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10 Best Traffic Apps for Android and iPhone

    Travelling has been one of the most beautiful and amazing experience one would come across to rejoice their soul and bring in that sense of being into one’s life. We all need to prepare too to ensure that in our quest to explore and to see more and more places bot known and unknown, we don’t exactly get lost in the journey of sorts that we have undertaken.

    Hiccups are a normal part of any of the travel journey we undertake to anywhere on the planet. While, before people used to carry those huge maps and mark out spots on the large sheet to find out the places and the direction that one would take to reach that destination which ensures that no one gets lost in the course of the journey and everybody is following the same course and are on the same path towards reaching their destination.

    Now, with the advancement in technology and the growing developments in the location-based technologies. We have an array of navigation apps and online maps which has emerged to become our perfect guiding compass throughout the journey across the world and they also come with real-time updates like Traffic on the roads; from which comes the name of Traffic apps.


    What are traffic apps? Why do we need such apps?

    Gone are the days when you would see a huge map of the size of a table and mark out places to find out the direction to reach the same. With the growth in technology, we have certain apps called traffic apps which allows one access to real-time updates and comes with various other features like voice navigation and also offers you other options too, with which users can tweak around and even explore the places better in an innumerable number of ways.

    Be it anywhere in the world, we need these traffic apps on our smartphones. These apps serve a great deal of purpose and have emerged to be very reliable in recent times and are being used quite widely and on a daily basis by many of the users.

    Armed with various features starting from voice navigation to real-time traffic updates, these apps work to provide you with a smooth experience of travelling and also ensures that there are no hiccups or any kind of safety issues which might come into the foray while travelling.

    Travelling has been made easier than ever before by the emergence of this apps and now everyone armed with just a navigation app on their phones can actually have a great and joyous experience of travelling and enjoy the bliss of it.

    There is a myriad of traffic apps that are available to the users to choose from. Here, we have shortlisted some of the best traffic apps that one would come across the leading platforms and have a seamless experience:


    1. Google Maps

    google Maps traffic app

    Google Maps is easily the best traffic apps that you can download on your smartphones across the leading platforms. One can easily download this app which has been rated as the best app to avoid traffic and comes with real-time updates. Coming from the house of Google, the app is indeed very stable and is one of the most reliable apps that you can come across

    Rated as one of the best traffic apps for Android, and it comes pre-installed on most of the android devices. Their app has no such lags associated with it, the app is a powerful one and is really convenient to use. For a traveller, it is indeed necessary that they have this app installed on their smartphones to have a great travelling experience.

    Platforms: Android iPhone

    2. MAPS.ME

    MAPS.ME – Offline Map and Travel Navigation

    MAPS.ME is another app which you can try and it offers one a convenient experience. The app is free and is quite easy to use and it comes with an array of features starting from real-time traffic updates to voice navigation. The app is largely emerging to be a really good option for the users.

    The app is updated Open Street Map contributors across various locations which give us quite a reliable idea about the traffic which we might be encountering. The app also allows you to find hotels, ATM’s and other necessary services which are indeed a big help.


    Platforms: Android iPhone

    3. Offline maps & Navigation

    Offline Maps & Navigation

    This is a free Android app which is emerging to become one of the best traffic app which comes armed with a number of features which perform multiple functions. The apps give us real-time traffic updates which allow us to avoid the traffic routes and it save our valuable time.

    The user interface is quite simple and modern in a distinct sense. The app can be used in almost in any part of the globe. The app also offers the users the various speed limit warnings, dynamic lane assistant, and an array of features that you can access and have a great experience.


    Platform: Android

    4. Yandex Navigator

    Yandex.Navigator app

    Yandex Navigator is another free GPS navigation app which is available for both Android and the iPhone users. The app comes armed with many of the essential functionalities such as real-time GPS routing and tracking in real time.

    Just like many of its counterparts, it comes with most of the essential features starting from finding necessary services and stores near you to locating your favourite restaurant on the map. The app comes with a sleek and modern interface and is one of the best traffic app which is available for free at our disposal.


