12 Best Instagram Repost Apps for Android and iphone

Instagram is the largest photo-sharing platform on the internet. Instagram has mostly an app-based approach, but it does have a web version with limited features. Instagram is available for free to be downloaded by the users on Android and for iPhone users.

We all love to share our beautiful moments, the memories which we have made over the passage of time. We all love to showcase our beautiful moments on our Instagram profile and make people take notice of our aesthetically curated profile which can speak volumes about the person. Instagram over time has brought in a number of features like Stories amongst a host of other features which is actually revolutionizing the way photos are being shared.

While browsing through our Instagram often we would come across something really breathtaking or something which connects to us at an all new level. We would indeed, love to put it on our profile and showcase the same to our family and friends which might enhance the values of each moment stored in your photos on the Instagram profile.

We would often see a thought floating around on Instagram and would want to save and share it on our Instagram profiles. the catch though is that social networking platforms like Twitter come with the option to retweet. Instagram doesn’t really have any option to Repost a photo or a thought you like directly on your profile. This is where the need for Instagram Repost apps actually kicks in.


What are Instagram Repost apps? Why do we need to use such apps?

Instagram doesn’t really have an option to share any of the photos or thoughts that you might have come across while you are browsing through your feed on Instagram. We need to use some third-party apps that would do the work of reposting the photos or the thoughts we like on Instagram.

The apps that allow you to share the content which you might have liked on one profile to your own personal profile are called Instagram Repost apps. As, the name suggests the process of posting the same photo or thought on your profile is called a Repost and its use is now seeing a rising trend in the recent times, which clearly explains the need of using such apps.

Though these apps are of third-party software, they are actually quite safe to use and is playing a significant role in allows Instagram users to share the content of their choice for free. The apps are really effective and do the work they are supposed to do with efficiency.

The need to use such apps is fueled by the growing content which is scattered all over Instagram and many profiles actually have a lot of great content to offer to its followers. Often, we would want to share some of these great content on our platform and even save them on our devices.

With no option to actually share any of the content on Instagram, there is an increasing role and the use of Instagram Repost apps which enables one to Repost and save any of the photos or videos at any point of time a user wants to.

Now, at the onset we would be looking at some of the best repost apps for Instagram for Android:

1. Repost for Instagram-Regrann

Repost for Instagram - Regrann

The app is one of the leading apps that allows you to repost any photo or video you might have stumbled upon for free. It is a simple app to use and comes with a clean and neat interface which gives it an attractive look.

All you require is just two clicks to Repost the moment you liked on your Instagram. It allows you to share and download the photo that you liked without any watermark on it. The simplicity associated with it makes it one of the best Instagram repost app.

2. Repost for Instagram

Repost for Instagram for android

Repost for Instagram too has emerged as one of the best Instagram repost apps that one as a user would come across for use. It works on the basis of copy-pasting the URL of the post that you would want to share on your profile.

It is one of the leading platforms which comes with an efficient approach while offering you some of the best and effective results. It ensures that the credits of the original Instagrammer remain on the photo or video being shared on your profile.

3. Repost-Photo and Video Download and save

Repost – Photo & Video Download And Save

The app is one of the few apps that allows you to customize any post that you want to share as per your choice while ensuring that original credits of the same remain with the user and there are no issues of copyright in the due course of time.

It is one of those apps, in which you can open your wings of creativity as you work around with various tools starting from the brush tool to the text tool it has to offer to the users. It is one of the most trusted names which makes it a reliable option for users, making it one of the best Instagram repost app.

4. Repost Photo & Video for Instagram

Repost Photo & Video for Instagram

The app also works on the concept of copy-pasting the URL of the post which we would want to share on our profiles and showcase it to the humongous Instagram community out there.

The app is really simple to work, but it doesn’t really come with customization features and tool to work on. It doesn’t require any sign-up to be done and is a convenient and easy app to use.

5. Video Downloader for Instagram

Video Downloader for Instagram and repost

The app as the name suggests allows the users to download not only videos from Instagram but also the photos that you would want to save on your devices. It allows you to post multiple images and videos with a simple tap and is a completely free software to use.

It has a simple user interface and has over a million downloads on the play store which clearly explains the reliability of the app. The stability and the ease of access it has to offer to the users, make it one of the best Instagram repost app.

6. Repost and Save for Instagram

Repost and Save for Instagram

It is also a name that is doing the rounds of being one of the most stable apps for an Instagram repost. It works on a simple three-step process; all you need is three taps to share your favourite photo or video on your profile.

It also comes with the option to search and explore the best content as per your choice on Instagram. It is easy, free and convenient to use making it one of the best app to Repost on Instagram.



Now, we would move our attention and look at some of the best Instagram repost app for iPhone:


7. Picstagrab- Repost & Regram

Picstagrab - Repost & Regram

Picstagrab is one the top of our list for the array of features it has to offer to the users. It not only allows you to repost your favourite photo or video on your profile, but it also allows the users to users to work with various options to edit the same photo being shared on your platform.

The app ensures that the watermark is omnipresent on all your photos while ensuring that the original credit is not taken away from the Instagrammer. It also has a section to find the trending posts, which can be curated as per your choice.

8. Repost for Instagram: Share photos & Videos

Repost for Instagram Share photos & videos

Repost is a simple and easy way to repost your favourite photo or video on your profile and there is hardly any effort one has to put in while reposting the same photo on your profile.

It also comes with the feature in which the caption of the photo gets automatically copied to your clipboard which you can use and access it at any point in time. The app comes with a simple and clean interface which makes it a pleasure to work on.

9. Regrammer- Instagram reposter

Regrammer - Instagram reposter

Regrammer is slowly making its way up the ranks as it is becoming one of the best apps to repost for the iPhone users. It is a free and highly convenient app to actually work on, it is one of the most stable apps that are available for users on the store.

The app is completely free to use and allows one to work with multiple photos and videos at once with just a simple tap. The simplicity and the free accessibility to all the features it has to offer makes it one of the best Instagram repost app.

10. Quick Save

Quick Save - Download & Repost your own Photo IG iphone

Quick Save might not be one of the best Instagram repost apps that you as a user would come across. It, in fact, comes with quite a bit of feature which is absent in some of the other well-known Instagram repost apps.

It allows one to explore the various trending photos and videos on Instagram. It comes with a feature that allows you to work with the watermark and also edit in a various way; starting from changing the position of the watermark to changing the background colour of the same.

11. WizPost

WizPost - Repost Photo & Video for iphone

WizPost is one the leading Instagram repost apps and the downloads of the same are seeing a rising trend in the recent times. It allows the users to go around exploring your favourite photos or videos on Instagram.

The app also allows users to remove the watermark from the photos or videos and also allows the users to repost multiple photos or videos with ease. It is one of the most convenient app to work on and use it for the purpose of reposting.

12. Repost+

Repost+ for iphone app

The app is offered by Sepia software has indeed emerged to be one of the most reliable amongst the array of apps that the store has to offer to the users.

It works on terms of Subscription, but you can explore the app and use it for free for the first 24 hours. The subscription comes at a nominal cost and it is one of the lightest and powerful app on the store which is available at the disposal of the user.




Wrapping it up!!

Instagram is the largest photo-sharing social networking site which allows the users to showcase the beautiful moments out there to the world and also carve out an aesthetically pleasing profile for the large community of Instagrammers out there to see.

Often, we would come across some photos and videos which we would love to store on our devices or share the same from our profile for our friends and family out there to see. Well, Instagram doesn’t have any option which would allow you to share the posts from your profile.

This is where we need to use Instagram repost apps which can be used to share the photo and video of our choice from our profile with ease and convenience.

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