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Best Free Beat Making Software (Windows & Mac)

    If you are fond of music but not just to hear one but to produce one as well then this post will probably going to be useful for you. As you have seen there are many DJs or music composer around the globe who has the hugest fan base because of such great music or Mix albums they produce. And if you are a beginner and want to become one of them then you must have one of the best Beat making software. Since the music industry is so big that you can be caught up in between those luxurious softwares which are obviously paid and seriously you don’t want them especially if you are a beginner. Even for Beginners, there are plenty of free beat making software available which you can use.

    To make or produce your favorite kind of music with spectacular beats, here are some of the best free beat making software for Windows and Mac OS as well which you must use:


    Best Beat Making Software (Free)


    1. FL Studio (Windows, Mac)

    When it comes to finding a top Cross-platform beat making software which works for Windows an Mac as well then FL Studio got the first place. FL Studio is one of the DAW (digital audio workstation) developed by the Belgian company Image-Line. It provides you the feature of multi-track audio recording, Time-stretching and pitch shifting pristine audio editing as well as mixing and plenty of effects to add with your audio. The mixer it comes with FL Studio has almost all the features you needed to start right away for producing the most fabulous music beats. There are other instruments included with FL studio such as Piano Roll. Also, with over 80 plugins included to automate most of the editing work and so on. With this software, you can just easily create, edit and record your kind of music you want. Even though this is not a completely free beat making software but the trail version of it worth using with such features and functionalities and with only the trail version of it, you can do a lot.

    Download FL Studio

    2. MuseScore (Windows, Mac)


    MuseScore is totally free software which you can use to compose your own music with fantastic and catchy beats. This software is not equal as compare to FL Studio but since its open source it gives you the ability to use it from scratch to end and if you are one of the programmers then you can contribute as well. MuseScore also lets you input the music directly via MIDI keyboard, so there will be no fuss of using one of converters. It supports dozens of instruments such as Piano, Guitar, Orchestra, Jazz, Trumpet, Harmonica, Band and many others, so you can record with any of the favorite instruments and create the type of music or beats you like. Besides all the great features it has, it is also very easy to use.

    Download MuseScore

    3. Mixcraft (Windows)

    mixcraft beat making software

    It is one of the highly advanced beat making software that you can find. This is one of the best DAW which has such sharp and gorgeous interface to access all the features to produce a decent music. It has this step editor for quickly building beats and patterns. With dozens of amazing features, it gives you a 14 days trial which is worth using. When it comes to compatibility, it has 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility which gives you more choice for sure. It doesn’t matter if you are a beatmaker, a singer, a spoken word artist or even an MC, you can handle it the smoothly and it will provide you the features of your need for sure. It’s a windows based software, but it can be used on a Macintosh computer running Boot Camp.

    Download Mixcraft

    4. DrumFlow (Windows, Mac)

    drumflow drum beat making software

    Drumflow is one of the oldest but free beat making software. It is available for Windows and Mac OS as well. As the name itself gives us directions that it could be about drums music and if you think so, then clearly it is. This software is helpful if you ever wanted to get good and fresh drum sounds and patterns. It gives you over 127 possible drums in 127 possible MIDI drum banks and 16 drums and 32-event drum sequencer, which is clearly more than enough to start with especially if you are a beginner.

    Download DrumFlow

    5. orDrumbox (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    ordrumbox beat making software

    orDrumbox is another free drum beat making software. This software comes with rythms database and sounds database including music items which can be fully edited so you can easily create songs by assembling various patterns. With this, you easily import midi files or even export your song files as midi. orDrumbox is also an Open-source software so you can use it completely from scratch to end without having any worry, also use its audio effects which are available independendly for each track. This software is pretty cross platform and supports all three major OS ( Windows, Mac and Linux ).

    Download orDrumbox

    6. LMMS (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    lmms free beat making software

    LMMS is a cross-platform, Open-source DAW program where you can be actually creative and create a unique and decent piece of music. The main purpose of this program was to create amazing beats which makes the music more hardcore and way more catchy than it was before. With this software, if you are willing to start mixup music then you better start right away with LMMS. However, it can also be used for advanced music making purposes. This software supports both 32 & 64-bit for windows and works for Windows, Mac and Linux as well.

    Download LMMS

    7. GarageBand (Mac)

    garageband for beat making software for mac

    When it comes to finding a beat making software which is specifically made for Mac then GarageBand holds a pretty good position. It has quality features to produce a great beat which even collaborate with one of your favorite music. It has a complete sound library that includes instruments, presets for guitar and voice, and an incredible selection of session drummers and percussionists which you can use it easily.

    Download GarageBand

    8. Musink Lite (Windows)

    musink lite

    Musink Lite is a free music-composition software which is easy to use and has plenty of basic and advanced features of a DAW software which clearly lets you produce some awesome piece of music. It lets you produce or compose music easily on music sheets , so basically it cuts off all the technical work and lets you focus on writing and handles the composing task itself according to the sheet instructions. This is one of the very effective best beat making software. This software is available in two versions in which the Lite version is free, as we mentioned specifically in the title, so you should download the Musink Lite only, however if you want to have more advanced features then you can download paid version as well.

    Download Musink Lite

    9. Hydrogen Beat Maker (Windows, Mac, Linux)

    hydrogen beat maker

    This software is another beat maker software which supports Windows, Mac and Linux. It provides you professional yet simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming. To run this software you don’t have to be master at all, it lets you compose and produce it easily, because when it comes to ease, hydrogen has excellent ratings. When you are done making it, you can export your files in various formats.

    Download Hydrogen