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10 Best Keto Diet Apps for Android and iPhone

    Staying fit is a lifestyle. It is not something like trying hard and achieving the goal. It is something one must practice in their day-to-day life to enhance their personality and the way of thinking. Being fit not only improves physical health, but it also sharpens your mental health. But nowadays is it pretty hard to have and maintain a balanced diet. Again, life is made easier with the best keto apps for both androids and IOS mobile phone.


    Importance of keto diet:

    Basically, keto diet means Ketogenic diet, which is a high-fat, adequate-protein and low-carb diet. Keto diet speeds up the weight loss process as it has a high protein content and low carbs. Being on a keto diet also brings changes to hair and skin by strengthening the hair roots, by reducing the acne scars and pores. It also improves the health of the health by reducing cholesterol. It helps in the development and functioning of the brain by regulating the metabolic process called Ketogenesis. It is also beneficial for the people who under treatment for diabetes, epilepsy and some types of cancer.


    Best Keto Diet Apps For iPhone

    There are many keto apps for iPhone some of which are free of cost and few of them are paid. Below mentioned are some the best apps for keto diet:


    1. Carb Manager

    carb manager keto diet app for iphone

    Carb manager is a free, IOS app which is available in the apple store. It has a rating of 4.8 out of 5 which is incredible. The carb manager mainly gives importance to the amount of carbohydrates in-take. Converting carbs into energy is a tedious task performed in our body. Consuming low carbs diet will definitely make a difference in your body. It is a very important tool which will help you stay on track. It also keeps track of your BMI and body weight. You can visualize your macros daily through this app. You can also connect with friends to get motivated and also provide motivation to some of your friends.

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    2. KetoDiet

    ketodiet for iphone

    Keto diet is a subscription free IOS app. In order to get premium, you will have to pay once, and everything will be included in it. This app has cooking recipes which is suitable for a person who maintains keto diet. It has motivation articles and blog posts which are freely available for the users. It provides expert’s advice and their weight loss journey. It keeps your data private. It has a Planner by using what you can plan your everyday diet. It also has a tracker who tracks your weight, blood glucose level, water intake, etc. It has 4.8 out of 5 stars in the app store.

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    3. MyKeto

    myketo ketogenic diet tracker

    MyKeto is basically a ketogenic diet tracker. It helps you to learn about LCHF ketogenic diet. It has a built-in calculator which determines how many calories, fats, carbs you should be consuming daily to maintain your diet. It has a list of food items which are allowed and disallowed which you can consume while you are on keto diet. This app also has a tracker which tracks your daily in-take calories and carbs. It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in the app store.

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    4. Total keto diet

    Total keto diet app

    Total keto diet is a free app which is brought to you by which is a leading keto diet recipe resource. It has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars in the app store which makes it one of the best keto apps. It includes 100s of keto recipes in which most of them are low-carb recipes. It has a keto calculator which helps you get on track with your low carb diet. It has a shopping list which consists of ingredients that can be used for making healthy food. It also has a beginner’s keto diet guide which helps you to understand the importance of starting a keto diet.

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    5. 8fit

    8fit app for keto

    8fit app helps you stay healthier and happier using their workouts and meal planner. In this app you must initially enter your details such as body weight, height, etc. you must also set your goal and the app will plan your diet accordingly. It also gives nutrition tips and guides which are very useful for the beginners. It has interactive videos on fat burning exercises and muscle building workouts. This app helps you by explaining the proper exercise form and provides extensive meal plan customization. It also provides grocery shopping list for cooking meals which comes under keto diet plan. It is rated 4.7 out of 5 in app store which has offers in-app purchase.

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    Best Keto Diet Apps for Android

    There are many keto apps for android some of which are free of cost and few of them are paid. Below mentioned are some the best apps for keto diet.

    6. All recipes dinner spinner

    allrecipes dinner spinner

    All recipes dinner spinner is the most popular food-focused social app. It has a community of more than 30 million home cooks who help people by sharing their cooking recipes with others. It also includes grocery items and food recipes which has low carbs and adequate protein which form a perfect meal for people under keto diet. It has a rating of 4.5 out of 5 in the android app store.

    You can also connect with friends and communicate with them in the dashboard. It helps you cook healthier as well as tastier food. You might find it hard to stay in diet because while you are on a diet, might not feel full. This app will help you cook delicious and healthy food.

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    7. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

    Calorie Counter app on android

    MyFitnessPal is a subscription free app, but you are supposed to pay money to enjoy their premium services. It costs $9.99 for one month and $49.99 for one year. MyFitnessPal is a serious calorie tracker. It has the biggest food database which has more than 6 million food recipes which are healthy and delicious. You can easily import the nutritional value of the recipes you have cooked in order to stay in track.

    It has a customizable diary where you can create your own breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. It has cardio exercises, and muscle development exercises which makes you fit. It is definitely one of the best keto apps in spite of being expensive.

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    8. Lifesum

    lifesum diet plan app

    Lifesum is a decent app for maintaining keto diet. It has calorie tracker, macro tracker, protein tracker, and carbs tracker. When it comes to keto diet, the macro tracker is the most useful of all. It is a paid facility in which you are supposed to pay $44.99 for one year. You can keep track of your BMI and body weight. You can visualize your macros daily through this app. It provides diet tips according to the goal you set. The nutrition trackers keep track of the amount of nutrition in-take in your day to day life. It has a meal planner by which you can plan your daily meals.

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    9. Reddit

    reddit app

    Reddit is one of the most popular community apps in the android play store. It has many communities by which people can upvote or downvote posts to highlight the relevant and interesting content. The health and fitness category is the most popular among all. You can talk with health experts regarding your keto diet and cook healthy dishes.

    It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 in the play store. It has more than 100K communities from which you can choose the best one of your choice. You can add the best communities in the favourites and share opinion about the relevant topics.

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    10. Yummly

    yum app android

    This is the most personal recipe app. It has more than 2 million recipes which are categorized based on the amount of calorie content. While being on a keto diet it is important to consume food items which have low carbs and high protein. You can also discover people’s recommendation.

    According to your taste and nutrition preferences, the serve up recipes is available. You can also save and organize your favourite items in the order and share it with your friends. You can also add recipes to your grocery shopping list to buy healthy items that will help you to maintain the perfect keto diet.

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    Only if you eat healthily, you can stay fit and enjoy the perfect lifestyle. You might not know the perfect appetite or might have trouble with cooking. Being on a ketogenic diet is quite hard if you don’t have a fitness expert with you all the time. As it is told, life is made easier with the help of mobile phones. The above mentioned are few best keto apps which help you enter the awesome and healthy lifestyle. Make use of them and stay healthy. If you find any other best apps, share it with other people by commenting it below.