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10 Best Emoji App for Android

    Long gone are the times when conservations had words and words only. Nowadays, it is not just words; emojis have also become an inseparable part of our conversation. People like to express themselves better, and hence they use a lot of emojis to describe their feelings.

    Emojis are those small icons- smiley faces, winking eyes, hearts of all shapes, etc. They are not labeled and that is why it depends upon the user to interpret its meaning. You can see them everywhere nowadays. From teenagers to oldies, everybody uses emojis nowadays.
    It lightens the mood by introducing sarcasm or humor.

    It is a more comfortable way of expressing ourselves and to communicate when words fall short. They increase the precision and nuance because of their super brief and open to misunderstanding communications.

    People love emojis as much as they love GIFs. Many people often like to send emojis as compared to actually typing out text because it is easier to just an emoji which is just a click away.


    Why is it important to use emojis?

    It’s really fun and great to use emojis. They are super fun, and it’s really easy to use them too. And with apps that are coming nowadays with a lot of emojis, it’s just getting easier day by day just to choose an emoji and send it over to someone without actually typing a letter on your keyboard.

    But, what if there were no emojis? Wouldn’t that be a world difficult to comprehend?
    Not so long ago, there were only a handful of emojis with just the basic expressions like a happy face, a sad face, a laughing face, etc. But now, with the advancement in science and technology, we have emojis for every single object. Not just for the facial expressions, we have emojis that depict objects as well.

    Emojis have become so famous nowadays that even movies are made about it nowadays. This is the reason that Google Play store is flooded with apps that provide the best emojis nowadays and are flourishing nowadays too.

    But, how do you choose among so many apps? Don’t worry! You’ve come just to the right place. Here are the top 10 best emoji app for Android. Let’s get started:-


    1. Facemoji 

    facemoji app

    This is a keyboard app which provides more than 3000 free emojis and emoticons. You would just need to keep this as your default keyboard to get access to the emojis and emoticons.
    You have the option of picking from four emojis type –
    1. EmojiOne
    2. Twitter’s Twemoji
    3. Emojis by Google
    4. Default emojis

    Facemoji doesn’t restrict itself to just provide emojis and emoticons. It has a lot to offer. You can customize the keyboard by choosing from a lot of themes, or you can also choose your own picture as background. It has a huge collection of Stickers and GIFs.

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    2. ai.type

    ai.type app

    ai.type is a keyboard app with a lot of emojis, stickers options, and customization settings. You can choose either Twitter’s emojis or EmojiOne, or you can just go with your default emojis. The one important thing about this app is that you would need to download ai.type Emoji Plug-in to get over 2000 emojis free.

    You can choose which emojis you want at the top of your row as per your choice. It also offers you with the settings of auto-correction, a cursor- tracker to navigate through words.

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    3. Kika Emoji Keyboard

    kika keyboard app for emoji

    This is one of the most amazing keyboards with a huge collection of emojis and customization abilities. It has a versatile collection of emojis – Samsung emojis, cube emojis, Christmas emojis and so much more! It also offers GIFs and Giphy and an awesome collection of stickers. Are you a minion fan? Because if you are, then good news for you!
    This app also has minion stickers! This keyboard lets you set piano, guitar or saxophone as key press sound. And along with that, it also has an inbuilt font- picker.

    Download Now

    4. Gboard – The Google Keyboard

    Gboard The Google Keyboard

    Gboard is, without any doubt, the best keyboard app that you can have. Google, as usual, has done an excellent job with its own keyboard. This is also one of the best emoji apps.

    With a lot of emojis to offer, Google has also added an option to search the kind of emoji that you want. It also has the feature to add Emoji predictions, and it’s pretty good. You can even choose to draw an emoji, and it will predict the image based on your drawing.
    Not just emojis, it also lets you search for GIF that you want.

    The keyboard has Google search inbuilt. You can Google search anything right from your keyboard and share the results with your friends. It has a lot of languages to offer and supports Google translate.

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    5. Bitmoji


    Bitmoji stands apart from the other keyboards. But, in a good way. The app lets you create your own super personalized avatar and comes up with a sticker that matches your avatar. And how fun it is to create your own avatar, right?

    You can share your own stickers on any platform. The best thing about this keyboard is that you can access Bitmoji directly from your Gboard Keyboard.

    You can unlock the feature of friendmoji on Snapchat by allowing it to access Bitmoji through which you can get stickers with yours and your friends’ avatar. Now, how interesting that is?

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    6. Textra

    textra emoji

    Now, this app doesn’t come under the category of keyboard app. Rather, it is a messaging app which has the potential to replace your default messaging app.

    Then how does it come under this list? Because it lets you pick from5 different emoji styles- Android Blob, Android Oreo, Twitter, Emoji One and iOS. But you would need to download a tiny plug-in to download them.

    There are many customization options like theme colors, accent colors, bubble colors, bubble styles, font and size of the font, etc. It enhances your overall experience of using this messaging app. It also provides you with the features of GIF support, Schedules your SMS and MMS, blacklisting, etc.

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    7. Flesky

    fleksy app for android

    Flesky is the fastest keyboard in the world. It is one of the most used keyboard apps on the Google Play store and is one of the best emoji apps. It has over 800 emojis and tons of emojis.

    It also provides over 50 themes to choose from, and various extensions like Hotkeys, shortcuts, Rainbow pops, etc to make your keyboard more powerful. The keyboard also has more features like swipe to delete, to add space, to add punctuation, etc.

    Its text prediction is great, and sticker prediction is also on point. You can gain insight into your typing skills and win various badges as you continue to use Flesky.

    Download Now

    8. GO Keyboard

    go keyboard

    For those of you who like to have a lot of options to themselves, this is the best keyboard for you. With more than over 1000 emojis and 10,000 themes, it has the largest options available.

    It has different four different emoji styles:-

    1. System default
    2. Android
    3. EmojiOne
    4. Twemoji

    Not satisfied with the theme choices? Create your own! GO keyboard also has the option to create your own theme using any picture from your gallery. It supports over more than 60 languages, font picker, personal dictionary and so much more.

    Download Now

    9. Emoji Maker

    emoji maker

    If you are someone who loves emoji, then this app is going to be a treat for you! This app lets you create your own emoji. And yes! I am talking about emojis and not stickers.

    Now, creating an emoji is real fun. Just tap on the option of ‘New Emoji,” and that’s it! You can design your own emoji!
    Eyes, eyebrows, mouth, hand – you name it. And Emoji Maker helps you to make it. Once you’ve created the emoji, you can save it and use it on any platform you like. You can even check out the emoji made by other users and use them too.

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    10. Swiftmoji


    Everybody knows about Swiftkey Keyboard already – one of the best keyboard apps on the Play store. The same team of developers have developed this keyboard and came up with this amazing emoji-centric keyboard.

    This keyboard has a simple and clean look, and its main center of attraction is its emoji predictions. The prediction is right on point most of the time. It has nothing much to offer in customization ground, though. But still, the developers were still able to bring the awesomeness of Swiftkey to Swiftmoji.

    It has the same features as we see in Swiftkey keyboard. Flow typing, gesture typing, support for physical keyboards and interesting stats like number of words predicted, the number of taps, etc which makes it more interesting altogether.

    Download Now

    Final Words

    Now, that we have told you about the top 10, it’s your turn to check out them.
    We all know how much emojis are important in our chat life now. No sentence goes without an emoji unless; of course, it is a professional message where emojis are a strict no-no.

    Let us know in the comment section which is the best emoji app for you!