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11 Best Live TV Apps for Android and iOS

    We don’t actually realize but the internet nowadays is becoming the new TV for this 21st Century generation especially. There were times sitting and watching TV, but that time is gone long back ago. Now, you have transferal TV within your hands. There is no need for you to sit and watch in the very same place and carry it with you. So the best advantage is no need to pay the double bill, both for the internet as well as the TV when you can have everything on the internet. Also, most of them are free to live tv app. There are some of the best live tv apps, which we have listed below.

    There are times when we stream through different and many live TV apps and watch the shows for either free or pay for it. There are seamless channels on your device with many different free live tv apps which are considered as best. There are some very cool apps to watch free live TV on your Android smartphones and iPhones. There is a long list of free live TV apps for streaming different channels.

    There are so many different kinds of live TV apps like the cable tv app like Spectrum TV and E-cable TV apps available on the Google Play Store. There are some of the best live tv apps for amazon fire stick like YouTube, Hotstar, Kodi, etc. Also, you need to be careful enough as there are many fake and deceive apps which are just trying to harm your device and insert malware. So you must be cautious enough. Basically, first, they ask for your permissions to start with their functions, like the contact permissions which is definitely not at all required for streaming your favorite live TV channels. The digital sector part of entertainment is trying hard to meet the needs and interests of the viewers. Modern life actually doesn’t allow the user to sit and watch TV and the digital world never leaves a chance to make a profit out of it. And that was the reason when the entertainment world became digital.

    But, all this in many ways got a chance to show their skills and led to the development of some amazing applications and shows that you can watch on live TV by just sitting anywhere and anytime; you should just have internet, and also these applications are free of cost. Also, any person from any country can watch it for free.  

    Need and importance?

    Though the traditional TV business has gone down and brought up something really amazing, it has disadvantages as well human-to-human interaction has gone totally down. From TV to smartphones there is a big change in the world though live TV has its own needs and importance. Also, free live tv app service is important for people who migrate from one place to another. It really helps in entertainment and removing the mental stress and pressure; you can enjoy your shows entirely and pay according to that for the paid apps. And here is the list of some of the best live tv apps for Android and iOS.

    Best Live TV Apps for Android

    1. Swift Streamz

    Swift Streamz app

    The Swift Streamz actually is the host that channels live shows and more. It does this from the countries like India, Pakistan, USA, UK, Australia, Greece, Canada, other Asian and African countries, etc. this Swift Streamz live channel has some unique and great features. It has a multi-players support system. It shows you live channels without any complex part of subscription and all. Also, it is Chromecast and DLNA supported and supports Android version 2.2 and above. It is a multiple video player supported app and works really smoothly on 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. Also, with no subscription, there is no registration or membership as such required.

    2. ustv

    ustv app for live tv in usa

    This app is some real fun because it allows you to choose from its large library content of live streams. And again it’s user interface system is easy, simple and very clean. Although, this app mainly consists of contents related to USA television. For streaming the contents of the US and Canada, then this is the best app for that for your smartphone device. It contains for more than 150 live TV channels, and so you can enjoy it to the fullest. This is the best free live tv app for watching the contents related to countries like the US and Canada. The best feature about this app is people from outside these countries can also access the contents of this app. Also, with free, this app doesn’t have any subscription thing. It also launches channels from other European countries. This app is worth downloading and watching shows. You will not have any problem with buffering and connecting or even the playback issues with this app with good internet connections. This supports version 4.1 and above for all the Android devices.  

    3. Hulu

    Hulu Stream TV

    This is the biggest and largest live TV app for people around. It can be considered and counted best for the Android-based smartphone devices. This app doesn’t only contains new stuff of shows and movies but a bunch of older shows, older seasons of current shows, movies and more to it. Later in the year 2017, it started with the live TV and which got famous and popular around that year. Its price can stack up quickly and especially when you want extra channels, features, and facilities. Its total basic service cost is $7.99 per month, with ads and $11.99 per month, with no ads. For this app, the live TV cost is $40 per month, which gives 50 channels in that. In this, you can add channels as per your need and cost and hence is a one-stop-shop.

    4. PlayStation Vue

    PlayStation Vue Mobile

    During the starting days of this app, it had a very rough and bad initial stage and hence didn’t go well enough. This is not so developed app but has started to improve and rise in a positive way now. This is an attempt of Sony at a live TV service. It provides facilities of live TV service in the best way possible. It actually provides four options with it. First, is the cheapest one for $24.99 and the last is the most expensive one which runs for actually $64.99. This is the best feature of this app and the pretty decent as well. It has started to recover in so many ways and introduced many good features for the improvement. It has the bunch of channels, and more new channels are adding up and improving in the best way possible. It includes live sports, movies, and shows. All platforms don’t support this app. It covers till PS4, mobiles and its casting support. Though, starting from small and rough it is going to positive and growing well.

    5. TVCatchup

    TVCatchup - Watch Free Live TV

    TVC is actually based on the contents of countries like UK. it is UK based satellite cable channels and television. It is basically a free live tv app. not only this, but it is an internet television service for viewing the UK channels for free of cost. It really retransmits the channels like the BBC, ITV, Channel 5 and much more. This kind of app is really helpful and useful as it is free of charge for those videos which lets you stream Free-to-air Channels. It actually is the best app for watching the UK contents. This service works with the ADs and is free. You can easily access the UK contents even on your smartphone devices easily, by downloading this app.

    6. Redbox TV

    redbox tv app

    Redbox TV has a separate fan base as it is one of the app which provides you hundreads of TV channels to stream for free. This app works in/for almost every popular country such as India, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Spain, France and many other countries. In order to get the best TV channels to stream as per your country, all you need to do is select your country on app and it will give you all the popular and worth watching channels as per your country language and interest which you can stream for free.

    Best Live TV Apps for iOS

    7. ABC

    ABC – Live TV

    This is considered one of the best live tv apps for the iPhone. You are able to watch live TV and shows with full episodes. All the popular shows and channels will be easily available with this app. It doesn’t stop here, but this app has many different and unique features like one is the location-based services which are available on this app and also the social media links are also there. You can share this with others as well.

    8. Livestream


    It allows you to search, stream, and explore your favorite content on a live platform. You can definitely download and try this app or watching live tv for your own content live. Also, this app allows you to search your friends and follow them. You can also get notified when your friends go live. Also, there are thousands of events which you can explore and get notified about. Also, there are hundreds of broadcasters around the world who use this app.

    9. Sports TV Live

    sport TV Live - Television app

    With the sports TV Live app for the iPhone, you can easily watch 60 channels for free of cost on your respective iOS devices. It has channels of almost all filled with the sports content. Not only that but also shows all the sports leagues of European countries, USA, Asian countries and all the Championship leagues too. We definitely cannot miss the World Cup championship for all the countries mentioned above.

    10. TVPlayer


    This is a kind of live tv app which actually allows you, the user to stream free contents. It provides with 65 live tv channels on your iOS device. Also, there are other premium channels which you can access it by paying. By paying, you can get 29 other premium channels.

    11. Tata Sky Mobile

    Tata Sky - Live TV & Recharge

    Tata Sky Mobile is one of the most preferred live TV for Android smartphone devices. It actually lets you watch more than 200 channels. It allows you to watch live TV channels, whenever and wherever you want. You can enjoy it on your iOS device easily. It is one of the very popular live tv app for viewing the live contents.


    For the conclusion, all we have for you is that we have listed top 5 each live tv video call for Android and iOS devices respectively. These can be useful for time pass as well as viewing your favorite tv shows and movies. For Android users go for Google Play Store and for iPhone users use iTunes.