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25 Best Free Watermarks Software for Windows

    As technology progresses, so is the constant growth of piracy and theft of such goods. An earlier man was only limited to primitive modes of theft and it included snatching of an article in a tangible medium.

    But due to the growing trends and complexities in the goods, the nature of theft has also changed and so are the mechanisms incorporated by the creator to protect it. One such mechanism to protect the work of the original owner in the digital medium is called as watermarking. This is basically a fancier version of leaving a signature so that the said work can be traced back to the original creator.

    It is used to protect the originality of the work created by the original artist and thereby helps him fixate his work in a tangible mode of expression which gives him the power to express it further in any means that he deems fit. Such kinds of software become essentially helpful and pertinent in providing protection to intellectual property and thereby prevent its theft in the digital domain.


    What is watermarking?

    The digital watermarking is basically a method to leave an imprint or mark of the original creator to protect the copyright of the work. This is generally done by bits which are inserted in forms of pattern in a digital image or video file in the original file to identify the file’s copyright information.

    These kinds of work are generally spread across the entire work so that the third party cannot pinpoint on one particular point and thereby reverse engineer the code and gain all the details about the original work for himself.

    Such kinds of images are layered and it cannot be visible to the outsiders and the entire bits and components of the file are scattered everywhere so that it cannot be traced or manipulated with. It is generally composed by using compression algorithms and provide security to the information.

    Nowadays, these digital watermarking are being done by a number of free watermark software which provides efficient and quick application of a watermark to any digital work.

    This software is compatible with the various operating systems and they provide the efficient output accordingly.

    So here’s the list of best free watermark software for Windows:

    Best Free Watermark Software for Windows

    The given list of free watermark software gives a comprehensive idea about the same as:


    1. IrfanView

    irfanview software for watermarking

    It is one of the best free watermark software for Windows 10 and previous versions(Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP) of windows as well. It lets the user append the date and other details of the copyright on the added image or text watermark. It can also be used to crop, rotate, flip and provide other modifications to the watermark.

    2. Picosmos Tools

    picosmos tool software watermark

    this software is free and is used to add an image as a watermark and the image is added in various formats like PNG or JPEG and accordingly, the options of various batch and textures can be selected from the given range of text formatting options.

    3. Alamoon Watermark

    alamoon watermark

    This software is also free but it allows the user to add only one image at a time as the watermark and then one has to wait to add another image. This software can be used to reduce the opacity of the image and then add other dimensions and font styling features to it accordingly

    4. GFXMark Free

    gfxmark watermark software

    This is a free batch software which lets you add an image as well as text as watermark and it also provides with different styles, opacity and color fonts and there is also an option to preview the watermark for the selected file.

    5. XnConvert


    It is a free software and it is basically an image format converter as it provides for batch formatting of all the images and thereby choose the desired size, opacity and dimensions as well for an addition of text to the watermark and make it look fancy.

    6. Copyright2Image

    copyright2image software

    It is a free software which gives multiple configurable options for watermarking of single or batch images or text at once or at multiple filings and thus provides faster operation and generates an efficient output for the desired watermark.

    7. FastStone Image Viewer

    faststone image viewer

    It is also a free software which provides efficient configurations of the image or text for watermarking and it also provides means to change the axis of the coordinates of the image and the text and thereby provides an option for rotation of the images to add as a watermark.

    8. WaterMarkLib

    It is used to add both image and text at the same time on the watermark and directly choose the options of text or image from its interface.

    9. Fast Watermark

    It is a free software to add text watermark only and it can be used to add batch setups using RGB configurations.

    10. Image Converter One

    It is also free and can be used to add watermark to images and the software has inbuilt option to add the text in various styles and fonts.

    11. MODI

    It is a free software that provides watermarking for images only and there are options available to change the coordinates of the text as an inbuilt option.

    12. Redimensionneur

    It is a free software which is used for batch watermarking and it can be used to change the opacity, directions and background transparency of the image.

    13. Exif wMarker

    It is a free software for batch watermarking and addition of configurable options are also there. It can also be used to add file information, Exif data, and Ipte data as well in the added file.

    14. Star Watermark

    It is also a free software and it is used to provide batch watermarking of the images and texts and it can also be used to provide shadowing effects and other opacity reducing effects as well to the available watermark.

    15. TSR Watermark Image software

    It is a free software for limited memory capacity and is used for personal purposes. It is used to add all forms of chiseled emboss text effects and other options of text modifications are also available in the software.

    16. Picture Stamper

    It is also a batch image watermarking and it is used to watermark various text formats on the images and thereby provide an efficient watermarking.

    17. uMark

    it is also a free batch watermarking software used for both text and images and thereby used to add various font colors, styles and glow effects to the watermark.

    18. EasyImageSizer

    This is a free software and is used for image watermarking mostly but the essential feature of this software is its utility for EXIF information, resizing, rotating and renaming of images.

    19. Kigo Image Converter

    This software is also free and is used for batch watermarking of text and image files and the most essential feature of this software is that it can be used for bulk watermarking which makes it suitable for mass purposes.

    20. Digi Watermark

    It uses only one image to be processed at a time and this image can be dragged and shifted according to the needs of the user. It is also a free software but a pro version can be availed by paying some amount.


    Free Watermark Maker

    There are also many online websites which are available these days which makes the process of addition of watermark relatively easier and efficient. These websites give immediate output within a couple of minutes and thus reduce manual efforts. Some of the links of such websites are given as:


    21. Watermarquee

    watermarquee online watermark maker

    This is used to watermark your original photos and it can be used directly from the browser. Using this site for watermarking is way more easy than any software, and you can start right away here.

    22. Fotojet

    fotojet watermark maker

    This is an online graphic designer website and it is used to add various types of graphic designs on the images and texts available for the watermarking and the link is given here.

    23. ImageCool 

    This is also a free watermark website and it is one of the best websites available to add the watermark on videos and the link for this website is given here.

    24. Visual Watermark 

    This is an online web-based watermarking which is used to watermark bulk quantities of images and photos and thereby gives an output with a large quantity of data and the link for the same is given here.

    25. Watermark Photo:

    This is an online web-based browser which can be used to watermark the photos efficiently at once provided you have an efficient and steady internet connection and then the output of such watermarking is pretty amazing and the link for the same is given here.

    Thus these are the various types of water markers which are available in the online domain and thus there are a variety of options to be chosen from these browsers.



    Thus the above discussion on free watermark software gives us a brief idea about various means which are available to the user to protect and save their work from piracy, theft and also from any kinds of third-party interaction without the consent of the original creator of the digital work. Such kinds of watermarking are used for numerous works such as for protection of copyright in a computer algorithm or a digital photography or a video which needs to be showcased publicly.