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10 Best Free Driver Updater for Windows

    A driver is an important link that allows a device to be connected to your operating system. Well, a driver is a facilitator that makes the work of a device when it is attached to your PC’s easier and more efficient. While, each time a driver dialogue box pops up on the screen; it may seem to be really annoying, but without installing a driver you cannot really control the device attached externally to your PC.

    Well, say that you brought a new printer and you want to attach it to your PC and have a seamless experience and enjoy all its features with ease and get the most out of it. Many of the external devices are it a printer or hard disk would ask you to install driver software for the same to be able to use it. It might be annoying at points, where you might have to wait for long as the driver software gets installed on your software. It is important as the driver is the one which works like a link between the device and your PC’s.

    Why do we need to install driver updater on our Windows PC’s?

    Drivers are a key part of your operating system and often we hardly pay any heed towards updating the drivers on our PC’s. We must now that if the drivers are not updated it actually affects the performance of the device in the long run and results in the loss of efficiency over time and has a detrimental effect on the software of the device which is being used.

    Well, we often are pretty ignorant of the fact that drivers are like an elixir for the system that allows it to drive the devices which are attached to it. As you update your drivers it keeps the hardware in excellent condition and gives it the required thrust and it gives out a better performance too which enables it to perform even tedious tasks with ease and simplicity.

    We are hardly concerned about updating most of our drivers, except for those already inbuilt into our systems. The Microsoft Corporation comes up with Microsoft Updates on a regular basis, to update the drivers in the systems which are responsible for running the system with ease and also keeps the system in better shape and condition too.

    While there might be a misconception with regard to the use of third-party software for updating the external drivers present on your PC, on the contrary, most of the registered third party software helps to update the drivers that run your hardware in proper time and gives you regular notifications about when to update the drivers, so as to ensure that there is no compromise on performance.

    While there might be tons of driver updater software that is available for download from the web and are available for free. There are only a few of them which actually work well in tandem with your system and ensures that your hardware is able to churn out the best performance each time it is being used.

    Now, we will look at some of the free diver updaters that are available for use to the Windows users and how the driver updates have come a long way to be able to perform the functions that they are supposed to perform with ease and conviction:


    1. Double Driver

    Double Driver for windows software for driver updation

    Double Driver is software that can be easily installed on your operating system and comes with a simple and minimalistic interface. It is one of the most common free driver updaters and comes with the tag of being one of the best free driver updater for Windows.

    It comes with advanced scanning feature and allows the users to back up that would enable the users to restore the drivers on the system at any point of time they wish to. It hardly occupies any space on your system and is one of the most reliable software that is available for free.

    2. Snappy Driver Installer

    snappy free driver installer

    Snappy Driver Installer is like that perfect tool that comes in handy for being used while you are installing and updating your drivers that are present on your Windows PC’s. The software also comes with an option which if enabled would give you automatic updates as to when updates for the drivers are available.

    The best part of the software is that like most of the other software it doesn’t really requires an active internet connection and can ever work offline. This makes it one of the best free driver updater that is available for Windows.

    3. Intel Driver Update Utility

    intel driver updater utility

    Developed by Intel, Intel Driver Update Utility is one of the leading software that is available for use by the Windows users. It ensures that the latest versions of all the drivers are installed on your Desktop and the hardware is in perfect shape and gives one an optimum performance.

    The software which is specifically designed for bringing in utility has brought in greater ease and has given one a greater control over driver updates. Being brought into the market by a leader, it comes with a lot of credibilities attached to it and has established a name for itself amongst the best free driver updater that is available for the Windows PC’s and gives one seamless experience.

    4. Device Doctor

    device doctor software

    Device Doctor is free software that is available for Windows PC. It performs a detailed and intrinsic scan of the computer’s hard disk and finds out the drivers that are already installed and gives one the result if there are any updates for the drivers on the system.

    Device Doctor comes with a huge database and has millions of drivers for PC’s which are in sync with the software that enables it to scan the Windows PC with perfection and ensure that there is no driver on the PC that is not updated or is out of service which might have a severe impact on the hardware performance.

    5. AMD Driver Autodetect

    AMD Driver Autodetect

    AMD is a brand that you would associate with the graphics on your Windows PC’s that give you a great gaming experience and also gives the users a smooth experience while performing tasks which require a greater boost so that the system doesn’t start to lag.

    The software developed by AMD is a special one in the true sense as it not only scans the PC but it also scans the graphics card of your system, and many a time you would say updates are popping up on your screen saying there are AMD driver updates. This feature doesn’t come with any of the software and thus makes it one of the leading free driver updater software for Windows 10.

    6. DUMo Update Monitor

     DUMo Update Monitor software

    It is software which is specifically designed for Windows and is available for free to the users. It is one of the simplest software to use and allows one greater control and work with the same with ease.

    It keeps on scanning the system at different points of times and gives out update notifications on the screen if there are any updates that have come in for the drivers. The software comes in a bundled form and needs to be unbundled as we choose the required services from the same.

    7. Driver Booster 6

    Driver Booster 6 free

    Driver Booster is software that is compatible with all versions of Windows that allows the users to update the drivers from within the program and gives one seamless experience. It also allows one to schedule updates as per one’s choice.

    Though it requires an active internet connection while it scans the PC for driver updates, it has no cap placed on the download of drivers, and also you can choose a point of restore as you are updating your device. These are some of the distinguishing features that bring the software on the list of one of the best free driver updater available for Windows.

    8. Free Driver Scout

    free driver scout

    Free Driver Scout is one of the most used driver updates, and it comes with the feature of automatic updating, which makes the process of updating the drivers actually easier than ever before.

    It also allows you to download multiple drivers at once with just a click; it is also one of the most stable software that is available for use on a Windows PC. The pint-sized software has made the entire experience of downloading driver updates easy and has added flexibility.

    9. Driver Pack Solution

    driverpack solution

    Driver Pack Solution is software that comes with quite a classy and modern interface. The neat and clean interface gives the users an uncluttered experience and is definitely no confusion as the options are quite well directed on the interface.

    Driver Pack Solution allows you to install driver updates even when you are on low bandwidth, and it comes with an inbuilt software downloader that enables it to update even some of the programs associated. The classy and neat interface is indeed a compelling enough reason for which it makes it among the best free driver updater that is available for Windows users.

    10. Winzip Driver Updater

    winzip driver updater

    Winzip Driver updater can be used for free and is easily available for free across the web platforms. The software offers you with quick driver updates and gives one greater control over the updates being done.

    The software comes with an advanced scanning feature and is capable of managing even thousands of drive at once and ensures that none of the drivers present on the system is actually out of date. It comes with the feature that enables it to schedule updates as per one’s choice.


    Wrapping it up!!

    Drivers are that link which forms an important part or component between the device and your PC. It allows the hardware to perform well, and also it brings out the best performance out of the hardware in an effective and efficient manner.

    We might not even look into the driver updates, which would result in the underperformance of the hardware that is a part of the PC. This is we need driver updater software which ensures that all the drivers which are on the system are updated regularly.

    Here, we looked into ten driver updater that is available for free to be used by the Windows users and gave one greater control and ensures that all the drivers remain in perfect condition, that would result in making the PC work in a more efficient and effective manner.