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12 Best Fake GPS apps for Android and iOS

    The smartphones already come with inbuilt GPS technology that allows you to see and track your location at any point in time. On Android phones we have Google maps loaded on our devices, on the other side; the iOS users have access to Apple maps. Both of which are some of the most reliable location-based tracking apps that are used on smartphones.

    Most of your transport apps like Uber, Ola and a host of other players who provide cab services are dependent on the location-based system to pinpoint the location of the user who has booked a cab on their apps. Same goes with the food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato who use location-based technology that enables them to reach their customers with ease and well in time.

    With location being such an integral and central part of any of the smartphones that we are using. The need for a fake GPS app is actually quite a contradiction and doesn’t really fit into the regular pattern of tracking and locating the person with the help of GPS based technology which has seen a tremendous rise in use over time.

    With the growth of technology and the development in the way, GPS technology is getting proliferated. Unlike, previous times where many of the locations would come out to be really wrong and would often take someone to the wrong destination. The development in the location-based technology has allowed us to pinpoint the location with ease, especially in the big metros. Tracking and locating someone has become easier than ever before.

    With such accurate location-based apps available at our disposal, which actually one a greater control and plays an important role in various aspects. Even the smallest task of even going to someone’s house for a Dinner has become really a cakewalk for anyone. All, we need is just to put in the destination, and we have maps at our disposal that would guide us to the destination we want to reach.


    What are fake GPS apps and the need behind using such apps?

    Fake GPS apps are growing in usage as it allows one the privacy to share your fake location with anyone. Say, you are using Tinder; a dating app and you have someone who is stalking you and asks you to send the location.

    In such a situation, we have fake GPS apps that are available at our disposal and allows one to share your fake address with the one you don’t really want to share your current location with. It gives you a layer of safety that enables one to keep safe in times such a crisis arises and also ensure the safety of the individual.

    Well, we might also have some fun with our friends and play a prank on our family members too. Here, we might use the fake GPS apps that can be that perfect app that allows us to send fake locations to our friends and family.

    The need for such fake GPS apps does allow you to bring in that extra sense of safety and security in case there is a certain mishap that happens on any of the social media platforms. Such, apps if installed on our smartphones can actually play an integral part in ensuring that there are no problems that arise in case there is someone who asks you to send your location.

    Now, let us look into some of the fake GPS apps that are available for Android and can be installed on your smartphones from the Play store:

    1. Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer

    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer Free

    Fake GPS GO Location Spoofer is an app that performs the work that is assigned; which is to fake location is demonstrated perfectly through the app.

    The app comes with a clean interface and is really easy to use, and it becomes a necessity to use such apps that allows you to share your fake location with anyone on the net in case there is a necessity. It ensures one’s safety and also allows one to tinker with the location and have some fun with friends and family.

    2. Fake GPS-fake location

    Fake gps - fake location android

    The app offers you an array of maps to choose from and gives you a disguised location. The app comes with quite a neat interface and also has a modern touch attached to the same. The app is quite simple and can is easily among the best fake GPS app available for download.

    It offers you a simple and clean interface; it is one of those few apps that come with quite a great number of customization features too.

    3. Fake GPS location

    Fake GPS location

    Might not be one of those apps that have a beautiful interface to offer. It also gives you the feature that enables you to change the location to any place in the world with just a click.

    Developed by Lexa and the app comes with a rating of 4.5 on the Play store, which very well tells us about the credibility of the app and is easily one of the best fake GPS app for Android.

    4. Fake GPS

    fake gps android playstore app

    The app which can be used for free once downloaded from the Play store. It gives one great flexibility and choice to choose from a variety of locations that can be simply be added on the app and also offers location history to the users.

    One of those few apps that offer the feature of location History too and come with a neat interface. The app with the option of location history available makes it among the best fake GPS app available to be downloaded.

    5. Fake GPS Location- Floater

    Fake GPS Location - Floater

    Fake GPS Locator is the app that comes in the form of a floating window that is displayed on the home screen. It allows you to choose from the options that are present on the window and gives the user the ease of accessibility.

    The floater feature is unique to this app and makes it really easy to use and also it offers effective results too. It is for this floater feature that makes this app among one of the best fake GPS apps.

    6. Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

    Mock Locations (fake GPS path)

    The app allows you to choose from any locations you want to choose from. You can even use many of the navigation features that are available on the app. As the name suggests, it allows you to add Mock Location as per your wish.

    The app with its tracking and navigation feature, it offers you a limited version of the app. You can install the full version of the same at a minimal cost.



    We are done seeing some of the best fake GPS apps android. Now, let us look at some of the best fake GPS app for iPhone.


    7.  Fake GPS Location

    Fake GPS Location - for iPhone

    The app is one of the best fake GPS apps for iPhone that allows one to change the location as per one’s choice and it comes with quite a sleek interface too.

    It also allows you to add your details with a photo to the location you want to share with your friends and some people too who might try to tinker with your privacy. The feature to add personal details to the location of your choice makes it one of the best fake GPS apps available on the platform.

    8. Find Location-share with U

    find location share with you app for iphone

    The app is perfect in almost every aspect and does the job it is supposed to perform with perfection and ease. The app is really easy to use and comes with a rich interface.

    It allows you to choose from an array of location and gives the option to share the location with your friends and family across all social platforms.

    9. Fake GPS location- Spoofer Go

    Fake GPS location - Spoofer Go iphone

    One of the best utility apps available on the Apple store. It is one of the best fake GPS apps to use and enjoy a seamless experience with the same.

    The app is one of the highest rated among the fake GPS apps in the market and comes with a rich interface offering you a neat experience with a greater sense of accessibility attached to the same.

    10. Fake GPS Location Changer

    Fake GPS Location Changer

    The app is one of the most user-friendly apps that are available for download from the Apple store. It allows you to share any location with anyone, which can be done actually through an array of social media sites available.

    It also provides you with inbuilt app support, to ensure that there are no hurdles faced as you use the app. The app comes in with a new approach and can be easily called as one of the best fake GPS apps which is being offered for free.

    11. Fake GPS Location!

    Fake GPS Location! iphone

    The app is quite the same as most of its counterpart apps in the same category and does the work of getting a fake location and sharing the same with people with ease.

    The app is quite handy to use and comes with quite a number of stability improvements which adds or brings in the sense of greater control over the functions it performs.

    12. Fake GPS & Fake Location Pro

    Fake GPS & Fake location Pro

    The app might not be among the best of the fake GPS apps to be downloaded and used for the purpose to share the fake location of an individual.

    It also allows you to add details and then attaches the details to the location that you want anyone to know. The app does it works quite perfectly and is quite stable even to use.




    Wrapping it up!!

    Location-based technology has seen a sea change in recent times. GPS technology has developed and has gone through a rampant series of changes that have made these location-based apps even accurate than before.

    It is rather a necessity to give the pinpoint location for some reasons, in some cases for our security there is a need to share our fake locations to ensure that nothing wrong goes. This is where we can use fake GPS apps available for Android and iPhone that allows one to share fake locations with ease.