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10 Best Music Visualizer for Visualization of Music

    You love to listen to different type of music depending on your mood. And every mood gives you different visuals with a different goal. Music visualization gives you an experience which helps you feel every beat in a song closely and with a different perspective. The change in music’s loudness and frequency are Best Music Visualizer

    You love to listen to different type of music depending on your mood. And every mood gives you different visuals with a different goal. Music visualization gives you an experience which helps you feel every beat in a song closely and with a different perspective. The change in music’s loudness and frequency are some properties which are used as input to give you the visual you want or which will make you feel better. The aim of music visualization is to get the perfect balance and correlation between musical track and visual image which is displayed. Music visualization creates different visuals for the different type of tunes or song every time it is run. Music Visualisation can be achieved in 2D, 3D which can go on till 6D which can have colors, intensity, patterns, and transparency

    Music visualizer is defined as the feature which can be found in electronic music visualizers.  Music Visualizer generates animated visuals based on the played music. Visuals can be of different shapes and sizes, photographs, artworks which gives the listener a different feeling usually visualizing the song which is played.  Music Visualizers makes you see the music. At times we are so engrossed in music that we feel like watching it in front of our eyes. This visualization of music is done by different music visualizers.


    Why is Music important?

    Music is the art of combining tones and music to form expressions, to convey your feelings. Music can touch the souls of the people. Music can be your partner when you fail to find someone around. Music can be called as one of the best creating of man. Music breaks boundaries which bring people from different background and culture together. Music can be found everywhere, in daily day to day work.  Music helps us to know ourselves from the inside, the side which we usually keep a secret from the people around us.

    In this article, we will be writing about some free music visualizers, and give you the best music visualizer. So without taking more times, let us get started.


    1. MilkDrop

    MilkDrop music visualizer

    MilkDrop is a music visualizer which is a plug into the Winamp, music player.MilkDrop also comes as a separate package if you want it.  MilkDrop has a big database of presets. Presets present in MilkDrop can be around 760. MilkDrop runs smoothly on almost every computer due to it being simple and not so complicated which require not so high-end requirements.  MilkDrop also has hundreds of different skins that match with the theme and beats of the music. MilkDrop is considered to be one of the best music visualizer for windows. All you have to do is download Winamp music player and just click on visualization and enjoy the visuals along with the music

    2. Plane9

    plane9 music vizualization

    As the name suggests, this software will take you somewhere else when you get on the Plane9. Plane9 is a 3d visualizer where you won’t ever have to settle for the same theme or pattern for every song or music you play. Plane9 has about 250 predefined scenes to choose from, and that’s not it,  Plane9 also allows you to combine multiple scenes with one another which results in infinite options to choose from when you want to visualize. Plane9 is the best free music visualizer for windows. Plane9 also provides with 39 different transitions which allow us to switch from one visual to another without any problems. Plane9 can be used on either the Winamp plugin or windows media player. One of the highlights of Plane9 is that the music played on any source is reflected. Plane9 is compatible with multiple monitors.  And also it works with almost all the music player available, and even the web browser. Plane9 indeed is the best music visualizer.

    3. Resolume


    Resolution + Volume = Resolume !!  Resolume allows the user to switch from one scene to another, change visuals without much difficulty. Resolume has a simple and flexible user-friendly interface,  which helps in selecting visuals, the frequency range of the visuals, and intensity of the impact. It also allows you to rearrange the panels the way you want, which suits you the best.  All the changes made can be seen immediately. Resolume allows the user to play videos and layers in 4K. Resolume provides an option of quick search where you can search for patterns, effects, filters and many more. Resolume allows you to render with other application where you can share your visuals.

    4. VSXu

    vsxu windows visualizer for windows

    VSXu is an OpenGL-based programming environment whose primary purpose is to visualize music and create effects in real time. VSXu runs on Linux and Windows platform. It listens to the music and visualizes it irrespective of the music player you are using. VSXu allows you to change the view and perspective, zoom in and out on a design or patterns or even change the position completely.  VSXu is a real-time music visual player that creates amazing graphical designs and textures from the audio which acts as in input using its system analyzer. According to the beats, the visuals and effects are changed in this software. VSXu comes with different designs and effects which are enough for you to be entertained everytime you open the software. VSXu is definitely something to try and can be said as one of the best free best music visualizers for windows.

    5. G-Force

    G-Force visualization

    If you are looking for something sophisticated and dynamic, G-force is the one for you. G-Force is an allrounder when it comes to music visualization. G-Force is a part of SoundSpectrum which offers plugins for media player and other applications which receives input. G-Force can be run as standalone, as a screensaver or as a plugin. In G-Force, by using some keyboard commands, you can change the type of designs, patterns, colors, and other effects. G-Force is designed to entertain the user on its own, but it also allows the user to customize and create own personal experience. It allows you to combine patterns and create custom transitions. It is compatible with both windows as well as Mac. G-Force is pretty famous in music visualization world, hence making it one of the best music visualizer.

    6. Bazik

    bazik vj software

    Ever wanted to experience how a DJ feels when he visualizes those patterns on the screen while playing music? Well, Bazik allows you just that.  Bazik creates visuals based on the sound it receives from the mic which acts as an input. It is one of the most powerful software for music visualization, which is simple to use and understand.  Bazik has a good collection of themes and images along with transitions which give visual effects which last longer. Bazik allows you to even create one of our vision by completing creating from scratch or combining the visuals available. Bazik produces visuals which go well along with the music. You just have to play the music, and it will do the rest.

    7. WhiteCap

    whitecap sound spectrum

    WhiteCap is smooth and glossy music visualizer which performs the best in an iOS operating system. WhiteCap is simple music visualizer which provides screensaver that features futuristic, artistic and unique visuals with a dynamic background. It provides real-time visualization, with thousands of themes and patterns. WhiteCap has three versions – Free, Gold and Platinum.  The free version provides the basic features to the users whereas Gold and Platinum have their own advantages. WhiteCap allows the user to adjust the zoom and speed of the visuals.

    8. Morphyre


    Cool and unique patterns are what Morphyre provides you with. Morphyre is free 3D music visualizer software which has loads of themes which you can play in the background. Morphyre also allows you to use it as a screensaver on your PC.  Morphyre runs as a plugin on iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp or on its own software.

    9. Magic Music Visuals

    Magic Music Visuals software

    Magic Music Visuals (MMV) is one of the popular software in the category of music visualization. Magic Music Visuals is a desktop application which gives modular interface which creates animations and visuals effects for concerts, parties and more. It allows you to design a variety of dynamic visuals from scratch by using many colorful and exciting colors and shapes. It has two versions – Studio and Performer.  Magic Music Visuals is a modern audio visualizer which is used to measure music and voice pitches.

    10. Kauna

    kauna music visual by microsoft

    Kauna is a music visualizer which is supported by Windows. Kauna provides sound reproduction in the system by making some changes on its own.  Kauna can capture audio from the microphone which gives the desired visuals. Some of the visualization available on Kauna are waves, Bars, Rainbows, plasma, triangular and many more.



    In conclusion, we would like to say that music visualization is a different type of experience a user experience while listening to songs or music. Music visualization uses music visualization programs and software which works on mobiles and desktops.

    As different music visualizers have different features, it is up to individuals on his preferences and liking to select the music visualizer that is best for themselves. Music Visualizer is both free as well as paid. If you are looking for professional assistance and experience paid software to provide you with something which free software fails to. But there are some free software which are equally good as paid software. We have tried to cover all the bases to provide you with the best music visualizer.  These were the best free music visualizers to download which are available on different platforms.