15 Best Free Duplicate File Finder Software for Windows

In the recent era of development in science and technology, there are high chances of loss of data or information due to some manual error was done by the user or there may be system failure conditions that can lead to the loss of such files or data from the system.

Though there are other modes by which a file can be saved or the data can be retrieved but it is always said that prevention is better than cure and hence any form of modes that can be adopted to avoid the loss of files must be incorporated and thus save time and energy in retrieving it later.

Thus at this note, duplication of any files while it is being composed or soon after it has been composed is the best and the most efficient way to prevent data loss. Moreover, such duplication is also required to protect the confidential data and avoid it being transferred illegally to any other third party.


What is File Duplication?

Sometimes due to the overuse of the system, there can be instances for the files can be saved more than once and this leads to the condition of duplication of files in the system. This essentially leads to the conclusion that the system memory gets drained and there can be further implications that the hard disk may crash due to the insufficiency of space. Thus in order to avoid such instances, it is necessary to remove such duplicate files.


How to use a Duplicate File Finder?

It is easy to use the tool and it does not require an intricate operation to operate and function it. The basic steps that are followed are:

  1. Install any above mentioned duplicate file finder software in your device.
  2. Search the device and the files from the memory for duplicate files.
  3. This search depends on the kind of files you want to access and it essentially depends on the search mode by name, type, content, file size etc.
  4. Then select the file or multiple files that you want to delete from the system and then click on the enter option.
  5. The clean up can also be done for any external memory device as well as it gives an efficient output and frees up memory space in an external hard disk.


Thus there is much software nowadays which essentially does this job of removal of duplicated files from the system and thereby help in saving the memory of the system.

The best duplicate finder is known as the Auslogics duplicate finder and it works best on Windows operating system. The major features of this software are as follows:

  • Good scanning mechanism of duplicate files.
  • It has a simple and easy to use interface.
  • It also  has good filtering criteria
  • It has great and efficient backup options.


Best Free Duplicate File Finder

There is much other software which can be implemented and they can also be classified into the category of the best duplicate file finder. They form a comprehensive list set and they are given as follows:


1. SlimCleaner Free

slimcleaner duplicate file finder

It is a duplicate file finder tool and it is available in the open domain free of cost. It can also be recalled as a disk management software. It basically has three types of settings:

  • IntelliMatch Accurate Scan
  • Moderate Scan
  • Quick Scan
  • Option to search specific file types or multiple file types.

Also, the added feature is that it can retrieve files even from the internal memory space and thereby delete the files and recover memory space.


2. Comodo System Cleaner


By the name itself, you can probably assume that it cleans your system, but it does it in various ways, and one of the ways is by removing duplicate files. This is a very effective tool that can be used as free maintenance software as well. It has the following features:

  • Free and efficient software.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • Free up memory and space by deleting the duplicate files.
  • Other tools to optimize the PC.


3. CloneSpy

It is a duplicate file finder and a remover software. It can be used to efficiently search the duplicate folder of files and it has four search criteria as well. The file can also be added to a pool list and also in a TXT format to search it for future purposes.


4. AllDup

It is a free software which can be accessed easily and it has the main features as follows:

  • Faster search algorithm.
  • Easier to scan and locate duplicate files.
  • Numerous search options such as file extension, file name, size, create date and modified date etc.

Thus this software is essentially used to obtain faster results.


5. CCleaner

It is a free and easy software to be used. It has an efficient optimization tool and the duplicate files can easily be sorted with the help of such tools. Moreover, the files can be sorted by means of name, file extension, contents and can access all types of files like images, videos and text documents. There is also an option of the checkbox that can be selected to delete duplicate files.


6. Puran Utilities

It is also a type of system utility software which has more than 20 utilities and out of that one of the utility is of a duplicate file finder. It has an efficient search algorithm to search the duplicate files from the drive and thereby add them to the list of deleted files and free up memory space.


7. Duplicate Commander

This is a free software that can be efficiently used to select a batch of files and also an ample number of folders to search the duplicate files and then delete such files in order to free the memory space. There are added options to exclude some files to be searched from the list.


8. Clone Cleaner Lite

This is a free and fast operating software that can be used efficiently to search the duplicate files by means of name, content, size and forming date. It can also give the output of duplicate files in various groups and hence it helps to free the memory space.


9. Duplicate File Hunter

It is also a free software that can be used to free up memory space by deleting duplicate files and this is done by an additional sort of files by their CRC32 value as it helps in efficiently sorting the files without any further hassles.


10. Exact Duplicate Finder

It is a free duplicate file finder software and it can be used to delete duplicate files and free the memory space. It uses the efficient search method of the bit and byte comparison and thus it does a slow but thorough search of the duplicate files.

It also has an added feature that the result can be shown in grouped by location and the files can be saved with different name categories.


11. WinUtilities Disk Cleaner

It is basically a performance utilization software and it is majorly used as a duplicate file finder and cleaner. It scans and searches the disk for duplicate files and then removes them permanently and thereby cleans the memory of the system.          


12. Duplicate File Eraser

It is very small and easy to use software and it is a small utility software for PC to delete the duplicate files. Moreover, this software mostly comes as an inbuilt software in most of the operating system and it does not require installations. It first searches the files and thereby gives the option to select all the files or select just one file to be deleted permanently.


13. Double Killer

It is a very fast and efficient software which can be used easily to search and delete the duplicate files from a specific folder or disk by means of CRC32 methods. This ensures that only the true duplicate files are shown and deleted from the list.


14. Free Duplicates Finder

This is a free software as well and it is used efficiently to delete all kinds of files like songs, images as well as text files. It is also used to access these duplicate files either from the internal or external device and thus gives an efficient output to the user and thereby free up the memory space of the disk or the device.


15. Duplicate Filter

It is a free software and it also uses the comparison method to check between the duplicate files and thereby give the output accordingly. The files can also be renamed and restored after it’s deletion if the necessity has been felt to recover such files. Thus it helps in freeing the memory as well as restoring it to the necessary extent.



Thus from the above discussion about the best duplicate file finder, it can be stated that the market offers numerous options to choose from and it is essentially a simple software which can be used and accessed by even beginners and thus maintain the memory of the Computer or the device and thereby offer appropriate maintenance to the device so that any amount of computer internal memory crash can be avoided.


This also ensures that the longevity of the system or the device is kept intact without causing any harm to the internal software and memory of the device.

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