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12 Best To-Do List Apps for Android and iPhone

    We have many chores to do on a daily basis. Many of them we forget and many of them we ignore. We make a to-do list on a sheet of paper. But ultimately we misplace that sheet of paper. And do no activities planned and just sit wandering. Sounds familiar?

    But what if we have an app which acts as a reminder for us. Now and then our mobile screen gets a pop up saying about work to do. Isn’t it interesting? Apple and Google both offer basic reminder apps, many people might crave something a little huskier. To-do apps basically enhance key productivity. There are various factors to be considered while examining but preferably they include pricing, design, ease of use, cross-platform support and “power” features. What are those power features? Power features majorly include natural language support, voice commands, attaching notes or files, sharing projects with co-workers or family members, and integration with other services.


    Are to-do list apps necessary for success?

    Habits distinguish a perfect and lazy person. And habits are what which makes a person successful. If one is failing to achieve their daily tasks by writing on a sheet of paper. They can surely digitalize it because a user spends their half of the time on mobile.

    The apps will make them realize that work is necessary. The apps will help them in remembering their To-Do lists now and then. And it will surely lead to more productivity. As soon as works get completed, the pleasure will be felt from within. The pleasure will make them use that app daily and eventually it will lead to success.

    Best To-Do List Apps for iPhone


    1. Google Tasks

    Google Tasks Get Things Done

    Google Tasks can get many of activities done. You can regulate, capture, and edit your tasks from any part of your room. Gmail and Google calendar assists in tasks done faster. You can easily sync across all your devices with to-dos. You can view, edit, and regulate your tasks on the go, from any mobile phone. Google tasks also allow creating subtasks within the major task. One can also add detail about a certain task. Not only this when you receive any task on Gmail, create a task directly from that email into google task. Google task can also make you interact with your team seamlessly using one app. Google tasks need iOS 10.0 or higher version than that. This app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

    2. Todoist

    Todoist Organize your life ipone app

    This amazing app keeps track of everything you do start from simple tasks to your most important task. Everything will be kept as a record so you can do them with pleasure. You can easily add your task in Todoist as soon as they pop in your head. One can easily add deadline for every activity in the app. Also, build lasting habits with due dates. If the project is to be done in a team then via this app one can conveniently assign tasks and share them. The app also has a feature of customized designer graphs which helps to track productivity. The app is free, but there is a presence of premium version too. You can manage stand-alone tasks to multi-phase projects in this amazing app.

    3. Bear

    bear iphone app for to do list

    Bear is a focused and smooth writing app used by everyone from bloggers to aspiring authors and students. It has a very good organization and best editing tools. You can smoothly share your files and export options to help you write quickly without any inconvenience. One can create new notes by voice recording feature with this app. You can also dictate and append to recent notes with your Apple Watch. Not only this but the bear is an inclusive app with features like sketching, drawing, and apple pencil. For better organization, tags can also be used like #study. The notes can also be archived for hiding it if it is less important as compared to other tasks. When a number of tasks are added, and you need to find a certain task, just search it in the search box and result will be there in front of your eyes.

    4. Evernote

    evernote app for iphone

    Evernote mainly focuses on the tasks you give priority and provides access to information when you require it. Add to-do’s, photos, images, web pages, or audio. They all are instantly searchable within this app. It is considered as one of the simple and Best to-do list app. You can write, collect and capture ideas in the form of searchable notes, notebooks, checklists, and to-do lists. This Evernote also has a camera feature which can work as a scanner to scan your documents in a well-ordered manner. You can sync this app anywhere, anytime on any device starting from iOS, tablet or computer. You can start this app on one device and then easily shift it to another device without missing any activity by syncing. Evernote is used for business purpose, educational purpose and also in everyday life.

    5. To do list & Calendar To do list & Calendar

    The fifth in our list but first in many hearts is the app It is regarded as one of the Best to-do list app. If you remember your id and password, you can easily sync this app in any of your devices swiftly. The app even has the feature of adding tasks as you speak in the voice section. To keep your to-do list always up to date, the app has a one-of-a-kind daily planner. You can also share the tasks within the family, or within cooperates so to manage everything efficiently. The features don’t end here. The app also has cross-platform support for recurring reminders, location reminders, sub-tasks, notes & file attachments which eventually will enhance your productivity.

