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19 Best Faction Servers on Minecraft

    The major growth and development of the software industry are quite evident in the advent of the genre of online gaming. This genre has led to the wide trends and growth in the number of users using the gaming software applications as well as they are venturing into different software applications which provides efficient development in gaming and the virtual world on gaming consoles.

    These software applications are now being hosted on a number of online servers which helps in storing and maintaining the large amount of data that has been generated in the process of gaming in the forms of scoring, character play and other forms of features which are specific only to the particular game.

    Due to this nowadays, there has been the large extent of mushrooming growth in faction servers which host such gaming websites and consoles. The major player in this market is Minecraft which provides a lot of options for best faction servers.


    What are Faction Servers?

    Faction servers are nothing but the substituted and advanced version of plugins which are connected to the Servers in order to provide enhanced functions and to generate the higher rate of output. The basic essential functions that are achieved by the faction servers are as follows:

    They give the ability to the players to create and join various alliances in the game.

    This also provides the facility to chat with fellow players.

    1. It helps the player to build land, claim lands and also to defend such bases and lands.
    2. It also helps in regulating the monetary expenses.
    3. It is also helpful to recruit more players and also to declare wars in the gaming world.

    These faction servers are basically provided on Minecraft which hosts these gaming servers and thus helps in providing a uniform platform and a go-to place for every gaming enthusiast.


    Best Minecraft faction servers

    best minecraft faction servers

    The best faction servers are hosted on Minecraft and the extensive list of such important and efficient software is provided here as:

    1. MW

    This is the most efficient vanilla software server and it is the highest rated server in 2018. It is basically an anarchy survival server. In this particular case, there are no rules of playing and there are high forms of brutality which can be inflicted by the gamer on other fellow players. This server is majorly focussed on PvEPvP survival mechanism. Some of the features in the server can be added by custom coding it.


    2. UniverseMC- FACTIONS – SKYBLOCK

         This server is basically a game which is hosted on the planet Mars and the player thereby has to cross many hurdles to reach the ultimate destination in the game. It also involves the subsequent route to prison if the player is lost. This server also provides Paypal vouchers to the players with an equivalent amount of 500.


    3. ConspiracyCraft

    It is also a high-quality survival quest game which involves brutality and there are fewer numbers of rules that are abided. It also involves various featured games for different festivals like Halloween and Thanksgiving and thus it hosts a wide number of games in the inbuilt server.


    4. Drugan

    This is basically a drug cartel game which revolves around the challenges faced by the drug mafia in their day to day life related to various drug burst and also relating to the survival patterns adopted by the players individually as well as in a group to provide and reach the output of the game.


    5. Minecraft Community Prison Non-OP

    This is basically a prison game in which the survival of the player is examined at various stages by giving new challenges on his path to escape from the prison. Thus there are multiple levels to abide by this game in order to escape from the prison.


    6. Hardcore Factions

    It is by far the most challenging and most difficult survival game hosted on this server. It also holds the record for the most fun game ever played. It revolves around the survival theme that a bunch of mob breaks their way into your tent and the player now has to defend himself and other fellow people and thereby defeat the mob and escape from their torture.

    7. YesDogs Crafty Craft – Modded, vanilla…

    This is a modern version of the classic survival game and it generally holds the gaming experience with utmost excitement. It hosts both the faction world and the survival world and thus the player can easily choose between the two. It is also a dynamic game which allows the player to auction, buy or lease houses and farms etc.



    This is basically an empire building game which allows the player to slowly build the army, b guild homes and plant the saplings to grow into a garden. It also involves transactions of motor vehicles and there are also major instances of loot, armed conflicts and war.


    9. CloudEscape

    This is an IP address host server and it involves the procedure to host and keep the IP address of various devices into a cloud and thereby storing this information safely so that it can easily be accessed later.


    10. SkaiaCraft 1.12.2 Cracked PvP Minigames

    This is an aircraft based game and these are based on familiar lines of survival games like Hunger Games. These generally provide very efficient and deadly use of online weapons which actually makes this game quite brutal but exciting for the players.



    This is an efficient gaming server and it is a multipurpose server which hosts the functions of the game in five different formats and according to the whims and fancies of the player, he can choose from any of the modes and they are SKY PPV, SKYBLOCK, FACTIONS PVP SURVIVAL, EVENTS, CREATIVE.


    12. LunaMC

    This is a fantasy based game which is based on the theme of zombie attacks and the survival quest of the players to escape from such attacks makes this game filled with fun and excitement. It also involves mention of royal army staff and naval staff too along with the use of long-ranging explosives.


    13. HypnosisCraft

    This is basically a multiplayer game and the server hosts this game along with a huge number of plugins which helps multiple players to pitch in and enjoy the game. It also consists of features to build your own army, stash the loot amount and also provisions to rage war against all or only one player.


    14. Stellar Mc

    This is an online based game which focuses on business rivalry and how the main players are involved in each other’s business to tackle it the dozen and makes their own business as the No 1 company in the entire game. There are also options to enable live chats in the game.


    15. MysticNetwork – A Medieval Themed…

    It is based on the genre of fantasy world and it involves that all the players are captured in an enchanted world of dwarfs, Spartans, elves and many other wars. These have special powers to each of their names and they thus exercise their might to reach the final destination of the game. This can also be converted into a multiplayer game.


    16. Ultima Kingdoms 1.8-1.12

    This is a game based on the customs and the values followed by different kingdoms in the game world and how these kingdoms maintain peace or resort to war under certain circumstances and how the player manipulates the situation to get maximum benefit out of it.


    17. APOCALYPTIC GAMING 1.7.10-1.12

    This is also a multiplayer game and it is also hosted on multiple servers to induce deadly weapons against the rising evil in the game and thus rush for the survival of the player against the villains who wish to end the world during the brink of an apocalypse.


    18. MlgPvP.DE – Dein MLG Netzwerk

    This is a german webpage which is hosted on this server and it provides the user to host the various data and transaction details of donations by online payments or by Paypal and by other modes of transactions of digital currency and transaction in digital space.


    19. ThePirateAge OnePiece-ModServer Premium…

    This game is basically inspired by an anime series and it basically involves the fight and the warring factions of different pirates who fight with each other to prove dominance over the high seas. It involves complex character overlay and thus leads to a fun and exciting environment for the player.


    Thus these servers and gaming consoles are hosted online and a steady requirement of internet connection is required in order to access and play these games in all these websites.


    Final Words

    Thus the above discussion fairly and adequately indicates the best faction server which is available on Minecraft and these eventually gives an amazing network and options of various gaming consoles to choose from depending on the likes and interests of the player and thereby store their scores and later access it for further gaming purposes.