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10 Best Free Data Recovery Software for Windows and Mac

    Sometimes we have some data in our storage devices such as a pen drive or CD, and it contains important data. There are times when you delete the same data either you want to do it intentionally, by the fact that you don’t need it anymore or by mistake. And also, there are times when you actually realize that you wanted that same data for any future or present use. That is the time when you need that data back and recover it anyhow. Sometimes you may also use software for the recovery purpose which are paid ones just because you could do anything to recover that particular data.

    There are different types of recovery like the recovery of accidentally deleted data, formatted recovery, recycle bin empty data recovery, lost partition recovery, recovery from the storage devices, hard drive crash recovery, virus attack recovery, OS crash recovery, etc. are some of the recovery situations mentioned. There must be the best free data recovery software for the use of any normal person.


    Need and Importance?

    Just take an example and imagine you have a terrible time at your job place already and you have been given a particular data which is really important for that company. And told you to keep it safe and secure. And just imagine that you lose that same softcopy of that data, you deleted it accidentally. Now, just ask yourself a question, what will be your next very step after realizing all the things? Definitely, you will find different ways to recover that data anyhow.

    How things can actually happen, we never know, and hence we should be definitely prepared for all the things. Now, what if we tell you that we have some of the best and free software to recover the data. So is your problem half solved now and are you tension relieved?

    We have listed some of the best free data recovery software which can be really helpful for you in the future.

    Free Data Recovery Software for Windows

    1. TestDisk

    TestDisk free data recovery for windows

    It is the open source software, which was designed with the aim for the recovery of lost data; basically lost partitions and fix the non-booting disks for the windows support devices. Also, actually extracts the files as well as applications. The best part of this is there is no need to run the installer. There is also a feature of online documentation. It has an amazing feature of a file recovery system which is easy and free of all cost. It can be considered in the list of one of the best free data recovery software. This software actually has a lot to offer for both the beginners as well as for the experts. TestDisk scans to the deepest partition and hence requires more time than other software. It tries to detect partitions and file entries on its own. It allows the boot sector to recover easily.

    Supported: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and older versions

    2. Stellar Data Recovery

    Stellar Data Recovery software

    This software has the recovery of photo, video repair, iPhone recovery, and data recovery. It performs a stellar job while recovering your data from the mac. It supports the recovery for the consumer as well as for the business purpose too acting as two different tools for them respectively. It helps in the most effective and different way. It also recovers data of the USB and hard drive. It has some of the best features. It totally recovers and is absolutely risk-free. It is more helpful and suitable for beginners and non-technical users, though it is full of advanced features and recovers very fast. It supports smartphones as well. It also provides a feature like an in-app preview of files which you want to recover. It is really easy and simple to use.

    Supported: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista

    3. Pandora

    Pandora free file recovery software

    It actually has a tag like as easily the data is lost, that easily it can be recovered too. Its detection system is not reliable enough and does need improvement. It can be counted on the best free data recovery software. It is very reliable and effective too. Easy to use and some great features come with it. It actually has a lot to offer. It also has a tool which says “upgrade to pro,” which is definitely useful for the experts. It can recover the formatted data easily. It can also recover compressed files, encrypted data, archived and hidden files in a quick way by surface scan feature of the Pandora software. Also, it also previews before recovering the data. Its interface is easy to communicate and use.

    Supported: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and older versions

    4. MiniTool Partition Recovery

    minitool power data recovery software

    It supports disk configuration, file recovery, and data backup. It is a kind of software which you will definitely need, and you can count this on the best free data recovery software. It is used when you have lost the entire partition, MiniTool is the best software for that purpose. Though, we can’t say that novice user can use it. It needs specialized people to work. It supports some really good features. It has an easy interface to connect and communicate. It is specialized in data recovery.  It usually scans for the missing partition. And can’t be used for the recovery on a bootable disc here.

    Supported: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista and older versions

    5. Disk Drill

    disk drill for windows

    It has the complete data recovery feature — also, one of the best free recovery software in terms of complete recovery rather than partition. Also, it looks good too. But the visuals will be available by paying for it and you will get a setup of the 15MB file. But, it has one of the biggest disadvantages that only first 500 MB space can be recovered in the free version and for other, you may have to pay. Also, that the scan time is a bit higher than others. Displays all storage even the ones which are unallocated space. It also has a filtering feature with the search bar. It can recover data in different form like in the form of the disk image. It previews the data before recovering. It’s the best feature is that it scans to the deepest corners and retains with the original folder names.


    Free data recovery software for mac


    6. Disk Drill

    disk drill for mac

    It is full-featured as well as powerful software for the Mac operating system. It has advanced features which protect your data which has to be restored back. It has great data recovery capabilities. It supports many another operating system as well. It basically recovers the deleted partitions. It has one of the most powerful scanning features not only recover data from your Mac device but also from most of the external storage devices as well. It deep scanning process increases the percentage of full-fledged recovery. More than 200 different file types supported. It also helps in clean up too with protection and also has the backup facility.

    7. TestDisk

    It is one of the programs with provides the tools both for beginners as well as for the experts. It is an open source software and a freeware product. It can recover the boot sectors easily with the recovery of lost partitions. It has really amazing functions and hence makes it even more attractive. It also supports multiple operating systems including the mac. It can also look into drive problems. And this is the best free recovery software as it is really excellent at undoing all the files being deleted. It is best for data recovery efforts. It has free customer support. But one of the disadvantages for this type of software is that it is less recommended for novice users and suites more to experts.

    8. Lazesoft Mac Data Recovery

    It is for the Mac operating system environment and helps in the recovery of the data at free of cost, and unlimited data can be recovered from this software. One of the disadvantages of this software is that it may not support the current version of mac. Lazesoft is a free software tool for the recovery of data. No cost involvement is there in this software. It helps through product development and customer support. It supports many different types of data files. It recovers files, photos, music files, drives, documents, and other applications. Preview is also available before recovering the data. And it supports easy interface system.

    9. iSkySoft Data Recovery

    It has the trial version too — one of the best for the environment of such as the Mac operating system. It has some great offering functionalities. It provides the recovery of the programs in a very easy and reliable way. Also, the best feature of this type of software is that it supports any type of storage device. It also supports the current version of the mac. It has a disadvantage that 1 GB recover data is only available for free. This is definitely the most versatile tool program for the recovery of photos, data, documents, etc. previewing the data before recovery. It allows filtering and makes interesting for users using it for the recovery purpose.

    10. M3 Data Recovery

    This software actually supports all the Mac-compatible storage devices. The free version allows the only recovery of 1 GB of data. It can also run on the newest version of the Mac operating system. It is considered the best free recovery software. This software actually supports different file systems. Virtually the data can be recovered from any storage device, is compatible with your mac device. Even this software can recover data from the recycle bin as well. Some important functionalities are available like the preview of the data before recovery.



    We hope you may have got all the answers for the recovery software and hope that it helps you in all way possible. This recovery software which is listed is some of the best software available for the windows and the mac devices.

    These are free and the best ones. So what are you waiting for? Go and download it from the links given and start recovering your data now.