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10 Best English Dubbed Anime you must watch

    Anime is like emotion for many of us, which transports us back to the days of Childhood. The lip-smacking action, the intriguing story which left us at a loss of words and allowed us to enjoy our childhood to the fullest. Anime comes from the Japanese manga comics and has been an integral part in influencing the generation and the influence of Anime is only seeing a rise in the recent times, which clearly explains the love that we hold towards it.

    Anime comes in Japanese and the language has not really been in a deterrent as it makes it way to be one of the greatest influences during the teenage years. The intriguing content and story it has to offer are not just limited to the teenagers across the globe. Anime with the passage of time has started to develop a liking for the adults as it starts to deepen its roots in the largely untapped market which clearly tells us that the craze for Anime is to remain and last for long.

    Many of the hardcore Anime fans actually watch it in Japanese along with English subtitles which allows them to comprehend what is going on the story and have a comprehensive idea of the same as one goes forward in a journey of watching one Anime after another. Anime is an addiction that is actually really hard to leave, as it has just so much to offer to the fans.


    What are English Dubbed Anime and the need of it?

    Many might prefer to watch it in Japanese and experience the real essence of the Anime. Many a times dubbing actually is the reason behind an Anime which gets messed up and loses its real meaning.

    While dubbing in English or any other language might not be preferred by many of the Anime fans out there who prefer that there should be originality and they could actually have an intriguing experience watching the same.

    On the other hand, for someone who has just begun watching Anime, dubbing in English is not actually a bad idea as there would be a greater understanding of the same and there would be more and more people who get attracted towards watching Anime bringing in a mass appeal to the same and helping the Anime market grow over the passage of time.

    There are myriad of English Dubbed Anime which is available to the users and many of which are available for the users on large open source platform for the masses to see and get a taste of the same. Now, we would look at some of the best dubbed anime which you must watch to get a taste and experience a whole new world which takes on a new adventure:


    1. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

    Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood anime watch

    The anime comes from the adaptation of a manga of the same name. It offers one to experience an intriguing storyline coupled with some great action and drama which everyone loves to experience and have a great time.

    The story follows the story of two brothers being raised somewhere in a remote village far from the chaos of the cityscape. The story revolves around the boys becoming Alchemists and it indeed offers the users an immersive experience.

    2. Death Note

     Death Note dubbed anime

    Death Note is one of the most intriguing and curious among many of the Anime that you might have laid your hands on. The dramatic sequence which is portrayed in the story is indeed a delight for many to see and experience.

    The story revolves around a notebook and how the notebook grants power to the one who finds it. The dramatic turn of events will leave you wanting for more. Death note is one of the best English dubbed Anime which one could actually see on Netflix.

    3. Fairy Tail

    Fairy Tail anime in english

    Fairy Tail is known for the adventure story it has to offer to the ones who love to experience adventure and have an out of the world kind of experience. It is one of those fancy Anime which takes one into a journey of sorts and leaves one mesmerized.

    The story revolves around the journey of Natsu Dragneel, who has magical wizardly powers in his hands. The Anime traces the journey it takes to discover the dragon Igneel. The Anime is indeed a sight to behold and is one of the best dubbed Anime that one can watch and experience.

    4. Naruto

    Naruto comes from a famous Manga series by Masasha Kishimoto and has been really popular Anime amongst Children especially in Asia, evident from the proliferation of the Anime across an array of languages which explains the popularity it carried with itself.

    It is the story of a Ninja in his adolescent and his aspirations. Naruto inspired to become the leader of the village and carve out a name for himself in the village. Naruto has been really popular and is known for the smacking action sequences and the intriguing story it has to offer to the users, making it one of the best dubbed Anime that one can come across.

    5. Dragon Ball Z

    Goku has been a favourite character for many and has emerged as the perfect definition of a young man and has influenced a generation in many ways. It still remains a popular Anime that has defined childhood for many of the teenagers of recent times.

    Dragon Ball Z perfectly puts forward the journey of Goku and the way he grows up to become a true warrior who is the saviour of the earth. The impeccable storyline with the fight sequences keeps the audience glued to the screens, making it one of the best dubbed Anime that one would come across.

    6. Attack On Titan

    Attack On Titan is one of the most interesting Anime that one would come across. The story is really an out of the world approach and you would be at the edge of the seat throughout the series which clearly tells us about the gripping storyline that the story has to offer.

    The story is about a civilization who are located in a city which is surrounded the midst of high-rise walls which protects them from the large humanoids lurking around the walls and the danger which dangles upon their fate. The story is indeed thrilling and would keep you engrossed throughout, making it one of the best dubbed Anime that one can watch.

    7. Tokyo Ghoul

    Tokyo Ghoul has been a defining moment for those who love to experience horror and feel the chill down their spine. Horror has been given a definite direction with the coming of Tokyo Ghoul and has redefined the genre of horror Anime.

    The dark fantasy fiction would indeed keep your hearts racing and leave you in a predicament with the passage of each moment of every episode which is crafted with perfection to transport one to the dark world. A chilling Anime which leaves you in a shock and wanting for more is indeed one of the best-dubbed Anime one can watch if you are in for something thrilling.

    8. Bleach

    Bleach is not one of the run-of-the-mill Anime series that one would come across. Bleach has been a leading Shonen Anime in the market and has drawn in a multitude of people towards it as it promises to offer the users an experience which would leave you wanting for more.

    It perfectly showcases the journey of a teenager who obtains the power of a soul reaper, which makes him responsible to defend humans from the evil life surrounding it. Bleach offers to be an experience which would stay with one for long.

    9. Sword Art Online

    Sword Art Online is an Anime way ahead of its time since it came into being in the year 2002. It is one of the leading Anime in the light category and one can actually feel a world which is made around the concept of Virtual Reality around them.

    It is now being converted into a video game for the extensive set of levels and a journey which will leave you with questions murmuring around your hand. The futuristically designed Anime series is indeed an experience which would leave you gasping for breath.

    10. Soul Eater

    Soul Eater is another action-packed Anime which leaves you in the want of more and actually see and experience the episodes again and again. The stirring storyline it has to offer would make you wonder at each moment and would leave you in a state of predicament throughout the Anime as you wonder about the what would happen next.

    The story is staged around three teams made up of someone called as a Weapon Meister and each team also has the power to transform to a humanoid. The unfolding of the intentions of the three teams and the way the power they have in their hands is exercised is indeed a treat to watch and would leave you perplexed.


    Wrapping it up!!

    Anime has been of interest of the teenagers for long now and is not actually limited to Japan but the rage has spread all over the globe and has kept not just teenagers but also many of the adults glued to the screens.

    The intriguing tales the Anime showcases is indeed refreshing and is a perfect past time for many of us. The growth of Anime can be attributed to the growth in dubbing, which has allowed Anime go reach out and proliferate across the globe and have a wider appeal which would draw in the masses.