at your address in USA in one day. After that, you will be given a chance fo 7-day test drive. A 7-day test drive will let the customer know whether the car is perfect or not. And whether the user can really purchase and enjoy the drive in the car. Carvana site has a very wonderful design without any error. It has user-friendly interface too.

    7. RelayCars

    RelayCars is the virtual site which will allow you to sit on the seat of the driver of hundreds of vehicles. You will have access to customize your vehicle category, year, make, and model from the vast collection of their VR library. You can easily view the cars from in and out of the car because of the extensive feature of full 360° stereoscopic 3D. Interesting it sounds and the way it sounds totally same it is. There is also a feature of American Muscle, Virtual Showroom, and Virtual Test Ride where you can conveniently ride along the coasts or towards the slope. It is somewhat like a driving game but with your favorite collection of cars. The new version is out, and it actually allows the user to select, save and compare your selected cars. The saved list can be found easily. Due to the great amazing features, it is ranked as number 1 VR automotive research application and also the best online car buying site. You can easily trust this site and fall in love with it.

    8. Vroom

    The name is simple, and the features are not so much complicated. Buying a car from Vroom can be damn easy, funny and affordable. Thus, Vroom is considered one of the leading sites in the on-going revolution. The site had eliminated the middleman and made the entire car buying process more efficient and price effective. There is the presence of high-quality cars on the site which can surely attract many people across the united states. You can easily do online financing on the website because of their partners. There are over 3,465 cars and trucks on the Vroom website. Amazing, isn’t? It skips the restrictions which dealers have formulated by exclusively selling used cars. The online transactions happen later. Before that, you can take the car just for a test drive and for your convenience. If it passes the test drive, just give them the money via net banking.

    9. CarsDirect

    CarsDirect, the name can be broken down into two words Cars and Direct which will surely convey all the meaning. You can get the car directly without any complicated process. It is quite simple to use. You can find out the used car within a specific region based on body style, price, model. It also lets you save your heart-stealing cars. Not only this but search history is also maintained if you want to decide between two vehicles at a time. Every result gives you a slew of pictures saying you about the status of the selected car. The website additionally provides customers with the details of sellers like their website and detailed maps with directions to find the exact location of the dealer. The website also shows the presence of various articles related to cars. Thus, it can also be considered as best online car buying site.


    Final words!

    Concluding the topic, we have seen various websites to buy and sell a Car. But our main motive is to find out the best sites to buy the used cars or the new cars. After going through various sites, we found some or the additional feature in each one of them. Now it is totally dependent on you which extra feature you will like to experience. If you want a game like a website, one must surely go for RelayCars. Otherwise, CarGurus and Bring-A-Trailer can be said as best. So now, No need to spend more time selecting the website to purchase the car. Just make a move towards this app and have a great ride!