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11 Best Mileage Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

    The first question that might strike your mind will be ‘What is the Mileage Tracker App?’ and ‘Why we need it?’

    The most basic reason is that you need these apps for deducting your tax. Actually, not only a little amount of tax, rather it will help in maximizing in the deduction of your tax. But, for helping you to pay less at the time of tax payment, you actually need a very good mileage tracking system which can help you with doing the same thing. In this article, we have listed some of the best free mileage tracker app. And we guarantee you that after you use these you cannot say ‘No’ to these apps.

    For the cab drivers, the best part for them is these mileage tracker apps, which helps them during their tax time. That’s actually when you keep the track and account of your mileage for the sake of business and work, that is the time when you actually get a huge amount deduction in your tax, during the end of the year. This is one of the most important and essential steps that you should not overlook and take it seriously if you want to save your money and that during your work time travel. The IRS charges the drivers $0.545 cents per mile of their income. So for every 100 miles, you got to pay $54.50 from your own gross income and the pay taxes on the reduced figure. And this creates a problem for those who actually don’t have such apps in their phone for tracking the mileage during working hours, which can help them save much amount of money from their income.

    So, if you are able to show the record through documentation thing, then you won’t have to pay any amount at all from your gross income at the end of the year. This actually shows how smart you are working and saving money and time at the same time. When drivers don’t meet the standard mileage rate of $0.545 for every mile they drive for the sake of their work. Such apps help you in so many ways that you can’t even think. This is so simple to work with, you just have to take your phone every time you go out working or driving. It will automatically start tracking the second your vehicle starts moving. And hence, it will keep track of your working miles, without any manual involvement. It creates a map to show where you drove to and can show this to IRS during the time of checking and proof- working while driving and you had no personal runs to the grocery store or visit your friends for some personal fun.


    Need and importance?

    Actually, here you have to prove to the IRS that how many miles you actually drove while working due the tax paying time. You must be able to account for each and every mile you really drove while working and hence here are the best mileage tracker apps for helping you to save your money and time.  

    But, can you have a handwritten how many miles you actually drove? Definitely no, you cannot. So here is the role of such mileage tracking apps. They have such an important role that we can’t even define I simple words and sentences. And hence we can’t even imagine how important is these tracing apps in our lives and what would you actually do without them? The need for such apps come into the role when we actually start working and not before that.


    Best Mileage Tracker App for Android


    1. MileIQ

    Mileage Tracker by MileIQ

    The MileIQ is one of the best mileage tracker app for Android. This mileage tracker apps is one of the most efficient and effective tracker apps. For the Android users, this is that one app they should actually go for. Its user interface is very simple and easy to use for the novice users and advanced features get added and make it a bit complex to use providing much information about their tracking inside the app. This is a very useful and advanced level app for users using Android smartphone devices. Also, with use, it is versatile as well. This app with the mileage information provides more information for the intermediate users. These can be used for professionals who actually need to travel long miles for their business or work. This app is great if you get a tax rebate on mileage. There is no manual involvement in this app, rather it works automatically in maximum areas, inside this tracking app.  So, even if you don’t remember to start the tracking app, then there is no need to worry.

    2. Fuel Buddy(Simply Auto)

    Simply Auto Car Maintenance & Mileage tracker app

    This tracking app called as Fuel Buddy or Simply Auto is your one of the serious and loyal friend you can trust on for all the Android users. The interface is actually colored in a stark amalgam of blue and black. It looks very pleasant and professional at the same time. The user interface is easy to connect and use. For the business, this app is perfect for you guys. Though you need to add some specifications by your own like the gas mileage yourself. Adding it will improve your fuel economy as well by showing you various graphs and statistics to improve it and find running costs too. This app also supports multiple features. Not only features, but also supports multiple vehicles as well. So you can easily log your mileage across all of your cars or bikes. This app has a cloud saving feature, which saves your data directly to the cloud and allows you to sync across multiple devices at multiple times.

    3. Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker

    Automatic GPS Vehicle Tracker for Businesses

    This mileage tracker app is relatively new in the marketplace which works really well on the Android devices. This app to has an automatic mileage tracker which starts when you start moving the vehicle for the work purpose or business. Its interface is kept to minimal and provides all the important as well as necessary information whenever you need it. It is on an overall scale a very simple tracker app for tracking your vehicle’s mileage. No chances that mileage comes out to be wrong due to its automatic tracker feature. It also saves your data to the cloud and computes over there only. You will have all the logs on the cloud even if you lose your smartphone device. It is a very protective and secure app.  

