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10 Best Free PC Cleaner for Optimizing and Securing your PC

    Running your new PC is indeed a smooth experience as you go around exploring through your new PC and discover the various features that come with, which gives the user a complete experience. PC’s just like all machines have a shelf-life and over the passage of time it is seen that the PC just starts to slow down and you find that time required to complete even a simple task consumes more time and the PC on which you are working on starts languishing in various aspects and is not really able to give you a smooth and seamless experience.

    Computer get slows with the passage of time, which is a proven fact and there is no second doubt associated with the same which clearly points out towards certain reasons which are responsible for making the PC that one is working on slow.

    We have reasons like installation of an array of start-up programs, the sudden failure of Hard drive and a humongous amount of redundant files which lie abound on our PC’s are just some of the reasons behind one’s PC not really working properly and slowing down with time.


    What are Free PC cleaning software? Why do we need them?

    Free PC cleaner software as the name suggests is just like a vacuum cleaner which sucks out all the unnecessary dust from your PC and allows your PC to breathe free once again. The software also allows the users to optimize certain tasks and enables one to increase the speed of the PC through regular cleaning and by optimizing various application and features on the PC.

    As time goes by, most of the PC’s that we come across and use become slow and even simple tasks require quite some time to get completed, which tells us about the need of installing a software which would bring the computer back to the same condition and allow the users to complete their tasks with ease.

    Most of this software also comes with an array of repair solutions to work within various aspects, which allows one to use any of the repair options say data repair; which restores all the data you might have lost suddenly as you were rebooting your PC. This is just one of many cases which might happen, the software also plays an integral role in ensuring that all your data remains secured and there is a shield of security surrounding the PC.

    Now, we would delve into certain details; as we look into some of the best free cleaner for PC that you can install on your PC’s:


    1. Advanced System Optimizer

    Advanced System Optimizer

    Advanced System Optimizer is your ideal cleanup software which allows one to work around with various features attached with the same and allows one to clean the redundant files with ease. The tune-up software comes with an intuitive interface.

    The software is your perfect destination which allows the users to optimize applications and also comes with the feature to update the drivers on the PC. The multiple features and the convenient way the software can be used for various purposes makes it one of the best free PC cleaner for Windows 10.

    2. WinZip System Utilities Suite

    WinZip System Utilities suite

    The software is the perfect destination which allows the users to keep their PC’s running over a passage of time at their peak performance. The software comes packaged with an impressive set of tools to which allows one to maximize the efficiency of the PC with ease.

    This program makes your PC healthier and more efficient in their performance by fixing certain issues and bugs which might lay around abound in the PC making the PC on which we are working as redundant and slow. The multiple features and the ease of working with the software make it one of the best free PC cleaner.

    3. CCleaner Professional

    CCleaner Professional

    CCleaner has been doing the rounds of the market for quite some time now, the software follows a great sustainable pattern and comes with a powerful scanning engine that cleans every nook of the PC on which you are working on.

    CCleaner Pro also comes with a number of professional utilities to choose and work with such as System Cleaning and Registry cleaning, making the software even a more powerful one. The software is used on a regular basis has been found to give a boost to the performance and allows one to work with various features with ease, making it one of the best free PC cleaner which you would come across.

    4. Glary Utilities Pro 5

    Glary Utilities Pro

    Glary Utilities Pro 5 is one of the best free PC cleaner and tune-up software that you would come across for use, which offers the users an array of multipurpose solutions which is important for optimizing the PC and ensure that there are no factors teeming around which might slow down the PC.

    Most of the tools offered are actually quite the same as any of the PC cleaner software which we talked about earlier. The defining feature is the small utility tools that are offered to the users which allows the users to personalize the PC as per their needs and convenience.

    5. WinUtilities Pro

    WinUtilities Pro

    Coming from the house of YL Computing, WinUtilities Pro is slowly emerging to be a leading name among the best free PC cleaner and optimization software available at the disposal of the users and would love to use multiple features which would help one to optimize the output of the PC.

    It is a sophisticated software to start with, pertaining to the array of utilities it has to offer to the users making it the go-to software for many. It offers great performance and gives the users the flexibility to work around with various features.

    6. CleanMyPC


    The software comes from the house of MacPaw and might not be one of the most sophisticated and professional PC cleaners to work with and install on your PC’s. The software also has a number of utilities and a host of other features to offer to the users.

    The cleaner app allows one to toggle around with multiple features and ensures that there are no processes which are lagging behind on your PC. The stability the software has to offer and the multiple utilities it has to offer makes it one of the best free PC cleaner that one would come across.

    7. PC Booster

    pc booster free pc cleaner software

    PC Booster is one of leading PC cleaner software which comes optimized with a plethora of features that one can access for free. The software comes with advanced scanning and it automatically starts to scan the system to find if there are any system issues or bugs which might be hurting the performance of the system and might have a detrimental effect in the long run.

    PC Booster too like most of its counterparts in the field has an array of multiple utilities to offer to the users, making it one of the leading PC cleaner that is available at the disposal of the users.

    8. Avast Cleanup

    avast cleanup

    Avast Cleanup is a leading software for cleaning your PC and optimizing the performance of the software. Coming from the house of Avast, which is a trusted name makes it one of the most stable and reliable software that one would come across.

    The software comes with a multitude of features to choose from and it also has a simple interface to use which makes it really easy for anyone to use and work with the software. The simplicity and the multitude of features it has to offer makes it one of the best free PC cleaner for use.

    9. Ashampoo WinOptimizer

    Ashampoo WinOptimizer for windows

    The software is the best solution to ensure that you have a stable and powerful PC. The software is specifically designed for the Windows operating system and is compatible across versions. It is one of the few software that comes with a modern interface and keeps your PC secured from various threats which might lie around abound the PC.

    WinOptimizer is the perfect software if you are looking to keep your PC, as new as ever. The software comes with the option of unlimited speed-up and an array of options to optimize for the users, making it one of the best free PC cleaner available for the users.

    10. IObit Advanced SystemCare 12

    IObit Advanced SystemCare

    The software is one of the most professional and sophisticated software one would come across while finding that perfect clean-up software for installation. It is one of the most widely used tune-up software being used for the professional features it has to offer to the users.

    The software not only boost the PC and increases the performance of the same. The software also offers one the option to boost the internet experience and ensure that there are no security threats entering the system which might cripple various functions of the PC.


    Wrapping it up!!

    With the growth of technology and the spread of cyberspace, we need software that would be able to secure your PC for the time to come. Many of the PC’s might be in the best of the shape for some time, over time they start to lag and it becomes really difficult for the users to complete even certain very simple tasks which make the work slowdown and is not really convenient for anyone.

    To tackle such problems, we have cleanup and optimization software which allows the users to filter through various layers of redundant files on our system and allows the users to have a smooth experience as you optimize various features and it also gives the additional blanket of security over the PC.