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9 Best Live TV Apps For Amazon Fire Stick

    There are rarely few people who don’t know about Amazon. Amazon is basically an e-commerce site where one buy and sell anything. It is quite a popular website and has apparently much bigger dreams. Amazon started with an upgrade known as Amazon Prime in India. As soon as it passed with flying colors in the market, Amazon launched Amazon Fire Stick. It is a media streaming device with voice remote. The stick has s price of 3,999 available only on Amazon website.

    Amazon Fire Stick is an amazing device as it lets the users stream various movies, TV shows, apps, and games by just plugging in HDTV. Yes! It is similar to as pen drive but is somewhat large than that. The fire sticks have a quad-core processor and have access for fast Wi-Fi. The voice remote helps the user in searching through the Amazon videos by just their voice.


    How do you use it?

    First of all, as we know that Amazon Fire Stick is developed by Amazon so we need to have an account on Amazon. If you lack an account on Amazon, the device will ask you to make one account. As Amazon Fire Stick majorly serves Amazon videos, so the process of creating an account is necessary.

    As you will observe that there are two ends of Fire Stick, so one end needs to be connected to Power adapter and the other needs to be connected to HDML port present in your Television, next step is switching on the TV. Later one needs to select HDMI input channel for the port. After this, you will see a loading screen on the television having a logo of Fire TV stick. Next step is loading battery in the remote and now pair it up with Fire TV. Just follow the instructions to connect the device with the Television, and you’re ready to go!

    Best Apps For Fire Stick TV

    1. Mobdro

    mobdro firestick app android ios

    Mobdro is one of the best live tv apps for amazon fire stick. It lets you watch anything and anywhere available on online sources. There are various channels available for each and every category like sports, cartoons, news, movies and many more. Mobdro is absolutely free of cost. So, one can surely download it without worrying for money. One can even opt for premium functions for getting more features. Each category has no doubt hot many different channels in it. There is a presence of a whole different section for popular channels around the globe. Mobdro also allows users to watch live streams of news and events. Music channels are one of the specialties of the Mobdro app. It is very simple to use and it has a user-friendly interface. More than 200 channels are present in this app. If you sleep while listening songs, Don’t worry the app have a presence of sleep timer.

    2. UKTVNow


    UKTVNow is a topper in the lists of best Live TV app for amazon fire stick. Why? Because it has some special features like you can very smoothly browse channels from 9 categories and approximately 10 countries. Interesting? The users fall in love with the app. It has User-friendly Interface. Not 200 but there are more than 150 channels present in it. The categories like the cartoon, news, sports, documentaries, etc divide the app into various parts. The better thing is that the app is absolutely free and charges 0 for any of the activity of the app. And fortunately, there are no in-app purchases too. The app provides very great buffering speed. If you see your favorite shows popping up in between but you are somewhere busy then you can surely add it into Watch Later section. So you can surely go for this app.

    3. Hulu: Live

    hulu live tv app for amazon fire stick tv

    Hulu Live can provide you with 6 profile per account at a time. Different profiles makes it easy for the whole family. Suppose in a family someone likes sports while someone likes streaming news, One will just need to go on their respective profile and all the favorite shows will be present in a line. With Cloud DVR feature, you can also record everything that’s going on the screen. You can separate those profiles on various mobile devices. The advantage of using a Hulu app is that it won’t irritate you from those annoying advertisements which pop-ups always in other apps. It has over 300 channels to stream. The apps work flawlessly in many devices like Android, iOS, Amazon Firestick, Kodi as well as your PC/Laptop. The app majorly has a variety of comedy shows which will let you forget your stress.

    4. USTVnow

    ustvnow app

    USTVNOW is regarded as one of the best apps available because of the amazing features which it provides to the dear users. There is presence of Fine-tuned skin, much advanced and high-tech look. This app consists of all the famous channels of USA television channels including CNN US, CNN International, BBC UK, BBC News. This app daily upgrades and gets new channels in it. The upgrade is automatic and less time is required. If you like one channel more than the other and wanna add it as a favorite then don’t worry Favorite channel option is too available. If image quality is low and you want to enhance it then there are various filters. It does not require flash player. You can easily share it among your best friends without facing any errors. It also has a Pro feature option.

    5. Live NetTV

    live nettv for amazon tv firestick

    Coming onto the next app available which is Live NetTV. The app has 250 channels and above it. The app has a very user-friendly interface which attracts other users. Not only this but it also has 99% links which are working properly. It even does not require a high amount of storage on your mobile. There are multiple links from backup servers. Streaming made easier is the motto of the developers which acts as a tool of attraction for many users. You can request for any channel and the developers will try to add it soon in your device. Live scheduling feature is too available. The new channels of languages like Punjabi, Nepali etc are added recently. This app in the recent update received favorite section too. Sooner or later, this app will surely become a favorite of many people.

    6. Philo

    philo amazon fire

    Philo is in the list of Best Live TV app for amazon fire stick. Why? Because this app streams over 20+ channels. But this is totally not free. You will have to give the required amount for it. Channels are few and cost is high. One can even get a free 7-days trial on the requirement. It was actually built with affordability in mind. Features are less thus we have fewer words to speak upon it.

    7. PlayStation Vue

    playstation vue

    PlayStation Vue is having the feature to stream above 85 channels of live and On-demand TV. It also telecasts sports, news, and movies from your favorite broadcast and cable networks. Playstation name doesn’t means that it requires that console. It actually doesn’t needs any type of console. You can use PS Vue on multiple TV-connected and devices. It also has the presence of Cloud- DVR with the support of over 10 profiles in a single account. Amazing, isn’t it? The amazing live TV app includes popular cable channels like ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Discovery, Disney, ESPN, HBO, HGTV, NFL Network, SHOWTIME and many more. You can easily trust this app and download it without any worries. It also offers a premium version which is somewhat costly but with additional features.

    8. Sling TV

    sling tv app for amazon firestick

    This app has the amazing channels which one likes to have in the device. You can watch sports, movies, news and many other things via this app. Live streaming shows can also be viewed through the Sling TV app. The popular channels like ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, HGTV, CNN, A&E, TNT, Disney Channel, FreeForm, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, HISTORY, Comedy Central, Food Network, TBS, Viceland, Travel Channel, IFC, El Rey, Bloomberg, Lifetime etc are included in this app. The user can also get 100+ live streaming channels and 10,000+ hours of Video when the user demands. And the demand will be fulfilled by some amount of cash. You can fast-forward the videos and rewind & pause them easily without any concern.

    9. Directv

    directtv for firestick

    DirecTV satellite set-top box can be properly controlled with voice commands through Amazon Echo Devices. For using voice commands one needs to have a connection with the Internet. You can stream over 150+ channels just for $35/month. Yes it is a high amount but still, the features are worthy of it. The channels increase with increase in payable amount. DirecTV lets the user watch a full live game from start to end every Sunday. You can amazingly record 5 video shows in a single moment. You can easily rewind those video shows too. Though they are costly, features make them as popular and as one of the Best Live TV app for amazon fire stick. You can surely purchase this app without any worries in your heart about stability issues. This is one of the most stable app you can find on Amazon.


    Wrapping up

    This was some of the amazing apps which can conveniently replace your TV channels. One can watch anything depending on their own wish by a single tap. You can download USTVNOW and UKTVNOW if you are a fan of US and UK channels respectively. Though these apps also provide various international channels too. A fan of comedy shows can go for the Hulu app. Mobdro is a sum of all the apps. Not every app can be described in a single line due to their extremely good features. So, What are you waiting for? Download and try these apps to watch what modern television looks like. Changing with Technology leads to our own progress.