    Platforms: Android iPhone

    5. HERE WeGo

    HERE WeGo traffic and offline map app

    Popularly known as Here Maps in the sphere of the users, the app offers the users a swift experience also shows the users real-time traffic information which allows the users to plan their trip or even a drive to the workplace with ease. It is indeed a popular map and has been around for quite some time now.

    The app also allows you to draw out information like public transport and various other necessary updates which might be necessary while one is planning a trip. The distinguishing feature is the “Bike Router”, which is of immense help for bikers especially in crowded places. The stability and the features that the app has to offer to the users, make it one of the best traffic app for use.

    Platforms: Android iPhone

    6. Sygic

    GPS Navigation & Offline Maps Sygic app

    Sygic is a perfect option which has some of the best features to be offered to the users. It comes with a compact user interface which is quite easy to use and it promises to offer a seamless experience to the users.

    Sygic like most of the counterpart apps in the category comes with various features that are of paramount importance for any of the navigation and traffic app. The best part of the app is it has Head-up Display feature it has to offer which allows one to drive a car safely after dusk with conviction. The regard to safety which this app has to offer, easily makes it one of the best traffic app.


    Platforms: Android iPhone

    7. Waze

    Waze - GPS, Maps, Traffic Alerts & Live Navigation

    Waze has also emerged to be a leading name in the navigation and traffic category, it comes armed with a number of features and has been a go-to app for many of the iPhone users, making it one of the best traffic apps for iPhone.

    The app comes with a neat and clean user interface which ensures that is easy to toggle around the app with ease. The app comes attached with the Android Auto which allows the users to get a better and a faster experience. It also comes with the feature of parking spots in various locations which only enhances the importance of the app.


    Platforms: Android iPhone

    8. OsmAnd

    OsmAnd app android

    OSM is a perfect app which is an answer to all your internet connection worries. The app comes with the feature of automatic rerouting even without an Intent connection at the disposal of the users. The app also comes with a speedometer, which gives the users real-time alerts if they are speeding.

    The app is not a regular off the mill app and is supposed to give one a stable experience while ensuring that simplicity remains to the core. It has an array of features to offer and is one of the most powerful app that one would come across, making it one of the best traffic app to use and experience.


    Platforms: Android iphone

    9. MotionX GPS

    MotionX GPS

    Might be a new name amongst a host of other pioneers in this field, but the app still leaves us in awe with the features and the interface it has to offer to users, which might be quite sleek and modernistic to look at, but it is indeed quite easy to use the same.

    The app allows you get live altitude graphs and it even allows one to track personal waypoints. The app also allows us to share photos of our journey or trip thus giving the users a great experience, making it one of the best traffic app that you come across and it packs quite a punch indeed.


    Platforms: iPhone

    10. Verizon VZ Navigator

    VZ Navigator

    iOS users out there, well the VZ Navigator app coming from the house of Verizon wireless is probably the one that you had looking for quite some time. It comes with a slew of features associated with it, which allows the users to have an integrated experience.

    The app also is one of those few traffic apps which actually integrates social media into the app and allows the users to link various social media sites to the app. One can go on sharing their bits about the journey and have quite an experience.


    Platforms: iPhone


    Wrapping it up!!

    Well, quite some time back travelling used to be a big headache if you were to go around exploring and seeing places. Often, you were required to carry around big maps with you and you were supposed to mark out destinations to find the path to the same and ensure that we don’t get lost on the way towards our destination.

    With the development of location-based technologies in recent time, navigation has become easy and a rather efficient and effective process. Now, we have specific apps called traffic apps which can be installed on our smartphones with ease and comes with real-time traffic updates and it also comes with various other features starting from voice navigation to the nearby options where you can search for shops and services around you.

    There, are a myriad of apps which are available across platforms. Here, we looked at some of the best traffic apps that one can lay their hands on which gives the users an efficient experience while ensuring that the users have a smooth experience.