    6. Things 3

    Things 3 app iphone

    Lastly, we have a blockbuster app on the list which has a short name and large features. Why is it called blockbuster dude? Because it has won an award known as APPLE DESIGN AWARD in the year 2017. Sounds interesting? This app helps you prepare your list for “Today” and also you can very easily review previously planned to-dos and make quick decisions on what to tackle first according to your priority. For better productivity, add a goal and then the steps to reach it. Later this app will daily give you a reminder of every step. This app has the latest iOS technology fitted into it which are as follows Apple Watch, Calendars, Siri & Reminders, Today Widget, Quick Actions, Action Extension, Handoff, and Notifications. It will surely help you to be a flawless perfectionist.


    Best To-Do List Apps for Android


    7. Wunderlist

    Wunderlist To-Do List & Tasks

    The Wunderlist is considered as one of the Best To-Do List App. Wunderlist makes every activity of your life more simpler and organized. Whether you’re going to grocery shop or you’re planning to make a day out, just add everything in this app, and it will provide reminders for everything. You can also add details about any activity and add images, presentations, PDFs into it. If you want to distribute that task among family members, WAIT !! Don’t call them! You can easily share the tasks via this app. You can easily sync your id in different devices. Not only id but your to-do list will also be synced. The best achievement of this app is a rating of 4.6 and downloads over 10 Million. Don’t worry, every second you spend on this app will be worthy for sure.

    8. Microsoft To-Do

    Microsoft To-Do List Task & Reminder

    Microsoft To-Do is slightly different in comparison with other apps. Why? Because it has more emphasis on My Day. The day when you start with a clear mind and have no plans, this app will make you think about your day. The primary and ultimate focus of this app is to make users think of present time. Though, if you want to plan for future, it will also do that thing. This app can sync between different devices. So don’t worry if you forgot your mobile at home. It doesn’t stop here. This app also sub-category feature that is you can break a complex task into simpler ones. In this app, you can also choose a deadline for your every goal. An additional feature is color coding which means you can add color to your favorite activity to emphasize it. This app is in continuous development.

    9. Ike – To-Do List, Task List

    Ike To-Do List Task List

    The core of this app is based on important things. It has a more lightheaded approach still it is one of the Best To-Do List App. In this app, you can mark the tasks as per their priority and make a chain of priorities. Fortunately, the lightheaded approach helps to take some of the less importance of the central premise. One can amazingly attach images in the list which makes the recurrence attractive. Voice notes are too available in this app. There is some exclusive feature of this app like it have a customizable celebration only on completing a task. Interesting, isn’t it? The app also provides widgets like quick add widget, a task list view widget, a task chip widget, and several matrix widgets which provides a glance of your to-do list.

    10. Habitica

    Habitica Gamify Your Tasks

    Playing a game fascinates everyone. What if a To-do list app is like a game? So, Habitica is one of the apps which will gamify your tasks. It uses RPG- gaming style to motivate the user. The motto of this app is to treat one life as a game and eventually make it more interesting and organized. You have to just add activities and goals in the app. Later you can customize your avatar. After this, the app will begin customizing you by checking off tasks regularly to level-up your avatar and unlock other features like armor, skills, pets, and even quests. You can also share this to friends and observe their actions and finally, you will end with enhancing productivity. There were certain bugs observed in this app, but it has been well resolved by the developers.

    11. Asana

    Asana organize team projects useful to do list app for android

    Asana is majorly used for a professional purpose. Asana is thus a business-oriented to-do list application which works best when used in a group of people. It can be used for a personal purpose also, but productivity will be less as compared to other apps. You can easily add tasks while carrying out your daily activities and share it among your colleagues. You can easily track your work in this app and maintain them. You can also communicate via this app with other team-mates like asking a question or answering them can be done easily. This app is totally free and can include 15 members for a single project. If more members need to be added, then you have to go for the premium version.

    12. Memorigi

    Memorigi Todo List, Task Planner, and Reminder

    Memorigi is the last in best To-Do list apps but it is still an amazing app. Time is precious and this app saves your time by making everything simpler. It is just like a pen and paper task adder but in a digital manner. Memorial has features like beautiful colors, icons, and animations triturated with the memorable user experience. It has gestures to edit and delete tasks. You can also swipe to snooze any task. This app will continuously remind you of the activities which you haven’t performed by alarms. Floating action is too available in this app which is the most interesting thing a user finds. If the tasks are due for a longer period of time, it will read that task in loud voice. So if you want a simple and interesting app, you can surely opt for Memorial.


    Final Words!

    Coming to a conclusion, we have seen various apps for making our tasks digitalized. It is you who want to enhance the activity, so it should be necessarily you who makes a perfect choice according to your needs. If you are having a business and an android, you must close your eyes and go for Asana. But if you have an iOS, you can go for Todoist. Similarly, the condition will vary, and apps will too vary, but your productivity will remain constant which is our main concern. So don’t split your tasks and don’t procrastinate. Just download these apps.