    4. Fuelio

    Fuelio Gas log & costs

    This is a very simple and easy to use mileage tracker app for the Android users. It can be counted under the list of best mileage tracker app. It not only tracks your mileage but also your gas costs and gas consumption as well. Tracking the car expenses gets very easy with this app and saves money on a long run and we notice it at the end of the year. It helps you find the cheapest and the nearest gas station which can again be very helpful. It helps your track GPS location, gas costs, fuel economy to a great extent. This is a kind of a comprehensive mileage log which will help you to cut down useless trips and will help you to avoid going to the expensive gas stations. The money saved in the long run give definitely give you a shock and hence you can avoid that by using this app.

    5. Everlance

    Everlance Free Mileage Log

    This kind of mileage tracker app is only available in the United States. The design of the app keeps changing. And its design is too attractive so one cannot simply ignore it so easily. US citizens actually find good use of this app. This may be considered under the easy and simple to use mileage tracking app for the citizens of US. App gives the receipt for the tax deduction as well. This is the best free mileage tracker app. Totally free of cost. Also, no ads are included in this app. It too has the cloud storage facility which goes to infinite and no cost will be charged for that. And also the citizens of the US are happy enough with this mileage tracker app made especially for them.


    Best Mileage Tracker App for iPhone


    7. TripLog

    TripLog Mileage & Gas Tracker for iphone

    TripLog is a very efficient app for the tracking of the mileage for your vehicle. It supports iOS-based devices and Android as well. This app allows you to actually go through and discover the best routes which will be better and traffic free at the same time. It can log onto the fuel and taxes as well.  It is a very strong and solid app having so many extra features being very helpful. This app shows a very minimum amount of ads.



    8. MileIQ

    MileIQ Mileage Tracker & Log ios iphone

    This is a mileage tracker app for the iOS devices. It lets you manage and track your mileage accordingly. This app comes under the list of best mileage tracker app which actually lets you differentiate between your work or business trips and the personal ones at the same time. This is easy and simple to use. The very informative app gives access to a great extent. It has so many features and information to be learned about. Its design is very interesting and user interfaces simple. It gives the monthly report based on the mileage and the expenses too.    


    9. RunKeeper

    Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

    This mileage tracker app lets you track mileage but with that, it has more to it. It lets you track your exercise and set your goals and track them accordingly. It allows you to see the progress and its report on a regular or weekly basis. This app is a very useful GPS app used by many people. For more than 50 million people use it. All the 50 million can’t be wrong and hence considered to be the best app for the tracking of your mileage. The developers of this app have a good sense to know what exactly the users want. It can be called as a fitness app as well with the tracking one.      


    10. Waze

    Waze Navigation & Live TrafficWaze Navigation & Live Traffic

    It is the best free mileage tracker app. It is a social and navigational free mobile app for iPhone users. This lets the driver use the live maps and build them too. It has real-time traffic updates. It has an optimal commute at every turn. It has an intuitive interface which is easy to access. It is easy to navigate using this app.




    11. Mileage Log+

    Mileage Log+ Trip Log Tracker

    This app is for the iPhone users. It is very powerful as well as a strong app. Can be considered under best mileage tracker app for iPhone. You can easily track your mileage. Helping to save a huge amount of money. One unique feature of this app is that it allows exporting your data as well.  It has some of the best and amazing features and functionalities. It is totally worth the price kind of an app. The audience has shown more love and given the rating to the app due to the accuracy about the mileage has won so many hearts. It is very easy to use and is simple at the same time. This app has the feature to show you the map where you drove actually the layout of it. It is one of the best mileage tracker app for the tracking of your vehicle mileage.




    Towards the conclusion, we would love to say that these were some of the best mileage tracker apps for the Android and iPhone devices respectively. For the Android users, you can either download it from the link or use the Google Play Store and same for the iPhone users, you can either use the link or refer to the iTunes Store. Use these mileage tracking apps and save your time and money instantly to a great extent. So what are you guys waiting for? Go and start downloading and use it for your betterment.