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30+ Best Anime Websites to Watch/Stream Anime Online for Free

    Are you fond of watching anime? and looking for some best anime sites !! then you must look below list and enjoy streaming anime online.

    What is Anime?

    The word anime comes from the short form of animation. Technically, anime is a synonymous word for Cartoon but when it comes to seeing it from the user intention then the word anime refers to the cartoon which comes from Japan, so instead of using this word for all country cartoons, Anime is the word which is used for Japanese Cartoons exclusively.

    Purpose of Using Anime Sites?

    Today’s Internet world, people need things in their own way and time they can’t wait for TV channels to broadcast animes when they are busy on their own stuff. Such cases Watching anime on the internet is the best way to stream or watch anime on their own time. You may also be thinking why don’t use YouTube, it has a lot of animes there but for real you can’t get all the anime on YouTube. Due to the copyrighted material majority of animes, especially some popular animes can’t be available on youtube. Even if you find some anime on YouTube, then still there are chances that the particular anime episodes are not completed there. So, in such cases, Anime websites are here for you. There are a lot of them which provides you all the top Animes for free. So if you are searching for some anime streaming sites then you must check the below list to stream anime online.


    Best Anime Streaming Sites


    1. 9Anime


    9Anime is one of the high rated anime sites which has thousands of animes to watch with an attractive interface . Even if you are new to here, you can easily access your favorite anime just by going through its variety of Genres. You can choose animes from its genres such as Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Romance and many others.

    9Anime also gives you the ability to filter your searches so that you can get exactly what kind of anime you want. This site also updated you with Newest animes, and you will enjoy and explore lots of subbed, dubbed and trending animes. Each anime page is very descriptive and provides anime in HD. To reduce the chances of removal of an anime from a particular server, it provides anime from more than one server so you will always be tuned with awesome animes.

    Watch on 9Anime

    2. Animefreak


    AnimeFreak is another site which provides the best anime to stream online. It has a long list of anime which is alphabetically listed, through which you can choose from or you can choose through its genres as well. It gives you upload of latest anime episodes so you can be up to date with this site. You can give ratings on each anime and play them right away after choosing any specific episode. Each anime page also comes with a short description and mirror links for the case when the original link is broken. if you didn’t find a specific anime here then you can request anime as well by choosing the request anime option. AnimeFreak also has its Android App so you can enjoy anime on your android device as well.

    Watch on AnimeFreak

    3. KissAnime


    KissAnime has a very structured design which is occupied by a variety of widgets which are exploring anime content. You can choose anime from the list by their popularity, by shorting the list alphabetically. KissAnime is very popular and name in the era of best anime sites and has highly updated anime content. Here you can also request an anime if you want. If you are using a mobile device then this site has a design/interface exclusively for mobile devices. This site will provide you all the popular and top anime to stream online. It’s interface which works on ajax gives you the detail of an anime just by hovering over to the name of a particular anime from any anime list.

    Watch on KissAnime

    4. Anime Door

    anime door

    Due to Internet unavailability or poor internet connection, some users might not be interested to watch and stream anime online. Such cases they need a site to download anime and Anime Door provides you the exact same. Anime Door is another anime website which has a lot of anime to choose from. To get the latest anime you can go its latest anime section and download them. Unlike above-given sites, this site is only to download anime. You will get multiple server links to download animes so in case when a link is broken, you can still download them from alternative server links. Also, there are many animes categories which you can browse to download anime from a particular category/Genre. So Anime Door can be one of the best anime sites for downloading animes for sure.

    Watch on Anime Door

    5. AnimeLab


    AnimeLab has millions of anime lovers/users who use this site. It lets you enjoy streaming anime online for free but unfortunately, this anime site is available for Australia and New Zealand, so if you belong to these two countries then Animelab is going to be your stop for your anime needs. Here you can enjoy all popular anime with a ease. Animelab has a very responsive design which you probably gonna love while browsing it. With each anime it gives you the rating which users have given on a particular anime, even you can be the one to rate anime as well, all you need to do is register an account there and you are good to go.

    Another best part about Animelab is that you can enjoy it on your other devices as well, such as Android, iPhone, Playstation, and Xbox too.

    Watch on Animelab

    6. Animeseason

    anime season

    Animeseason is a hub for anime. It has lots of animes series uploaded on the daily basis. Here you can browse animes through its Full series listing, Most recent series, Highest rated series, categories/genres, or random animes. Each anime page has more than one advanced players to play that particular anime/anime episode and you can switch from players anytime you want and even adjust the speed of anime play. If you jump on a particular anime episode, then you will always have a quick access that anime’s previous or next episodes from the same page.

    Watch on Animeseason

    7. Animekaizoku

    anime kaizoku

    After AnimeDoor Here comes another site to download animes, so you will always have an alternative option to download anime. You can download a variety of anime series from here. You can also download anime movies from here. It’s not much of  a structures site where you will get fast access to anime from a specific genre or something like that, but you still can use the search box and search for a particular anime if you are looking for one.

    Watch on Animekaizoku

    8. GoGoAnime


    GoGoAnime is one of the largest anime websites which has thousands of old and newest/latest animes which are up to date. On its homepage you can clearly see the list of Newly added animes and latest episode releases of animes as well as ongoing series of animes on the sidebar. It also has an Android app so you can enjoy GoGoAnime on your android device too. This site can be one of the best anime sites because it has a pretty huge database of animes so you can easily find any old or newly released anime here.

    Watch on GoGoAnime

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